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February 14, 2022
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

City of Lost Children: Passage

Compiled by Bumblebee Ivan (Goblin PC)

Management In The Game:

ECS – Load / Save / Quit
Up / Down Arrow – Walking Back / Forward
Left / Invoo – Putting Left / Invoice
Ctrl + Up / Down – Run Forward / Back
Space – Change The View If You Can
Alt – Pppis
Tab – PUT / Get A Piece Of Pocket
PGDown – Talk
ENTER – Use the Subject When IT IS in Hand to Open and Make Practical Actions


1) The Subject Is Taken Only If There IS An Icon Indicating That It Can Be Taken.
2) in Order To Wear a Few Psymets, It Always Necessary to Add Them to the Symky and Not to Wear in the Pyk. You Need to Talk With EveryOne.
4) Write More Often!

Part I

IT ALL STARTS WITH THE FACT THAT THE LITTLE GIRL IS IN THE CLASSROOM TOGETHER WITH TWO EVIL YIDES. (TYT You Must Act Quickly Otherwise IT IS A Hundred Parks and Bumps You to the Basement. ) Talk to the Teachers About Your First Task and Quickly Go to the Ylitzy.

In The Basement, You Can Get All These Dase, Fourth – Mix. Each Paz From the Basement Is Nude to Eat New Pyat.
1) Just Open The Door and Go Outside.
2) Shout Kink Box Under the Window. Climb On The Box (Go to IT), Open The Window and Get Out to the Ylitzy.
3) Raise Kpyuk, (Lies in a Raid with a Ladder on the Wall) Open It Two and Go to the Ylitzy.

So You Were On The Ylice. We Have This Place "Schoyold". Talk to the Old man sitting in the chair. STRICK WILL GIVE YOU THE KEY. GO OUT FOR THE GAVITKY AND SLEEP ON THE STAIRS DOWN TO THE WATER. (I Come To This Place – "Pack" ) Go to the Left Along The Water and in the Action.TROUBLESHOOTING THE STAIRS, GO FOR IT, GO Tours Outil Until You Find Yourself on the First. From the Stone, You Will Get Down on Bales (IT Near the Wall) and at the end of Bales Raise The Iron Rod. Threaten To The Lighthouse, Take In Pinky, and Insert It Into The Electro-Package with the Left Side of the Lighthouse. (After that, on the right to the mayak) Swells for the Barrels of the Space from The Lighthouse and Punch (Alt) and So Sit Until Those PP Until The Staff Will Not Go Into The Lighthouse. Makes So Half To Go Out That It Will Turn You Out, Then It Turns You in Stock.

Have a Warehouse You Can Go How Much You Want To Try and All Running Away The Same Thing. Click On Drawers and Turn on The Power. Go to Two Runs and Click The Button On The Left to Open It. If Two Does Not Open, Then Turn On The Phase with the Egia More.


Open The Two Keys and Log In. Turn On The Light By Pressing The Button On The Wall Y Input Two. Come to the Checkout, Open IT and Plug Her Brush. (Electroplating Will Be Removed from the Cabinet) Go to the Cabinet and Get From It Dehegi. Aftert That You Will Automatically Be in the Classroom.

Part II

Speak with Two Y-shirts, Take Your Boards With A Sponge, Take a Closet and Go to Ylitzy. Open Two Times From Two Class and Log In To "Kyhny". SPEAK WITH PAP AT THE TABLE. Give The Punch of A Lot, In The Replacement Take A Bottle With Vom. FROM Byfeta Take a Chicken Home.

Get Out Of School Two, Give The Wine Stapiky, He Will No Longer Depletely and Will Open. Play The Lever At The End of The Vessel – The Basket Is Different, Get Out Of It Kyzok Sausages and Pychky From Two. Climb The Stairs on the Stamp, Insert In Two Pychky and Enter The Room. Turn On The Light (Switch Y Twit), Raise The Key Near The Key and Go Out in Two.

Fake in Myso Tanks With DPYGY STONE from the Horse and Get The Bone from Them to the Newspaper. Put The Dog’s Duck, Or A Scoby From Kurpitsa, Or Sausage – The Dog Will Calm Down and Does Not Bother To Gaze. Go to The Door To the Right of the Second Ket. This Two Leads In "Second Part of the City".

GO Left and Talk With A Cruel Swiss. THEN RUN IT OFF AND SPEAKEN WITH SHOCHEP. At That Moment, When He Be Hired to Dig In Moto, Make It Ticks. In The Same Room, Remove The Bell From the Wall, Pre-Dusted with Its Ticks.

RETURN TO THE SWISS, TAKE A BELL IN MY HANDS AND CALL HIM A SWISS. (Oh and Bad) Call AS Long As You Have A Desire to Suffer. Then Go to the Ladder Y Which IT Stands and Give The Bell On It – The Link Is Double. Beat Until The Doorman Jump Into The Water.

Climb The Stairs and Enter The Rooms. From A Small Table Take A Teaching Safdy, Put It On The Scales Near the Big Safe. WHEN THE BIG SAFE IS TURNED OFF, GET OUT OF IT AND GO OUT OUT THE YLITZY. So He Is Having Sex That You Are in the Dungeon Worthout A Single Priest.

Part 3

From the Floor (WITH A Pussy under the Periscope) Lift A Piece of Boards. Go to the Two Levers, Click Left and Lock It WITH A Piece of Blackboard. Then Press The Box – Silence. GO TO THE SHELF ABOVE THE SLEEPING RYZHIK AND TAKE THE KEY. Click On The Box Under The Periscope and Look It. Open The Door With The Key and Go OUTSIDE.

AT The Bottom of the Sub-Apenny Kpana Lift The Lighter. RUN by Tpeok, On the Bridge Move on the Dynamy Run, Rise Again Until You do. ON THE PINCH OF THE BOXES OF THE PASSAGE. HOLD DOWN FROM THE TABLE. In The Dark Ygly, Lift The Candle in the Dark. Put The Candle Under The Box Hanging On The Vessel and Adjust It With A Lighter. (IT IS Not Necessary To Move The Above-Hand Scissors, Ny Only If The Padi of Sad Mylik)

Part 5

Male Girl Again on the Ylitsy. Go Down The Street Until You See The Sailor of the Skateboat. (Don’t Go To The Tubs Yet) You must go and apow Yourself to this site to those PP, while the MUMING DOES NOT START TO KOPE THE NOSE OF THE BATT, THEN RAISE THE BRUSH AND DIP IT IN VETA.

Rise The Stairs Up and Go Along The Path Until You Reach the Wicket. On Pyati From the Windowsill Take the Pyribe Coating Bany. IN THE MYSPE NEAR THE WICKET ITSELF, FIND THE MALESCHKA. Cancel with the Seller Chickens.

Dust Down The Stairs and Go to the Pits. Come to the Security and Passe His Tassel, Go On the Right, Go With A Backer and Give the Emy to the Cancer Bank. Go to the Picker With a Boatman (On a Double Ladder Down), at the end of it, Raise A Stick and Say with A Boatman.

Go to the Far Berth (Deep Into Where Are A Lot Of Bodies Y Double Ladies), Come With A Manzhik. Stick Start A Bank with Bikes, Then Go to the Myzical Cabbage. Pour The Migrica from the ilbox and make it a clock.

Return to the Left of His Tents and Press Enter – The Board Will Fall Down and The Chinese.(Used to Do it Before) Take A Card With A Push. Take Yourself to the Boat Day, Give Emy Clock and Karty. Freedom !!!

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