Freddi Fish 4: The Case Of Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch: Game Walkthrough and Guide

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February 2, 2022
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Freddi Fish 4: The Case Of Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch: Passage
Freddi Fish 4: The Case Of Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Children’s Game, But For Some Reason, Interest in It Does Not Weaken in Adults. True, They Sit Down To Play Freddie’s Fish Together With Children, But… IT’S JUST FOR COVER, IN FACT…
YES, IN FACT, THE KIDS FELL ASLEEP. AND EVEN FOR SOME REASON THEY WRITE SALINE. Here is one of them. Just Keep In Mind That In Your “Passing” (Or, if you Want to Play Again) You Maye Find Some Items in Othne Places, in Addition, Some Found Items May Not Need, and at the ver end there Will Be Another Main Villain So Be Careful.
To Talk, Take The Subject and T.D., Use the Mouse On the Interlocutor or Subject, ReSpectively. Wheraver The Cursor Is White Can Blined. To Work In The Window, Press The Spacebar and Check the Box in The Desired Place in the settings.

Sailed. Work Forward A Little More, Find Yourself ON FARM. Fish With Cowboy Sacks, Sally, With Sadness Will Tell About the Disappairance of Pigs. Talk to Her Thoroughly (T.E., repeatedly; ENTER AND WILL ALSO NOT PREVENT OCCASIONALY TO TRY THE CONVERSATION OF LUTHER WITH FREDDIE (Click on L. OR ON F). After That, Swim Right from the Farm. ON THE NEXT SCREEN, A BROKEN VAN, PICK UP A PURPLE SEA HEDGEHOG (Hedgehogs Will Still Be at Least Five and The Can Lie In Different Places, Collect Everything – It Will Be Useful). Swim Further in the Town.
ASK Nelson (Blue Big Fish Left) About Robbers, Then Renewe The Octopus At Saloon and Swim In The Saloon. Talk to Stella and Pianist Phil (Right from IT – TV with Cartoons Inside). Choose A Note From The Floor (Read and Remember The Code from 3-Digit) And Find Out from Stella, WHERE THERE IS A RUSTY SHIP (RIGHT, BEHIND THE SALOON), SWIM THERE.
Actually, This Is Refuge Thieves. Remove The Door With The Code and Try to Float Inside The War. Nothing Happy Happy Because You Are Not Taking. To Look Like A Thief, You Will Need A Blue Hat, A Fashionable Ribbon and Buckle With the Letter (I Have “to”). For the Blacksmith Nelson, You Will Learn That In Order to Make a Buckle, You Need A Piece Of Metal and Letter. SWIM FURTHER (On the Town Screen – Right).
The WORKERS WHO HAVE BUILT THE SCENE ARE NOT THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE SCOLDER IF You, In Turn, Will Find A Piece of Size 6×6. Swim Into The Pass To the Right. Sakhara-Slim Musician Will Drag Out a Song ABOUT THE MISSING HARMONICKER, Which He Replaced On A Ribbon. Obviously, It Will Have To Return Him to Him “Baby” to Take Possession of the fashion Accessory. If You SWIM TO THE Boards Warehouse (You Can Immediate IS 6×6; You Can Immediately Return and Exchange It on Scolder), More to the right – Theater. He is arranged… IN THE MOUTH OF A HUGE WHALE. Between The Teeth-Chairs Stuck a White Cowboy Hat (A Hat Can Be Found in Another Location). Pull The Hat With Bare Hands (T.E., FINS) Do Not Succeed – Need A Rope.
If You Sail From The Warehouse of The Boards, You Will Get Into The Creek from the Which the Mast Sticks Out. Sail Redirects a Small Waterfall in the Left. To Remove The Sail – and IT IS Necessary IF You Want to Crawl Into The Porthole of the Ship, Which Is Right There – The Handle Will Need.
ON TRACK STRAIGHT FROMA, YOU WILL GET TO THE MAILBOX IN WILL GET TO THE MAILBOX SETTLED. The Lid of the Box Will Be Useful to US for Buckles, But Mr. TYPPET WILL GIVE IT ONLY IF THE PACKAGE WILL BE RATED. Swim Up, Then A Little Left. HERE IS THE POSTMAN! True, It’s a Snail, and The Typpet Is Unlikely to Wait for His Parcel Earlier Than In A Couple Of Years… To Wait Not Dragged Into SO Long, You Have to Fix the Cart. To Do This Need A Nut.
SWIM THE PREVIOUS SCREEN, THEN RIGHT. To The Screw That Rotates Quickly, The Unknown Entity Is Tied. IT Needs To Be Untied (We Need A Rope), But First Stop The Rotation. SWIM INTO THE HOLE AND SET THE HANDLE TO ORANGE DIVISION, THEN UNTIE THE SERIFF. Pick Up the Rope and Swim to the Work Scene, Then Left-Up. Buy A Triangular Nut From The Merchant (IT COSTS 3 Marine Hedgehogs). SWIM FURTHER LEFT, THEN RIGHT. The Entrance to the Cave Is Blown Up a Small Fish, Which… IS Bloated WHEN Someone Approaches Her. She Can’t Drink From The Cave Too – Afraid. SWIM THE PREVIOUS SCREEN, THEN LEFT.
In The Cave You Will Find A Handle (And Maybe Another Hedgehog, I Was 4th). Put The Postal Cart and, After A Small Incident, You Get The Lid. Swim Into The Creek and Lower The Sail With The Sunken Boot. Inside You Will Find A List (in a Cabin) And Three Barrels (With Citric Acid, Red and Black Pepper – In The Corridor), Fill A Black Pepper. In The Cabin On One Of The Boxes, Three Letters (S, M, G) Were Screwed, But If We Need To Leave Them Alone (In The New Passage You May Need Another Letter).
Treat Pepper A Cowardish Fish. In The Cave You Will Find The Harmonic and The Letter “K” Among The 4 Others. Harmonica Change On A Ribbon AT Sliema. If You Have Already Saved Two Hedgehogs, BUY A GUM ONN (I DID NOT NEED IT). Let The Letter “K” and Give The Blacksmith Nelson, He Will Make A Belt With A Buckle. Well, Now You Have Everything to Penetrate The Thieves.
But.., Freddie and Luther Are Not Thieves, So The Are Rapidly Exposed and Stored in the “Camera”. From Where, However, You Can Easily Get Out: Dropping The Kernel From The Hatch Cover in the Floor. IN THE ROOM OF PIGS PAY AtTENTION TO THE NOTES. Now You Need to Free the Pigs. Spare Out and Try Reaching The Chain To the Grid. DID NOT WORK OUT. Swim Down, To The Steering Blade, There IS Something Metallic Behind It – This Is a Hook. To Get It, You Need to Go to the Cut and Turn the Steering Wheel. CLING THE HOOK TO THE CHIN AND LOWER THE ANCHOR. Freedom Pigs!
Finally TRY TO FIND THE LEADER. In Our Case, This Is Phil. If You Carefully Watched The Rollers for The Game, You Can Also Guessed.

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