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January 25, 2022
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Fiend: Passage


How to Use Weapons?
After You Find It, Click “Space”, Choose Swords, Choose The Name of the Weapon, Choose Equip. Aftert That, After Pressing / Pressing a Specific Key, You Will Get / Remove the Weapon. IN THE SAME MENU AND RECHARGE IT (RELOAD).

Is It Possible to Persist?
Yes. AS MUCH AS You Like, But Only In Places Where There Are Printed Machines.

Do I Need To Save First Aid Kits and Cartridges?

Part 1

Talk to the Baba at the top-left house on the left below and the man at the left-left house. Talk to a guy in a hat. Talk to the MAN AGAIN WILL TAKE YOU TO THE MINE (ANOTHER SCREEN). GO TO THE MINE AND RAISE THE AMULET – SHOTS ARE HEARD. EXIT.

Part 2

RETURN TO THE VILLAGE. GO TO THE HOUSE WHERE THE MAN STOOD IN A HAT. ON THE SECOND FLOOR, TAKE A FAKE BOOK From the Shelves (False Book) And A Flask (If You Have A Drink, Then Health Will Be Added). Sign Up. On The Ground Floor, Enter The Heart Key (Heart Key) And Matches (Matches) Next To the Lamp on the Left.Get Out Of The House, Come in the Door Opposite. Take A Gun. GO TOOR TOOR TO THE DOOR TOOR TOOR TO THE. Climb On the Second Floor and Take A Jug Next To A Bush (Jugg). Use A Jug With A Sink On The First Floor – Water Jug.
GO TO THE THE JUG ON THE BURNING PLATE, TAKE THE KEY FROM THE BARN (SUPPLY KEY) AND ASHES. Get Out and Use This Key On The Barn. Come, Go Down and Pick Up SCRAP (Crowbar). ON THE SECOND FLOOR, USE THE ASHES ON THE BOOK – YOU CAN READ. Get Out of The Village to the Forest (Up the Path). AT The Door “The Key of the Heart” Go, with the Help of Matches Lit Two Candles At The Door – IT Will Become Light. Sign Up. Read The Letter on the Table, Take a Health and Rifle Flask. Use a Fake Book on a Bookproof and Go To the Basement. Take the “Gate Key” (Gate Key), Read The Book On The Table. Get Out, Go to the Right, Open The Gate Key. Come Go Home to the Left and Open The Door To the Basement. Enter.

Part 3

Use Scrap On The Drawer in The Left-Top Room, Push It Forward and Take the Key. At The Bottom Room, Take the Cartridges. In The Second Top Room From The Right Boxes Take Rags. In The Upper Right Room From The Boxes, Get The Moon Amulet. Use Rags on The Wheel Next To The Ferry – Will Turn Off. Pass. GO Left, Take a Letter and Sword Plug. In The Right Room You Can Sign Up and Take Cartridges for a rifle. KILL THE MONSTER FROM THE GUN. Open The Center Door. Enter. In The Bottom Room Take The Pasaty. IN THE BOTTOM LEFT Room from the Chest Take Skull Plug. GO TO THE END TO THE RIGHT AND ON THE STAIRS, RAISE A RISER FLOOR.
IN THE ROOM ON THE LEFT OF THE CHEST TAKE THE NEEDLE. In The Next Left Room – A First-Aid Kit. Go to the Hall with Piano and Go Out to the Upper Corridor. In The Right Room – A Letter and Cartridges. In The Middle – Recording, Next To the Table Handle. In The Left-Top Hole in The Direction of the Bed and Lift The Key. Use The Passatia – They Bent The Needle, There Was a Needle – The Lock Will Be (Only You Need to Stand Next To the Closed Door). Lock Open The Left Door. Take Off The Hook. Through The Hall, Go to the Right – Dining Room, Then the Kitchen. In The Top Door – Storage Room. From The Chest, Get The Lamp. Through The Hall, Rise To the Second Floor.
Open The Left Upper Comntau Key – Book and Cartridges. Go to the Right, Enter The Library, Take the Newspaper. GO Left-Bottom – Two Doors. IN THE BOTTOM RECORD. Use the newspaper on the top of the closed door. Raise The Key, Open The Door and Enter Them. Take From The Chest Candle Plug. RETURN TO THE BASEMENT. Fill With A Barrel Oil Lamp in A Small Room – A Full Lamp. Come to the closed Laboratory, Up – Room with Holes in the Wall. Use:
* Sword-plug – Right
* Skull Plug – AT Top
* Candle Plug – Left
After The Door Creaks, Log In to the Laboratory and Take 4 Plates, A Book and Key. Discover The Door Opposite The Stairs to the Second Floor. Enter. IN THE RIGHT CORRIDOR AT THE END – RECORDING. Down From The Recording Of An Evil Man, It Is Possible to Kill or Wander, He Himself Will Leave, in this Room The Key. From the Entrance to the Left, Use The Key On The Hole in the Upper Wall. Come in the Catacombs – Dark. Use the Lamp – Light. Go to the Morning Turn to the Right Side Until You Choose the Third Amulet. RETURN TO THE BASEMENT.

DOWNSTAIRS IN THE CENTER OF THE HALL, IN THE RIGHT PART OF WHICH – CARTRIDGES AND FIRST AID KIT. Come on the Large Door – A Room with An Pictogram on the Floor. Place Three Amulet Per Pictogram. Put in the Pictogram: Sulpher, Chlorine and Magnesium (Notice, Not All Chemicals). Ignite Them With Matches (If Not Lit, Then Put It Wrong). Run Out Of The House (You Will Need First Aid Kits and Cartridges).

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