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February 10, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage: Passage
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage: Game Walkthrough and Guide
At the Metropolitan Wastely, You Once Again Caught A Radio Signal About Help. Having Left For The Location of the Signal, You Will Have to Help Two, To The Teeth of Armed, Soldiers Break Through the Crowd of Aggressively Configured Supermutants-Besti. Going Down On The Elevator, You Will Find Yourself in A Small But Well-Kept Dungeon. HERE WILL NOT BE ESPECIALLY WELCOME, BUT FROM POLITEMES WILL BE HELD TO THE LEADER. Follow The Constantly Griming Guy. After The Conversation It Turns Out That You are Are Aless to Help Them. You Have to Pull The Costume with Neural Implants and Grasp in a Capsule Like An Egg. The Main Thing Is Not To Forget About The Security, Because The Protocols of this Particular Security in the sumulator do not work, and death there Means Your Death in Reality.

SO You SuccessFully Plunged. First of all You Will Meet A Guy Who Will Supply A Lot Of Different Accessories. One Of These Things Will Be a Sels-Battle. Apply IT Before Sending Forward. The Main Goal Is The Chinese Artillery Platform, Which is in Stripping. SELF FOR THE OPPOSITE SIDE. Pick Up the Right Sniper Rifle. You Can Also Correct Your Health by Taking Advantage of Red Balloons Scattered Throughout The Territory. NOW GO INSIDE THE BUNKER. Pick The Chinese Automatic and Replenish The Ammunition Near The Special Thing. Do Not Rush to Get Out Of The Asylum, and It is Better to Start Shooting Enemies on the Opposite Side.

By That Time The Involuntary Action Will Stop. Climb On the Destroyed Bridge Lying On A Huge Tube, On the Boxes on the Right Will Find Another Stealth. Further Move on The Opposite Direction. Make Up and Go to Red DOORS. NOW Your Goal Will Meet with Benjamin Montgomery, Who Will Expect You On The Opposite Side of the Tunnel. You can Also Ask Your Partner The Cartridges, Who Will Be Happy to Give You to You.

THE FOLLOWING GOAL WILL BE THREE HUGE ARTILLERY GUNS THAT DO NOT QUIET YOUR ALLIES. Move Along The Rock Forward, Trying to Go and Make a Shot First in Enemies, OtherWise Your Partner Will Start to Fall First, And With His Shooting, The Fight Can Delay. Waving To the Bunker, The Road Forward Will Be Fired From The Shelter. Do Not Despair, To The Right Thene Must Be a Tunnel, With Which You Can Get Around The Embony.

Further Path Will Lie In The Door Leading To the Chinese Artillery Avanpost. Move Forward. AS The Jokes Gain, Get Ready for the Meeting of China Invisibility People. They Will Be Safe At A Distance, As They Will Have Only Cold Weapons. Code Will Be Upstairs, Turn Right and Start Installing Your Detonators in Flashing Boxes. Will Be Destroyed, You Will Reinforce You in the Headquarters of the Allies.

So, You Distinguished Themselves in Battle From The Best Side. Command Will Increase You in the Rank and Will Give Your Disposal A Group of Soldiers. THERE WILL BE TWO COMPUTERS IN THE TENT. On One IT Will Be Possible to Dial A Detachment. On The Second – You Can Choose To Choose Equipment (First Choose The Type of Weapons, for Receipte of the Next Upper Position in The List). WHEN ALL COOKINGS ARE FINISHED, YOU WILL FINALLY BE RELEDASED FROM THE HEADQUARTS. ON STREET YOU WILL BE WAITING FOR THE HEAD OF WHICH MONTGOMERY WILL BE. Talking With Your Friend, You Will Be Able to Give Orders to the Whole Group and It Will Also Be Possible to Replace of the Soldier Killed in Battle. Send a Detachment to Enemy Radio Content and Run to the Internal. During The Conversation, Leaving The Storekeeper An Application For Ammunition. Also, using your reputation, You can Ask Him Some Special Weapons, Namely, Gauss Rifle. Ammunition CAN BE REPLENISHED IN A TENT BEHIND THE TRIAL. Collect Scattering Nearby Batteries and Rockets, Also Do Not Break Wort Grenades.

Radio Station

Now It’s Time To Go to My Detachment. Get Out of The Camp to the Right. Order a Detachment to Start The Assault and Do Not Lag Behind The Partners. After Your Road Turns Left, Move Slowly, Invisible Soldiers Will Sit On The Boxes and Rocks. Further Your Goal Is To Break Through To The Door Leading To the POST. Having Reading The Room, Be Careful, Everywhere Will Hide Invisible Soldiers. You Will Find Yourself in Front of Large Red Doors That Will Bring You to the Roof. Killing The Last Enemy, Wait Until You Reinforce Your Headquarters.


After You Find Yourself in the Headquarters, It Is Better To Change Your Weapon on Heavy Weapons. WHEN YOU HEADQUARTS, TAKE IT TO THE HEAD OF THE MILITARY WAREHOUSE AND ASK TO EXCHANG WAPONS FOR A NEW. Shells for Grenade Launcher Can Be Selected Near The Soxins, Which Are Issued for Cartridges for Machine Guns and Rifles. Now Let’s Notify Your Detachment to Go to the Ice Camps and Turn Left and Move to the Far Left Corner. After A Small Stripping Camp, Head Forward Until You Reach The Chimer Tank Station. Penetrating Inside, Your Goal IS to Destroy Two Huge Tanks With A Stuffy. One IS Near The Tank On The Repair Site. The Second – To the Left Behind The Tank, So You Have To Use A Grenade Launcher, Well, Or, At Worst, Grenades. To Install The Bombs, Go to the Installed Lever On the Left Side of the Tank and Press E. Recommending The Next Task, Your Simulator Will Automatically Take You to Headquarters.

Last Task – Disable The Protective Field and Break Into The Chinese Headquarters

THAT IS THE TIME OF THE FINAL TASK. Select From the Headquarters Left, Then Turn Right and, WITH FEARS FOR YOUR LIFE, MOVE TO THE TRENCHES. WHEN YOU GET OUT OF TRENCHES, YOU WILL BE UNDER CROSS-FIRE. SHOOT IN FRONT AND LEFT. Move Left and Make Your Way to A Large Lined in Snow, Field. Move Along It To The Right, To a Small Tower on Which You Can Turn Off The Protective Field on The Control Panel. WHEN IT IS DONE, CROSSED THE FIELD AND HEAD TO THE GOAL, PROTECTED by TWO ENEMY TURBO. Having Understood With Them with the Help of a Grenade Launcher, Enter The Courtyard. NOW THE LAST RESPONSIBLE BATTLE REMAINS. The Task Will Be Before You – Kill The Embony General. You Do Not Need To Look for, He Will Run After You With His Sword. THE BEST WAY FOR VICTORY WILL BE GRENADE. The Offer IS Too Healthy, So The Hand-to-Hand Fight You Is Contraindicated. As Soon AS The Embony Is Plunged, The Battle Will End, And You Will Be Removed from the Simulator.

Now It’s Time to Get A Reward. Get Out Of The Room and Go to the Closed Doors. Open Them With The Help of a Computer Terminal Hanging On The Right. In The Opening Room, You Can Pick Up Everything You Want. Good Luck.

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