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February 2, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods: Passage
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Quest Gives: Anhog

Passage: To Get The Trust of Anhi, You Need to Getters 5 Recommendation Letters.

2. Kill The Cows Of Another Shepherd

Quest Gives: Jürgen

Passage: To Prevent The Doping Of Cows to Kill 10 Cows Of Another Shepherd, Named Taber. THEY CAN BE FOUND IN THE FORMER SLAVE QUARTER, NEAR THE TAVERN. MOST OF THEM RUN AWAY, But Return in About 20 Seconds. SO That You Are Not Segged, Start Killing from Distant Cows. ALL This Can Be Checked Unnoticed.

3. Get a Strange Fiery Nettle

Quest Gives: Cornelius


Each of the Padachers Will Remain 2-5 Berries of Goblin. IT Their Alchemist to Take for Fiery Nettle (Bug or Such An Alchemist?) And Give The Promised Letter of Recommendation.

4. Find Someone Who Manit Birds On The Roof of Oelka…

Quest Gives: Oelk

Passage: Crazy Bird Lover Scatters Bread Crumbs To Lure Birds in Silden. The Trail Starts from the Camp of Lumberjacks Near The Cave in Geeldern. MEET ONE ECCENTRIC THERE. Give HIM 500 Gold Coins or Kill It and From Now On The World Will Come. )))))

Five. Barnabas Did Not Pay His Debts

Quest Gives: Anton

Passage: Anton Tells You That Barnabas Did Not Pay His Debts and Thinks He “Mutit” with His Wife. Barnabas Is Located in The Former Slave Quarter and Sits Mainly by The Fire. Go to Him, Stoottishko and Take It From Holotishko, Turn Anton and Get Your Recommendation Letter.

Alternative Passage! You Can Also Do Otherwise, to Apply A Scroll “Obliving” Barnabas on Anton, And After Telling Him That Nothing Happened.

6. Steal The Amulet From Dilan

Quest Gives: Maryl

Passage: The Thief of Maryl Entrusts You to Steal The Amulet From Dylan’s Merchant in Gelderna. IT IS Located in The Center of Geldern in Front Of His Hut. From Him You Will Get a Counter Quest “Make So That Maryl No Longer Send Robbers”

7.Make SO That Maryl No Longer Send Robbers

Quest Gives: Dylan

Passage: During The Quest “Steal Amulet From Dilan” You Have to Do So That Maryl Could Not Send Other Robbers.

8. Defeat The First Fighter In The Arena

Besiege Den Ersten Kämpfer In Der Arena

Quest Gives: Whery

Passage: Treaten Griswald in a Duel

Nine. Defeat The Second Fighter In The Arena

Quest Gives: Whery

Passage: Ritta Win In A Duel

10. Defeat Champion in the Arena

Quest Gives: Whery

Passage: Treaten Ngayo In The Duel


Quest Gives: Anhog

Passage: The Wife of Anton Isabella Is in “Restaurant (I Think So One Who Was The Description, I Was Wrong, Because He Wrote” Guest Dots “)”. Bring Her To the Analog.

12. Kill Anton!

Quest Gives: Anhog

Passage: Anton Is In His “Restaurant (See Above)”. Kill Him!

13. Bring The Wife of Anton Back to Anton

Quest Gives: Anhog

Passage: Isabella Is At Anault In The House, Mostly at the Bookshelf. Bring It Back to Her “Restaurant (Again, See Above)”.

Fourteen. Find An Engine and Bring It To the Analog

Quest Gives: Anhog (After IT Getters 5 Recommendation Letters)

Passage: Go from Syliden to the Temple of Syliden, Where Inog Is Located, And Talk to Him. After You Execute 7 Next Quests for Him, He Will Go with You to Silden:

“Collect 1500 Golden Dani and Bring Them Analog”
“Find The Disappeared Spy”
“Claim Merchants”
“Escorting Caravan Mants”
“Take Care Of Black Mag”

15. Stand On Guard While He Hunts On Bison

Quest Gives: Boris

Passage: After Boris Goes to Hunt Bison, ORCS Will Attack. After You Figure It Out With Orcs, Boris Will Return from Hunting.


Quest Gives: Boris

Passage: Crazy Bison Are on the Left Near The Street to the Bridge Between Helder and Telis.

17. Collect Taxes and Attribute Their Analog

Questodel: inog.

Solution: You Must Collect Taxes from Boris, Merila, Cornelius, Barnabas, Dylan and Anton. If You Have Already Killed Anton, You Can Still Build A Quest, Paying IT A Share. Quest Surrenders Anogue.

EIGHTEEN. Destroy The ORC Camp Near Gelderna

Questodel: inog.

Detergent: WHEN THE INOG GIVES THE QUEST, IT IS PARTIALLY MISTAKEN. The Camp Is Located on The Road from Geldern to Tellis, But Not about the Monter. In The Camp 4 ORCA (One of Them Has The Name “Guard of the Slaves Camp”). THEY MUST BE KILLED.

19. Talk to Merchants

Questodel: inog.

Solution: Go to the Building Where The Helmet Is The First Paladin, There Was Still A Shaman Who Gives The Quest to Sulfur in G3. Talk There with Hamlarom. Quest Sadan.

Twenty. Accompany A Caravan to Death

Questodel: Hamlar.

Solution: Take All Six Traders in Silden. ON ALL THE WAY, 10 ORCS WILL MEET. To Pass The Quest Must Be Collected Around The Fire, Which Is Immediately Behind The Bridge in 4-5 Steps. HAMLAR SPEAKS FROM GG.

21. Find Missing Spy

Questodel: inog.

Solution: Spy’s Name Clovis, and He Sits in the Trill in The House Near the Arena. He Is Guarded by An ORC, Which Sells Us Clovis for 500 Gold. We Assign Klovis to South and Rent A Quest.

22. Collect (Acquire) Information about Dark Mage

Questodel: Klovis.

Solution: Klovis Tells You About Your Informants: Nicholas, Rudolph, Sylvester and Guardian Gar. All Theyre Orcs. Located Inside Tellisa. Sylvester and Nicholas Stand On the Walls. Rudolph or Sleeps on the 2nd Floor in the room, or on the 1st floor of the same building. GAUNT IS AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE HOUSE OF THE DARK MAGICIAN. After You Ask Everyone, You Can Go to Pass the Quest Ingo.

23. Take Care of the Dark Magage. (Quest Can Be Performed, As You Know, Not Getting, But You Can Pass)

Questodel: inog.

Solution: Kill Maga. Bag Gives US Valuable Information about the Magician. Every Night The Magician Leaves The City For the Night. We Sleep Until Midnight, We Go to the Magician Room in Telis. HE REVEALS A LITTLE BOOK, AND THEN THE BAINICS WILL GO. We Follow Him In His Cave, And Then Kill. Do Not Try to Find A Cave On The Description Of Garan! IT IS NOT TRUE. The Cave Can Be Found by coming out of the Western Gate and Walking in A Direct Until You Break Into The Cave.

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