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February 4, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

ELEX: Passage of Quests of Fractions – Retailing
ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – Retailing
How to Join “Rosges”

Quest “Deserted Vultures” Will Allow Gamers to Join the Outcasts. The Quest Itself Is Rather Short, Since Players, In Fact, Require The Approval of The Members of the Fractionionion, Which Can Be Obtained by Performing Individual Tasks Issued by Them.ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – RetailingFort.
William Is The One WHO Decides Whether You Can Join The Outcasts or Not. IT CAN BE FOUND IN FORT. Talk to William About Would Would Like to Join The Faction and He Will Ask You to Enlist the Support of the Remaining Members of the Faction, Performing Quests. William Himself Will Give The Task of Trap Confederacy. This Is One Of The Important Quests That You Must Complete to Becom An Outcast.

Communicate With Chloe and Insane Bean, Which Are Also Members of the Faction and Give Quest. Complete Them. Between Quests Can Be Communicated with William to Check Their Progress and The Fractionion.

Continue Performing Tasks, Talk to William and Hear One of Three Phrases Describing the Situation. If The Approval Level Reached the Maximum, You Will Join the Outcasts. Otherwise Continue To Perform Orders.ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – RetailingWilliam.
But The AnSwer – If You Have Completed Quests, But Chose The Wrong Solutions That Are Bad for The Faction, Then William Will Report That You Can Not Join Them. NEVERTHELESS, THERE WILL BE A SECOND CHANCE TO CORRECT THE SITUATION.

How to Get The Rank “Silovik”

WHEN YOU BECOME AN OUTCAST, YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A RUNNER “RUNNER”. This Is The Lowest Title in the Fractionionion. The Next Rank That Can Be Achieved by – “Silovik”. To Do This, Have A Number Of Requirements. FIRST, TALK TO WILLIAM AND EXPRESS THE Desire to Become A “Security”.

That Character from Which You Will Get The Desired Task Depends on Your Choice WHEN Passing A Tramp Confederacy Quest. IT Will Be Necessary to Chat Either with A Rat (RADI), Or Will Blake. Speaking Will Be Entrusted to Investigate The Process Of Collecting Money From Citizens Living in Fort.

You Must Follow Blake Collecting Money. Stand close to people with whom he talks to be able to hear the conversation. You Need to Overhear Three Such Conversations, And Then Wait WHEN BURNS RETURNS MONEY. RETURN TO THE QUEST, TELL HIM THE TRUTH OR LENGIT. False Will Cause Trouble, SO I Do Not Recommend. If You Say The Truth, You May Ask You to Pay Off Debt, Killing Burns Outside The Fort.

Communicate With Chloe in Fort to Activate ITS Task. Need to Collect and Bring 10 Bottles of Strong Alcohol. Search for them Will Be On The Military Base East of the “Sand Pines” Motel. On the Basis of the Mines Are Also Located, The Poet Is Fertilize Careful and Focus on Collecting Bottles Marked On The Map. Bring Them to Chloe.

Job WITH A Crazy Bean and Activate His Quest. HE Wants You to Destroy The Altari Clerics in Tavara. USE Three Insane Bob Explosives That Will Blow The Altari. GO Across The Altars in Any Order. There Is A A Possibility That The Altars Will Be Propected by The Cleerics Themselves – You Will Have to Destroy Them. By Installing Explosives, Go Back to Bob. WHEN YOU FINISH THESE TASKS AND PUMP UP TO TO 15 LEVELS, THEN GO TO WILLIAM AND ASK YOU TO INCREASE YOU IN THE RANK.

How to Get The Rank “Captain”

In The Next Part of the Rank Pyramid of Roguev, You Can Become Captain. Talk to William About Would Would Like to Become Captain and It Will List All the Requirements

Go to Rat Or Blake and Take the Quest in Which You Need to Defeat Two Rogues That Also Want To Become Captains. ERIN AND SMUK WILL CHALLENGE YOU, AND YOU WILL NEED TO MEET WITH THEM IN THE ARENA. Give Erine 100 ELIXITES TO CONVINCE HER TO FIGHT WITH YOU IN THE ARENA. I DON’T Need Money for Smook. Win Both Opponents and Come Back to the Kestodel.

Job With Chloe and Activate the Task. She Asks to Collect Elixitis from Three Berserkov Who Should. First You Will Find In The Brothel, The Second Will Stand Near the Entrance to the Arena. With the Second Will Have to Fight. The Third Berserk IS Near The North Entrance To the Fort. No Matter Will Choose with Him, He Will Try to Escape. Go behind it and attack. Gathering Debts, Go Back to the Chlo.

Communicate With The Insane Bean and Activate the Quest. HE ASKS TO HELP OUTCASTS TO CAPTURE A BLOODY ROAD. Get To the Specified Point Where Stryker and His People Will Be. GO FOR THEM AND KILL ON THE PATH OF THE BERSERKOV. WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE TASKS, Let’s Talk With William and Ask You to Raise You to Captain.

Unique Abilities of Isoev

MOST – The Main Skill of the Fractionionion, Which Will Provide Access to All the REST. With it, You Get Access to Rogue Coaches, You Can Buy Equipment, Use It in Battle, Improve Weapons and Increase Radiation Resistance. You Get Rid of Fins When Using Stimulants, And You Can Also Use Sevel Pieces at Once.

– Screening – You Can DisaSsemble The Weapon, Getting Details for Sale or Craft.

– Creation Of Ammunition – Allows You to Create Cartridges, But Only for Weapons of Rogue.

– Body Chemistry – For Each New Skiel Level You Increase The Duration and Efficiency of Stimulants.

– Low Technological Gunsight – You Can Produce Rogue Weapons On The Workbenks.

– Stimulator “Capacity” – for Each New Level You Increase The Number of Stimulants That Can Be Used at the Same Time.

– Stimulator “Overdose” – Allows You to Create A Stimulator ACCELERATING THE RESTORATION OF HP.

– Stimulator “Steel Leather” – Allows You to Create A Stimulator Temporarily Upgrading Resistance To Any Damage.

– Toning Stimulator – Allows You to Create A Stimulator That Temporarily Increases The Power Of The Attack and The Block Speed.

– Stimulator “Metal Detector” – Creating A Stimulator Temporarily Increasing The Range of Visibility of Ordinary Items.

– Stimulator “Immune Accelerator” – Creating a Stimulator That Temporarily Increases Sustainability to All Effects (To Poison, Fire, Cold and Radiation).

– Stimulator “Cool Guy” – Allows You to Create A Stimulator That Temporarily Increases The Resistance To the Damage.

– Brain Charge Stimulator – Allows You to Create A Stimulator Temporarily Doubling Damage You.

– Stimulator “Animal Lovers” – Allows You to Create A Stimulator, Temporarily Scareting Weak Animals That Are Going to Attack The Hero.

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