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February 1, 2022
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

INSECTICIDE: EPISODE 1: Game Walkthrough and Guide
The Game Goes with the USE of Both Mouse and Keyboards. BasiCally, The Passage of Those Parts of the game Related to the Quest Will Be Written Here. Naturally, The Assistance in The Action Part Cannot Be Obtained on Paper, It is Much More Interesting To Shoot and Run Yourself.

Well, Still, Here Are Some Useful Tips.

Chapter 1. Large High Looks.

OUR HEROINE – INSECT ABOUT FOUR LEGS NAMED CHRIS. In this Chapter You Need to Kill 24 Beetles That Spit Saliva. We Collect Banks With Nectar, Restoring Energy. You also Need to Collect 3 Gas Packs. The Game IS Saved Automatically. Here Are Only Action. If You Even Collect All The Bombs, The Game Is Not Stopped, Just Unsalted Exploded.

Chapter 2. Gasobombist.

In The Office. Our Boss – BUG, ​​Forever The Displeased Boss, Gives A Bunch Of Tasks. We Go to the Tarakushi, Police Veteran. Opposite His Table – OUR. Click A Blank, It Allows You to Be Completed With Objects or Insects. LOOK IN THE TABLE DRAWER. WE Take The Folder and Voice Recorder. In The Folder 4 of the Section: Colleagues Suspected, Equipment, Evidence.

Come to Tarakusha. He Does Not Remember WHERE THE LIST OF WITNESSES LINKED, FOR REFRESHING THE MEMORY ASKS TO BRING DONUTS. You can View the Drawer of His Desk. IN IT WILL FIND THE MILK WITH OLD CREAM. The Partner Loves Everything Proceed.

GO TO THE TABLE IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM. Take a Box with Donkeys and Cook Coffee, Grab IT With You. I Give The Cockpit Donuts, But It Requires Coffee. Give and coffee. Again dissatisfied! WE ALSO GIVE THE MILKMAN. And Get A Desired List of Witnesses.

We Go to the Table Gnawed, A Thick Beetle – ROGACH. HE ASKS TO HELP HIM GET A REPORT REPORT. He Gives US Pictures. Opposite His Partner. Pour in A Cup of Coffee, He Jumps Up – A Bomb Scheme On a Chair! Some More Cofee and Our Scheme!

IT Remains to Talk to the Hominid in a Cage. WE Direct The Voice Recorder. Indications Are Ready.

Go to the Blackboard. IN A CERTAIN ORDER, SHUT THE EVIDENCE. Everything, The Task Is Completed.

Chapter 3. Johcobee.

The Bug Sends US To The Task: Killed The Assistant Beekendra – Narkolol Corporation Chapter. On the Way, Tarakusch Shares with US The History of the Abduction of 30 years ago.

In The Office of the company Speak with a Partner: You Need to Collect 4 Evidence Before Leaving the Crime Scene.

Interviewing The Pchelindra, Director. The Dead Called Zhzhinoly, He Replaced The Hostess During The Rehearsal of the Commercial and The Polebot FELL On It. We Go Further. The Stairs See The Beeobot, He Is Only Responsible: “The Explosion of the Cherry Taste”. Appeal To The Directory, Please Ask The Beebot to Move Away to the Left. Still Should Not Climb The Stars.

Let’s Look At The Scene. Near The Murdered Sandbag With Sand – The First Evidence. We Look At The Ill-Fallen Felling Beeobot, It Would Be Necessary to Inspect IT Inside. But There Is No Key! The Scenario Will Be Clamped in His Hand. His and Take It. Click on the script in the price and get a separate paper clip. Click Again On It, And Extend.

NOW IT’S Time To Climb The Stairs Upstairs. We Inspect Cardboard Boxes Outside, Find One Metal With Hanging Lock. IT is closed and screwed. We Use a Dismissed Clip on The Loop of The Box, Open It. INSIDE THE KNIFE – THE SECOND EVIDENCE. Take IT.

Next To The Window Open At The Rope Hangs The Scenery. Apply A Knife Knife, Decoration Falls on The Scene. We Go Back On The Stairs, With the floor raise a piece of wing.

Now We Go to The Director, Ask That The Beeobot Bow. Quickly Approach The Beebot, and Remove The Key From The Back. Come to a Broken Beebot on Stage and Apply The Key. INSIDE IT TURNED OUT TO BE A HYSTA MINE – FOURTH EVIDENCE. We Will Not Take It.

Come to the Cockroach and Report. The Task Is Completed.

Chapter 4. Lipkaya Story.

We Pursue The Beetle Velcro in the Port Area. Killed Enemies Should BE 45 and Gazed Gasobomb 4. Now We Have More WEAPONS – Nectarble Blaster, But It Needs Cartridges. We Get Thatm, Killing Velcro Gangsters. WHEN THE CARTRIDGES ARE OVER, CHRIS Automatically Goes to The Main Wapon.

Chapter 5. Histamine Field.

Finally, The Partner Caught Up With A Velcro. He is Lying in Hist Mine, ASKS HIM TO HELP HIM. Our Business Interrogate. WE ARE PLEASED WILL TELL US ABOUT THE MYSTERIOUS CUSTOMER OF THESE MINES. The Meeting Is Appointed In One Eatery With Dubious Reputiation.

Chapter 6. Jeomy Day.

Go to the Eatery, The Tarakusha Can Not Go, AS The Know Him There. WE SPEAK WAITRESS MILLIE, SNAIL. She Permits To Watch Yesterday Checks On The Table. IN A CAFE 3 VISITORS. Speak With Everyone, But Do Not Go to Contact 2 AT ALL.

We Pass To The Bar, Take Competitive Questionnaires. We Go Into The Kitchen, We Take Pencils from the Shelves. Each of the Visitors We Give A Pencil Questionnaire. Then We Collect The Questionnaires.

We Pass To the Table WHERE THE CHECKS ARE. Put The Questionnaire Next To Them. Compare handwriting! CLICK ON CHECKS AND ON Questionnaires. Chris Will Find Similarity. Beetle – Archi Spray! The One That With The Dessert “Death of the Larvae”.

Come to Him and Interrogate. RELUCTANTLY, But We Pull Out Information FROM IT. But In Our Words: “The Explosion of the Cherry Taste” He Reacts Violently: Takes Hostage Milli. Says: They! Show Him Desert. HERE THE CEILING SPLIT, AND ARCHIE TAKE SOME MONSTSERS. From Dreams Chris.

Chapter 7. Dava in Porto.

Here You Will Have To Face Robots. WHEN THEY DIE, THEIR COSTUMES EXPLODE, SO IM IMPOSSIBLE TO STAND NEARBY. NEW WEAPONS – Disputes and Histamines. Will Have to Actively Press Levers On The Panels. Air Attacks Need To Be Neutralized By A Necrotic Blaster.

Chapter 8. Urban Disassembly.

Final Chapter. The Most Difficult. NEW WEAPONS: A Nectar Gun and Amberizer. We’ll Have To Run and Jump, Collect 6 Gas Packs, Kill 57 ENEMS. Whole Barrels Nectars Will Appear. Robozics Will Be Hominids. Very Long Chapter, You Have to Lie Down to Pass It.

Continuation of History In 2 Parts.

Passage by Ivanova Inna

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