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February 11, 2022
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer



WHEN THE POLICE ARRIVE, YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY GO TO PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE IN 48 CHAISES, OR TO BE IN THE POLICE STATION. In Kutuzka, You Will Meet Bernard (Former Informant), Let Him Go On and Get Information, You Will Immediately Release Immediately… Getting Into Your House, Take The Key From UNDER THE ROW AND IN THE CORRIDOR SCHWAB RU, GO TO THE APARTMENT. NOW THE MAIN THINGBOR WILL NOT LET TO HIMSELF) AND TAKE COLTS (Lies in the tum barrel to the box in the bookcase), to the sheel andnotepad can not be taken, The Money Is Still $ 4, Grandmas Take Moneyall, Thank You… (Only Grains Will Give A Hint, Yes It Is Not Really Needed), BE SURE TO TAKE A Brush. Now We Go to the Neighbor, Talking, Give A Brush, She Goes to Get, And We Tirim Boxer Gloves. We Go out on the Street, At the CRIME SCENE SCOLD BE CLIMBING THE STAIRS, IT STRANGE THAT YOU CURVE STARTER, BUT IT IS ON TO WIN THE NEGRO (ALLEY RIGHT AWAY AT HOME JACK), ANDThe Mop Is Needed to Make a Horseshoe! Now We Climb Up, On The Roof, (There Is a Matchbox from the Kabak Night O, Granis) Descending, We Meet The Inspector, He Gives The Keys To The Carter and Go to the City Center. Yes, I Almost Forgot, Explore The Cigar Cigarette (to Know What Is Called and Where the Sell)

Action II. City

Note, There Are InterSection, But One Street (In Two Sides, The Quarter AS IT WERE BONDING). Talk to a man around the corner of Cotton Club, Let Him In The Face, and He Will Tell ABOUT THE COMPANY’S Underground Casino in a Restaurant. Go to the Other Side of the Street to Visit Charlie Store. Speak With Him, Ask for Money, He Will Give You Five Dollars, Take The Newspaper, Therapy Necessary Thing, (But Not for What You Will Be Thougoht Out). And Now in The Restaurant Night O, Granis, Butind The Abandoned and Ciphed House on The Abandoned and Ciphed House on The Ladder Through the Fence. YOU CAN TAKE FRENCH PERFUME IN THE MAKEUP, GIVE IT TO A PROSTITUTE, BUT STILL NOTHING BURNS, SO YOU CAN NOT. But The Girl Koi at the Rack, Talk, There Are 5 Bucks and Cigar Cigar Sheret Call and Where He Stopped Saying. Great Si La Bucks! (AT Least 5 Dollars, And The Result As Say On The Face, I Remember US, The Were Taught for Money Not to Sell, They Say "Soviet Own Pride…", But Here It Was Not Rubles, Then You Can). ON THE WAY, GO TO THIS MOST ABANDONED HOUSE (TO TEAR OFF), TAKE IT, After Arm With a Baseball Bat in One Of the Rooms, Rod at the Trap (There Will Be no Bits Cut to Death). NOW IN THE HOTEL "Paradise" (Paradi Se Oon) SPEAK WITH THE METROTEL, SPLAN Under Brother Bellen Gera, Learn His Number and Go to the Right! Climb On The Elevator, Go To the Room. Watching A Case Under The Bed, Study A Notebook on the Bedside Table (Learn about the Meeting AT 20.15 in the Kabaska, Password of the Newspaper), and Quickly Smoothly Become Over The Window, The Watwas Will Come by The Owner and Shoot A Native Of A Curious Guest. We Go to Night O, Granis, We Meet With Smith, We Go to the Backyard and Stun Smith With a Fist, Now Do Not Forget to Connect It, But That Will Regret. Returning Back to The Restaurant, There Bellinger Is Waiting for Smith, Skew to Him, Naturally Show The Newspaper and Go Outside. And Bellinger Street Is Killed (And If You Did Not Take A Gun At Home, To Shoot, Then You Bang Up To the Heap). Police Arrives, Passerby Rolls on You Barrel, Allegedly You Are A Killer, You Need to Stay Alone, to make legs, and the he chef Will Come Again in the Curtain. To Get Into The Casino You Need to Pass, You Will Find It in the Car Under The Tarpaulter, At the Rotov of the Automaster. GO TO THE CASINO, RUN THERE ON WORST CASE (If You Did Not Eat Smith, You Will Be Killed), and at the best Will Put Under the Castle), But The Daughter Of ScarlettiWill Bring You A Lomik, And Yes Healthtwist Freedom! In The Paper, Do Not Forget Those Gun, The Guard Is Also Not Difficult to Remove, Unscrew the Steam Heating Faucet on the Street (Or It Seems), Take the Cartridges. Castle On The Door Is Knocked Down By A Pair of Sots. Now We Go to the Winery Plant, There IS A Bottle of Whiskey, But We Do Not Give It, We Find The Starter Curve, We Bring The Truck, The People Are Going to Go and Take A Bottle. We Go to the CAR REPAIR SHOP, OUR Car Is Already Fixed, But No Keys. We Offer The Mechanics of Wise Ki, He Refuses, But He Says Where The Keys Are Car.
Action III. Docks (Port)

WHEN MOVING TO ANOTHER ACTION, ALL THE JUNK (for a rare bridge) is Lost, and in vain, here is a bottle from which the mechanic refused to get to get. In The Bloody Shark, The Bartender Will Sell Beer, to Give A Sailor and Pick Up from Him A Sauzage, Giving A Dog from the Him, Take The Bunchers and With their Help to Get to the Port Area. RETURN TO THE TRAMP, HE HAS GOT DRUNK AND SLEEP TIGHTLY, TAKE THE BOTTLE. GO TO THE PORT. Pay Attention To the Crane and In The Passage Between The Crane and In The Passage Between The Boxes There Are Three Halobs, You Need to Scare Them With A Gun, They Shame But Run Away, Leaving Lomik (He Also Had Quite Recently, Well,Yes, Let It Be On The Conscience of the Game Developers). I Will Remove The Board from The Box, We Move to It On The Board and Borrow Anchor, We Return, We Find a Fisherman, For the Booze, Getthe Rope, We Combine WITH ANCHOR. NOW WE GO Back to the Crane, There Is The Door To the Warehouse. We Go Through, Ride On Top and Right, Become A Witness to the Conversation, Learn That The Inspector Tov Rogers Works on the Mafia, And the Military Rank Torus Weapons, Then Press The Switch and Climb The Roof Stairs. Guard Buying The Anchor for the Guards Will Pass, Welatite on the roof of the car.


Get The AX From the Box Under the Truck to Open The Door, We Select Wire On The Road. We Return to the Warehouse on the workbench and open the door of the mildary. We Go to the Headquarters, I Speak Dim’s Time, and In The Room to A Connection, We Talk to Him, So That He Left, We Connect The Plug, Call The Phone and Call The Base Inspector, Then We Go to the Colonel,But Hu Vorim With Adjutant (Major Stewart, WHOI SOLD WAPONS), Go, Go to the next room, Talking to A Girl, Soo Bschas That The Warehouse IS Robbed, She Calls Stewart and Goes Away, Now We Go to the Office of thecolonelWe Enter, We Tell Everything, Impose Evidence (Scarlett Paper), Well, Herelia and Long-awaited Gayman!

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