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January 27, 2022
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

CINDERELLA: Immaculate Sleep: Passage

WAKING UP IN AN UNFAMILIAR PLACE IN THE NAKED FORM GOES TO THE LEFT TO THE FAN. Run The Lever On The Column On Right Side and The Door To the Room Opens. In The Closet, Clothes, But You Can Only Having A Case That Lies in the Next Locker. Close The Case With The Right Mouse Button and Take Clothes. Come to Your Sarcopagu and Remove The Number 1433, Then Remove The Room from the Neighboring Sarcophaga 1434 And Change Them in Places. IN ORDER TO TAKE A CASE FROM THE CASE, PRESS THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

Further We Go Out Into The Glass Column With Some Rotating Stucco. Take the Pipe and Press The Red Button On The Info. Listen To The Recording by Pressing The Left Button. Come to the Right Door and Taking A Magnifying Glass, Bring It To the Blue Box. ENTER THE ACCESS CODE 7521, PRESS THE BUTTON WITH THE HAND SYMBOL AND THE DOOR OPENS.

We Enter The Room and Approroach The Table Turn on the Computer and From We Take A Sheet Of Paper. On The Wall With Orange Lamps, Press The Button, And The Aquarium Opens. After Dialogue, We Take A Bottle and Throw IT in The Glass. Take The Key and Use It On The Rack Lock. Take A Bottle From The Bottom Shelf and The Blue Book. Put The Booklet On The Table and Act On It WITH A Magnifying Glass. READ THE FAX AND GO.

IN THE CODE CASTLE WE FIND SATURDAY AND ENTER THE CODE 2589416 AND PRESS THE HAND SYMBOL. Come to the Window and Look At the Biorobot. We Carry A Magnifying Glass On The Machine To the Window Button. We Select Blaster and Shoot On Blue, Green Buttons and Three Cockok. Colored Rays Appear White, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue and Green. Again We Use a Magnifying Glass on the Machine and Take Plugs from It. Stick The Plugs In The Nests in Order of Color of the Rays and Press The Rays Button. We Go to the Middle Door And Use A Magnetic Map on the Castle On The Right Side Of The Door. Take a Pin, Hammer and Go Forward to a Computer. Squeeze The Display Pin and Apply A Hammer. Click On The Screen Screen, Select A Credit Card and Apply It on Your Computer. We Bring A Magnifying Glass to the Globe and Introduce 1156425 And Click on the Palm.

We Select The Jack and Apply It On The Back Of The Motorcycle. Drink The Wheel and Again We Use the Jack. Near The Column We Select Lying On The Floor. We Use Bagg. Raise Your Head and Apply It On The Robot. On the Left Side of The Paths, Select a Mount and Apply It On The Box of the Barrel Which Lies on the Barrel. Having Read The Note, Go to Turn The Barrel. Having Climbed The Key, Apply It On The Locomotive Doors.

We Select The Layer-Lying On The Floor. Click on the Lever to the green button. In The Lowered Locker Taking A Detonator. Lepim Mo to The Grille and Insert A Detonator. We Pass Into The Door. AT The Entrance We Try to Lift The Box. We Pass On and Behind The Column On The Box We Take A Sledgehammer. Pull The Left Switches Twice. At The Box At The Door We Use A Sledgehammer and Throwing The Valves, Taking the Box. We Use a Box on the Floor Lattice, and a Sledgehammer On The Crane. Take One Valve From A Heap and Go Down to the Mine.

Pull The Chopper. RAISE WELDING TUBE AND WELD THE CUT HOSE. Having Taking A Valve On The Hatch Cover and Lower The Chopper, Which Is Right at the Transformer. Go Down in Luke. We Touch The Staircase and Opening The Closet, We Call The Screw. Press Lever. Featuring A Bottle, Beat On The Lever. SPEAK WITH THE SCREW TWICE AND GO DOWN TO THE MINE. We Talk WITH THE EXCAVATOR AND TAKE A STAIRCASE FROM THE PIT. Applying A Magnifying Station On A Column, Read The Inscription. ON FIRE SHIELD UNDER THE TORCH WE TAKE A SHOVEL AND GO TO THE EXCAVATOR TO CHANGE IT ON SCRAP. Put a Staircase to the Wall Near The Fire Shield, We Use Scrap On the Stairs and Go Talking to the Cemetery Caretaker. Go to the Excavator and Speak with Him. We Change The Canister On On Bottle and Apply It On The Column. We Go to the Crypt.

ON THE RIGHT WALL TAKE THE TORCH. We Look Through the Magnifying Glass to the Monitor, Press The Red Button and Activate the Methane Feed. Talar Set Fire to Gas Running Out Of Four Hands. We Take The Red Palm and Go Down The Stairs. Turn On The Valve On Each Side Of The Furnace and Press The Red Button. Turn The Lever Near The Wheel and Apply The Red Palm On The Teleport Castle. SPEAK WITH A GRINDER TWICE. After The Conversation, We Use a Magnifying Glass On The Table and Agree to Play A Knife. Winning in Any Case.

Apply A Knife On a Juice Machine. Then Go to Play Another Three Times. We Offer Flight of Flying Beetles and Put A Glass On The Game Table. We Try To Play Again. Take Your Things and Release A Robot From The Box. Go to the Bar. SPEAK WITH THE DRONE WORSS. We Go to the Green Client and then Talk to the Bartender. RETURNING TO THE CLIENT AND TALK TOILET, WE GO TOILET. Remove The Keys from the Hook and Use Them on the Lockers. Swabroy Poke in White Square Next To the Door. SEARCH THE BODY AND USE THE KEY ON THE CABINET. Sharim in the Pants and Go.

We Do Do Do Do The Order from the Charter and Give IT to the Charter. RAISE THE GUN LYING NEAR THE DOORS. PRESS THE LEVER TO THE LEFT NEAR THE LATTICE AND TAKE THE BALLOON. WE PUT A BALLOON OPPOSITE THE RIGHT DOOR (A FLASHING CIRCLE ON THE FLOOR) AND INSTALL GUNS ON IT. Agree With The Question. Take a Balloon and Knock Them The Door. We Approach The Door. Raise The Abandoned Sword and Apply It To Morder. SPEAK WITH THE DEFEATED MORDER. We Use a Magnifying Glass On The Leaf On The Left Near The Door. We Enter The Hall and Fucking Sword 11 Cocoon. Everything.

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