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January 19, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

ELEX: Passage of Quests of Fractions – Bersere
ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – Bersere
How to Join The Berseers

Berseries Are Based in Edan, So You Need to Go to this City and Talk to Ragnar – A Key Character That Allows You to Join the Faction. Now It Will Be Necessary to Earn A good Reputation Among The Population of the City Of Edan, Thereby Earn A Trust of Ragnar. Start with Ragnar!ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – BersereGolyet.
He Will Give You A FEW Quests and A Special Task That Will Have to Fulfill in Order to Become A Berserror. As Soon As You Finish Quests, Then Start People and Perform Their Requests AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Make Sure The Wife of Ragnar Also “On Your Side”. During One of the Quests There Will Be An Additional Task That Allows You to Achieve Her Trust.

Take As Much Quests AS Possible by The Population of Edan and Try to Fulfill Them, Deserve Respect. IN TURN, THEY WILL TELL RAGNAR ABOUT THIS, AND Your CHANCES OF JOINING THE BERSERRIES WILL SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE. Ragnar Follow All Your Quests Regardless Of Whether You Have Complete Them or Not And How Well Them Fulfilled A Specific Task.ELEX: Game Walkthrough and Guide of Quests of Fractions – BersereRagnar.
Along WITH THE USUAL Population There Are Leaders of Two Clans That Can Issue Tasks. Complete Them. They Have Certain Unique Requirements That Will Need To Perform. There Is Also a Hidden Quest “Ragnar’s Sword”.

Thus, Perform As Many Tasks AS Possible and Increase The Reputation. After Completing The Last Quest of Ragnar, Requiring Verification of the Status of Outposts Together, With a Special Task, Including Intelligence in Other Cities, You Will Join The Bersers.

If, when installing the Status of the Entry Intalling The Fractionionionionion, Ragnar Will Say That You Lose The Bersers, Then Ask Him The Second Chance. IT Will Be Necessary to Quickly Convince Three Characters:

– Kormag Agrees Immediately.


– Ragnar Must Pay 2000 ELIXITIS.

How To Increase The Rank Of Berserkov

You Will Have the Lowest Rank – “Farmer”. The Man of This Rank Must Take Care Of Plants. Your next step is to increase Your Rating and Get The Title of “Warrior”. WE’LL Have To Work A Lot! WHEN JOIN THE BERSERS, THEN GET INSTANT ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT AND FRACTIONS SKILLS. HOWEVER, WILL DISCOVER EVEN MORE SKILLS AND GEAR. EXAMINE THE BERSERKOV AT KALDRIM.

To Become A Warrior, You Need to Fulfill Additional Special Special Quests That Give Ragnar, Cormag and Angrim.

You Need to Pass Their Testing by Performing Quests. Make Sure That You Perform All Tasks in Accordance With The Requirements of the Quest. Otherwise, They Will Not Give Their Incentive and You Will Not Be Able to Get the Rank of “Warrior”. You also Need to Pump Up to 15 Levels.

To Become A Paladin, You Will Need to Pump Up to 25 Levels and Fulfill Three More Personal Quest from Angrim, Ragnar and Kamag.

Unique Abilities of Berserkov

– Berserk – The Main Ability of Berserkov, providing access to magical Arms, Equipment, Upgrade, Coaches (Training Other Skills), AS Well As Raising Resistance To Poison.

– Magic – For Each New Level You Increase The Duration or Damage Of Spells.

– MANA – For Each New Level You Increase The Number of Available Mana Required for Spells.

– Enchanted Weapon – The Possibility of Overlaying A Spell On Weapons, Which Increases Its Damage.

– Scattering Shot – You Can Simultaneously Run Sevel Arrows.


– A Masking Spell – Unlocks A Spell That Reduces The Likelihood Of Opponents Detection.

– SPELL “DURABLE LEATHER” – Increases Armor.

– Spell “Aspect of the Warrior” – Increases Damage in Middle Battle.

– SPELL “BLOOD TRANSMISSION” – Converts Part of HP in Manu.

– Spell “Spirit of Wolf” – Calls Upon The Ghosts That Help During Battles.

– Spell “The Meaning Of Life” – ALLOCATES ALL LIVING BEINGS.

– Spell “Poisonous Aura” – Causes Damage To Poison.

– Spell “Healing” – Allows You to Heal Not Only Jacks, But Also Its Satellites.

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