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June 9, 2022
13 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

SteppenWolf: The X-Creatures Project: Passage

Chapter 1 – Mokele Mbembe

Episode 1

Talk to Derek.
Take the lid from the box – it will protect you from arrows.
Take the rope (which is near Derek).
Come in the cabin.
Take the keys from the table and dumbbell from the floor.
Break the dumbbells glass and take the fire extinguisher.
Return to the deck, put the fire with fire extinguisher and climb the stairs.
Open the keys the door in the trum.
In the truma, take a hammer from the box.
Use the lever to the left of the stairs.
Take a new battery near the red locker and replace drowned.
Now take the harpoon in the far right end of the truma.
Try to climb the stairs, Meg hooked the hook with a jelly.
Now use the lever back near the battery.
Close to deck.
Go to the stern. Go for an angle (you will see a dead sailor with a bottle).
Go to the board (near the metal box) and use the rope.
Inventory Mix the contents of the bottle with antidot.
Collure the resulting antidote of Derek.
Go to the bag and take the Derek backpack. Climb again to the captain.
Use the hammer on the boat winch (on the part that closer to the stern).
Go down to the boat.

Episode 2

Look in the window.
Climb on the rope to the top and throw off the head of the statue on the guard.
Go down. Take the knife and piles with a sleeping powder from the underlying guard.
Put the rope with a knife.
Climb on Lian in the middle of the screen and go to the left hut.
Pick up the statuette at the post. The figure shows how it will be necessary to place the statues of the idol.
Get out, go down and go down.
In the hut at the first level you need to take a box in the lower right corner and a statuette in a pile of garbage.
Raise to the second level.
In the first hut there will be only the last third statuette.
In the second hut there will be a bunch of levers and a pillar can raise the plate.
The plate shows what color what the symbol corresponds to.
Return to the very first screen with a large tree in the middle.
Go to the hut on the right and give a box with the jewelry by Aboriginal.
Pebbles on the necklace mean how many times you need to use the corresponding symbol.
Go back to the hut with levers.
Use the levers. Green Scroll Once, Yellow – 3, Red – 2, Blue – 4.
Down button drops all you screwed. IMHO is important order. If everything happens, you will free the captive.
Return to the screen with the tree and go to the right.
Careful with snakes. Further to the right.
Talk to prisoner. Come at the door.
Take the treks for copies near the entrance (simply speaking sixtes).
Align them in inventory with shyling bags.
Climb on the second floor and go through the door on the left.
Throw a spear.
Arrange statuettes. Below – “I do not see anything,” I can not hear anything to the right “, I will not say anything”.
Use the pole with a skull near idol.

Episode 3

* – optional action.
Take the paddle from the boat.
* Chill the puff from under the statue, it will open the entrance to the cave above.
Observe the rope on the island in the center (cautiously with the crocodile).
Take the horns.
Catch back and walk along the shore to the right bottom corner of the screen.
Use horns on the snake.
Return to the island and use the machete on the rope that holds idol.
Go to the shore and burn the machete road through thickets upstairs. Go on.
Tie a stick to the rope.
Jump over the log.
From the middle of the logs you can get a bag hanging on a bush. It will be a flashlight.
Jump over to the upper shore (jump better with chiffs).
Tie the rope from the stone on the idol.
Return to another end of the rope, throw it through the branch and pull.
Go to the opened cave. Use flashlight.
In the jacket you will find a lighter.
Return to the screen with an island.
* You can look into the cave, the entrance to which was opened in the paddle. There will be an aid kit.
To the right of the island on Liana climb upstairs and go to the right.
Jump on the right side of the ravine.
Ties Lian to Propeller.
Climb the rope in the cabin, take a rocket.
Enter the hole in the aircraft body on the right and call the canister.
Come to the roe that sunshines the passage and pour gasoline from the canister. It seems that it is necessary to pour in the hollow.
Use a lighter.
Take the end of the rope and bring it to the tree trunk in the water.
Return to the plane and cool propeller.
Cook the rocket and go to the opened passage.
How do you shoot Shoot – it swollen bats.
At the highest level over the entrance there is a suspicious boulder. Patty his oars.
Now reversed the two springs – one at the third level, one on the second.

Episode 4

Everything is done running and only run.
On Liana upstairs and right (let’s call this screen average).
With a large log on the middle island and then right.
Jump from the edge of the broken bridge. Hanging on Liana. Press the jump in the extreme position again.
There is a snake here, but do not pay attention to it – time is more expensive.
Through the hole in the wall of the tent take the whip.
Go to the tent and drive the panther using a whip.
In the closet, take the bank and recipe (you need fungus, berries and banks).
Return to the middle screen.
Jump over the top half logs and take the pole.
Return to the left entry on the screen.
You need to get to the lower central island.
Almost all the woods for which you can go on it, rotten. Jump over it with a long jump.
Take the mushroom outflow from the tree.
Go down.
In the lower right corner, use the pole on the idol.
Go through the idol and take the berries.
Now you can mediate in inventory to bank, berries and fungus.
Return to the entrance to the screen.
To the left of you will be a bog. Stand on the edge of the swamp and use the pole.
Run left.
Take from the pillar a crypt.
Go a little down and throw her.
Run to the left upper exit.
Run farther.
Run up and knock the platform from under the platform on which priest stands.
Take a liana on the top platform.
Use the resulting mixture in the bank.

Chapter 2 – The Yeti

Episode 5

Allow the middle of the screen and scatter the glass.
Take the iron rod in the corner.
Use it on a broken window.
Go to the building, near the guard stood.
On the table with a walkie talking on the map.
On the table left the keys to the car and dossier.
Go out through the door on the second floor.
On the steps-rope six will transfer to the house on the left.
Take a piece of meat and a hefty fork.
Go down to the street, go down.
Throw a dog meat.
Go on to the right.
When the clock turns out the run away and grab a truck canister.
Go around the car on the other hand and when the hour again turns away run into the building below.
Take rubber hose.
Return to the machines.
Couple in inventory hose and canister.
Drain in the canister of gasoline from the truck (upper truck, left near the cabin).
Return to a frame with a dog.
Wait until the soldier goes down under a canopy, run up to the left bull and poke into it for a fork.
Fill in a gasoline jeep, insert keys and leave.

Episode 6

* Grab Wooden Cans and close the gate. It will give you a little extra time.
In the room on the left, look at the wall. If you are in the temple to pass the plates in this order, the staircase is formed.
Run into the top door in the yard.
Take the hammer at the gong.
When the vase leaves on the far edge of the hammer, run away one of the keys.
Follow the stoves as shown in the diagram (flower, double scepter, grille, steering wheel).
Rear to the rope with a vase under the ceiling and take fireworks there.
Go down on the stairs.
If it does not go along the stairs and the staircase continues to change when passing over the plates, then you have not done it to the end.
To the left of the Buddha can take the healing plant – the local analogue of the first.
On the floor is drawn the key to the puzzle. What a symbol of which should be used.
Go to the right upper column and install all three lattices on it (Rhombic).
On the right bottom – flowers.
On the left lower – double scepter.
On the left top – something like a cup.
Go to the opened passage.
Use fireworks on the lamp on the wall.
When the soldiers go inside hit the bell.
Go to the top door.
Throw from above the ball on the leash.
Go back to the balcony.
Take the rope with flags, she hangs from the edge of the roof from which you just collided the ball.
Go to break from the ball and go to the left lower outlet from the screen.
Come to the bowls with fire and use fireworks. You need to get into the center of the gate three times.
Use the rope on the wall near the entrance to the screen.
Climb and read the wall above the entrance.
Get out of the monastery.

Episode 7

Jump over to the central cliff, then on the right.
In the cave take the ice axes and spikes on the boots.
In the inventory, connect the spikes and ice ax.
Jump on the central rock, use the resulting set of climbers and climb up.
The enemy throws a grenade all the time in the same place. Ride it and throw it back.
Descend to the bodies of the enemy and take the rope.
Raise up again and scroll up the rocks on the left.
When the helicopter arrives, hide behind the rocks.
Rear to the middle level and hook a safety rope for the column.
Now wake up to the place where the rope from the “elevator” under the snow.
Use the ice ax to remove this snowdrift.
Close up. Tighten the “elevator” rope. Take advantage of the elevator to move to another edge.
Go right.
Do not step on cracks. Better go upstairs in the middle of the screen.
Tie an ice ax to the rope from above the screen.
When the helicopter will throw the ice ax.
Close up by the opened rock.
Wait until the soldier goes to the car and take a grenade from the truck body.
Return over the rocks and throw a grenade.
Leave up.

Episode 8

Go up to the water.
Select out of the water and go to the right.
Rabid on the rock (you still have a set of climbing).
Relieve ice block on the edge of the left.
Go to the right, down-to the right.
On the screen with mammoth, use equipment to get to green stones on the right.
Go through the bottom output.
Jump over the break and go down the rocks on the left.
At the top in the center of the screen near the water you can boil around the rocks.
Discover the backpack in the inventory.
Smiksite Spray and Lighter.
Use the resulting “flameth”.
Substitute a green stone under the beam of light, he must start glowing.
Go down, go through the water up, then left in a dark cave.
Use a stone. You can admire the bodies.
Now you go to the place where you dumped out a lump on the bridge, you should run by Yetti.
Go back to the room where the corpses lie, but not through the water, and riding.
Knock on the top to the left of the output from the screen. The output must be filled.
Return to the central screen and go up through the water.
Select out of water.
Take pictures of the Yeti and turn away from the falling cliffs.
When Iretti is pinned in the corner approach him and take blood sample.


Episode 9

As soon as you see a roller about going killer, try to get out of the room as soon as possible.
Take the key from the body.
Rear to the elevator mine.
You should be on the roof of the elevator. Jump up and go out.
Open the key table, take the cassette.
Take the ball.
Return to Shaht.
From the edge of the elevator, throw the ball on the ventilation grille.
Jump on the cable, go down.
Pick up the ball.
Cancel in ventilation.
Right to the right in the conveyor, after the fall, go up the stairs.
Take scrap in the corner.
Get out through the right upper exit.
Take the cable from the table.
From the table throw the ball left – the circles should go down.
Use a bucket in the upper left corner so as not to let the door closure.
Get out and rear in the mine.
Climb the roof.
Open one of the sections of the glass roof on the left.
Stick the cable into the billboard on the advertising rack.
Take the cable and shut it down through the glass roof.
Return to the room where you took a cassette.
Tilt the water container on the left near the entrance.
Hide under the table and wait for a killer.
When it comes to the middle of the room and join the puddle, use the cable.
With the killer corpse take a magnetic card.
The cipher from the safe is recorded on the cassette. The cassette itself can be viewed in the guard cabin.
Go to the room where you took the cable.
Go down the circles.
Come to the safe and type the combination of 163104.
Return to the lobby (the very first screen).
Use a magnetic card on the door to the right.

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