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January 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island: Passage
Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Passage Code of Honor 2 Conspiracy Island.

In Frenc Guiana, The Atomic Reactor Is Taken Under The Control of Terrorists, Named by A Group of the Global Revolutionary Front. The Leader, Ernando Mendoza, Threatens To the FRENCH Government a Nuclear Explosion and Requires A Redemption. Your Task IS to Free The Atomic Reactor and Get Important Documents. SO, We Start Passing The Game.

Code of Honor 2 Passage

Kill The Guard on The Rock, Clean The Territory and Install Explosives for Fencing. Behind The Fence Go to the Left, Passing by Killing Everything That Moves. WHEN YOU ORDER TO REMOVE THE SNIPER, IT WILL BE POSSIBLE TO SEE ON THE RIGHT ON THE ROCK UNDER THE PALM. To Kill Sniper, Put On The Famas Rifle Sniper Sight (Key “M).

In The Caves, Go Straight, Clean The Area at the Wooden Bridge (3 People), Go Further Behind The Stones of 5 People. NOW YOU NEED TO REACH PRISON AND THERE TO RESTORE COMMUNICATION by The Radio. Go Through The Cave with A Small Appearance, How to Get to the Will Come Across a Snake and a terror. How to Get Out of the Water Take Up the Ledge and Go to the Cave with Terrorists. ENTER THE PASSAGE TO THE RIGHT. Go to a Large Cave, Go Upstairs There Is Two At The Bridge and then Through the Tunnel. Jump Down and Kill Sevel Terrorists from One of Them Shoto Shoto Shoto 500. Turn Left and Go Through The Passage and Down. GO TO THE TABLE WITH GRENADES, AND MOVE FROM THERE, REMOVING FAMAS UNTIL THE NEXT CONTROL POINT.

The Control Point Will Cause You on the Radio and Will Give New Information. Remove One On The Bridge and Two Under the Bridge. Complete Through Several Bridgees, Following The Lighthouse on the Mini Map. Turn On the Sniper Mode and Make Your Way To the Mounted Bridge Near The Waterfall. Go On The Pereformance And Thene Go Down The Stairs, There Is a Jail.

Next Task – Storming The Prison Case. Go to the Prison Complex and Go Straight, from Below Two People, You Drink on the door, Behind it a room with a chopper Opening The Door.

Go Down, 7 Terrorists Will Attack You. Get To The Pump Station On a Mini Map and Lower 3 Levers, Having Lowered The Water. NOW YOU CAN GO THROUGH THE TUNNEL, AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, GO UP THE STAIRS (KEY “F”). Follow The Bearing On a Mini Map AS Soon As You Kill Someone Raises Anxietyy. The Next Checkpoint IS A CHOPPER, IT OPENS THE GATE NEXT TO HIM. Get Down The Stairs and Detect Your Way to the Courtyard. THERE YOU WILL FIND A HELICOPTER, AND YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO HELP YOUR AND TAKE ERYX TO DESTROY.

How to Like a Helicopter, Go Up The Stairs and Follow The Bridge.

THE FOLLOWING TASK IS TO KILL MENDOZA. Go to the Factory Room, Go Upstairs, On the Stairs Cost 1 person. Pass Past A Broken Chuck, In The Next Room About 10 Terrorists.

Climb The Stairs, There You Contudates. GO FURTHER WHEN GO OUT, GO DOWN TO THE WATER AND SWIM INTO THE TUNNEL UNDER THE WATERFALL. Passing Through The Caves, Climb Upstairs, There Will Be a Staircase.

The Task Is to Find An Enemy Kp, Go To the Exit to the Building Opposite and There Is a Goal, IT Guards The Crowd of Terrorists. After You Kill Everyone Opens The Door To the Right. For Her Room with Columns, Kill Everyone and Install Explosives on the Wall, The Pace Will Be Visible.

Mendoza In The Factory Did Not Turn Out, The Following Task – Will Meet With The Main Group. ENTER THE DOOR ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROOM, ON THE SECOND FLOOR A LARGE-CALIBER MACHINE GUN. Go to the Bearing, There Is a Digger, He Will Open The Door. For Her, There IS 12 People There, Go Through It and Contact You by Walking. Go Down, In The Water Outside The Door, A Person With A Shotgun, In The Next Room, Use the Chop to Turn Off The Electricity. Pull Another Chopper, The Gate Will Open, Two Top. Climb On The 2nd Floor and Go to the next room, There In One Of The Rooms There Is a Teddy Bear, It Is Complekely Useless, But It Can Be Entertained With Him (Rofl).

NOW YOU CAN Continue to Go, In The Next Corridor Go Down The Stairs, The Lever, Two In The Pit Will Be Surprised. What to Put Out The Fire Take The Fire Extinguisher, Immediately After That You Will Meet Will With The Rest of the Group, Help Them. The Following Task – Get To the Point of Evacuation. You Need to Return The Same Expensive, Killing Again The Terrorists. Iron Grille Through Which You Passed, Now Under the Current, The Switch IS Indicated On A MINI MAP.

How to Get To The Sewage – Jump There, Pass The Room and Go Down in The Mine, There Are Several Terrorists. When Climb Upstairs, You Will Need to Get From The Top to the Chopping Door. In The Next Room, A Locked Door Again, Get To the Tag On The Map, There Will Be a Staircase. Behind The Door, Close The Valve That Would Not Be Cut in Half. SELECT UPSTAIRS THERE YOU WILL FIND RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS. Grab Eryx and Shoot in the Arriving Helicopter.

This Mission Is Completed, Now You Need to Kill Mendoza. Follow The Corridor, You Will Attack on The Door, Get To the Beacon, Jump To the Ventilation Mine. Find The Output From It and Go On, Soon You Will Reach The Stairs, Go Up and Look for the Following Staircase.

Find A Professor, He Heated The Door To the Roof. IT Remains Only to Get to the ROOF AND INSTALL EXPLOSIVES ON THE HELICOPTER.


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