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February 14, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Lords of the Realm 3: Passage
Lords of the Realm 3: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Sometime “Lords” at Number 2 Were Deservedly Glorified, Becoming Their Own Revelation In The Genre of Campaign Strategies. In Real Time, Only Battles. Which, However, IT Was Possible to Give Off The Computer. Long 7 Years Have Passed Before Continuation of Which Has Complety Passed in Real Time. The Predcessor Game Remained Only Like A Strategic Field…

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The Game From The Previous Part Has Changed Completely. Not BYPASSED CHANGES AND INTERFACE. ON THE SELECT IS THE THE CITY OR CASTLE). By Right-Clicking On It, You Can Get More Detailed Portrait. Next, The Keys Set The Leaders, Choosing A Detachment (From Available At Your Disposal) And Call for Mercenaries. ON THE RIGHT THERE IS A MINICOR AND THE DIPLOMACY AND CONTROL KEYS. At The Top of The Screen – The Need for Food and Ensuring This Need, As Well As The Amount Of Paid Money.
In The Troops and Siege Guns Are List of the Troops and Siege Guns Are List of The Detachments Themselves, Ending With the Sorting Keys (by Numbers, On the Health of the Detachments, As of Morality). The Above Are The Keys of Various Combat Commands, The Main of Which Is The Fast Attack Key.
Lords of the Realm 3: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Capture The Castle Was Successful!

INDITION TO THE INTERFACE, IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED ABOUT THE LARGEST INNOVATION OF THE GAME – ALL ACTIONS ARE CARRIED OUT THROUGH VASSALS. And The Vassal Is Not The One Who Has a Detachment, But The One Who Creates A Lock Allocated to Him from Your Bush. So, Not Only Powerful Knights Can Be Enrolled In The Number of Vassals, But Also Monks with Peasants. But – All Your Time.
Let’s Finish This Chapter Three Basic Concepts of the Game. This Is Chivalry (Chivalry), Christianity (Christianity) and Glory (Honor). Each Of These Characteristics May Be From 1 to 7 And SHOWS THE STRENGTH OF THE STATE AS A. You can Learn About their Condition on the Diplomacy Screen.
The KnightHood Determines The Attitude Towards You Hired Knights. What It is Higher, The Better Knights Will Offer You Their Services. Accordingly, WHEN KNIGHTING WILL COME, CAPABLE ONLY TO DISABLING AT THE FIRST SERIOUL RESISTANCE. The Decrease In This Indicator Can Lead To A Desrivtion of the Part of Your Knights. SOLDIERS IN THE KNIGHTS HAVE A HIGHER MORALITY, AND ALSO FASTORE RESTORE LOSESS AND MORALITY After. The KnightHood Increases From Victories in Battles, Conquests of the Provinces, Timely Payment of Redemptions for Captive Knights and Conquests of the Kingdoms. Reducing The Call of Mercenaries, Loss of Battles, Refusioning to Pay The Ransom for their Knights and Take Redemption from the Embony.
Christianity – A Cunning Method to Lead Religious Wars. More Pious Monarchs Can Attack “Opponents of the Church” (7 Against 4 or 6 Against 3) WITHOUT REDUCING THE CHARACTERISTICS OF THEIR TROOPS. Holders 7 In The Indicator Can Easily Declare A Crucade Against The Country With Christianity 2 And Below. Ruler With 1 – Heretic, And Any War Against It Automatically HAS The Status of A Crusade. Christianity Is Growing IF You Build Churches and Cathedrals, Win in Areas with these Buildings and Capture Areas During Crusades. Decreases – From Reducing The Number of Peasant and Church Regions, The Robbery of Church Regions and Battles On The Embony Is Not a Heretic), Especially in Church Regions.
Glory Affects Relas With Other Lords, Its Citizens and Mercenaries (The Ability to Conclude Unions or Sign Peace Agreements), Allows You to Cheaper to Build Locks and Hire Mercenaries, As Well As Call More Knights. The Ruler With Glory 2 Or Less Will Suffer from Particularly Strong Problems in These Areas. Glory Rises From The Help of An Ally, Honest Warfare, Proposals of Knights for Redemption, Signing Peace Treaties, Creating Unions and Invitations of Mercenaries. It Decreases from the Knights, The Destruction of Cities and Castles, As Well As to Disagreement of Mercenaries.
As You Can See, These Parameters Can Not Pay Attention To these Parameters, But Their Low Indicators Can Greatly Complicate Life. And vice versa.

Table Number 1.
Abilities of Vassalov

AbilityScopeReverse EffectAction ability
Architect (Architect)Region+Reduces The Cost of Improving Or Repairing The Castle
Piety (Piety)Politics+Periodically Increases Christianity
LOOT)Army+Increases The Amount Of Production, If After Battle The Army Knight Robs Terrain
Diplomatic (Diplomatic)Politics+Reduces Negative and Increases Positive Effects From Political Actions
ADDITIONAL ARMY (ADDITIONAL COMPANY)ArmyGets An Extra Army With A Special Commander (LieUtenant)
FAME (RENOWN)Region+Increases The Maximum Number of Mercenaries for The Area
EngineeringArmyIncreases The Efficiency Of The Siege Guns of the Knight
Crusader (Crusader)PoliticsChanges All Your Wars On Crusades
Raider (Raider)Army+Increases The Territory, Plundered by The Army
Armorer (Armorer)Region+Accelerates The Restoration of Troops In The Detachment
Mobility (Mobility)Army+Raises The Movement Speed of the Detachment
ScrungerArmy+Reduces The Negative Effect of Food Harvesting WITH TROOPS DURING THE CAMPAIGN
Intermediary (Negotiator)Region+The Cost of the Invitation to the service of Mercenaries Is Reduced
DevotionRegion+Increases The Impact of Churches for the Provincial Economy
Loyalty (Loyalty)Army+Enhances The Morality of The Detachment If He Protects The Lock or Strength
Manufacturer (Industrious)Region+Increases The Number of “Construction Points” Produced in the Area
Plain (Honorable)Politics+Periodically Increases Slava
FerocityArmy+Increases The Attacking Ability of Melee Fighters
Saint (Saintly)PoliticsImmunity to Crusades and Corrupt Cardinals
Seneschal (Seneschal)Region+Accelerates The Development Of The Region
Speed (Speed)Army+Increases The Speed Of The Army on Strategic Map
Supplement (QuarterMaster)Army+Improves Food Army Supply
BUILDER (Builder)Region+The Design of the Castle Is Stronger
AccuracyArmy+Increases Damage From Arrows Attacks
Luck (Luck)Knight+For the Knight Decreases The Chance to Surrender or Die
Thinacity)Army+Increases The Resistance Of The Troops
Farmer (Farmer)Region+Increases Food Production
Frazir (Consumption)Army+Reduces The Amount of Food Required for His Army
Bravery (Bravery)Army+Reduces The Negative Effects of Morality


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