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April 5, 2022
11 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Lula 3D: Passage
Lula 3D: Game Walkthrough and Guide
So, passage. The purpose of the whole game is to find the stolen actresses-triples.

Location 1. Villa Lula.

We speak Brian. He will tell that triples are disappeared. We run on the second floor, find their room. To the right of the bed pick the key from the house of the gatekeeper, near the glass table – the boxes of matches. When leaving the room, a new mission will appear – find video tapes from the observation chamber. Bat reverse. Near the stairs on the second floor there is a slight room, we take a magazine from the table. Go down and talk about the room triples. Police do not connect, otherwise the game will be over. Go through the main doors, then run left. Run under the bridge and see the house of the gatekeeper. Open the door door. On the floor, select a video cable and connect it to a VCR. Near the cabinet we find the first video tape, near the table – the second. Watch both cassettes. Run back to the house, speak Brian. Mission will appear: find the phone number Spauau. Show Brian’s matchbox, talking to him. We try to dial the number of Spandau (on the usual phone, not by mobile). Recruit the number but it is wrong. We ask Brian’s phone number, he does not know. We go to the pool. We speak with Liza (sunbathes by the pool) first about her muks, and then about the phone number. On the table Take Mobile. Again, call Spandau, there is an answering machine. We speak Brian, a new mission will appear: go to San Francisco. Through the main doors we run to the garage. Trying to open the door car. Need key. We ask about Brian’s key, he does not know. We go to the bathroom and ask about the key lesbian in the shower. It turns out that Brian’s keys. Once again I ask him about the key. Having got the key, sit down in the car and leaving.

Location 2. San Francisco.

We go to the store where they sell discs, and take the battery for mobile (lies near the cash register). Talk on the street with Sarah. (When I do not write about what you need to talk, then you need to talk about everything in a row). Speak with kicks at the entrance to the club. Does not allow. Now chat with Hank, who guards the black entrance. Let’s try to open the door, but Hank will stop. We ask Sarah about help get into the club. She asks proof that it is really important. We run to a green van, open the back door, take the serge with the ear. Show Nakhodka Sarea. End with her conversation. We speak with Merilin. We ask her to help go to the club, then invite to coffee. We invite Sarah to a cup of coffee. We carry in cafes. We ask Sarah about the pass to the club. Philip is ordered for Sarah and Marilyn drinks. Speak again with Sarah and, finally, we get skip. From the table, followed by … Couple sits, take chili sauce. We go out on the street, run right on the road, then down the street. Straight will be a narrow street. Here we find the house of Spandau. The door is certainly closed. Talk to Rauda and Gay. Uselessly. Talk to the homeless near the black entrance to the club. Ask him about LORN. We run back to the house of Shpandau. The door is open. On the second floor we try to open the door in his apartment, but it is closed. On the third floor we go to the apartment of Hametta. Talking to him about Shpandau. He will give the key from the apartment to Shpandau, if you bring him a drink. We take from the table an empty bottle and a photo of Lorna. On the other table we take a wig. We run into a liquor store near the house of Spauau. Show Willie empty bottle. But he ended it. We go to the homeless and give him a photo of Lorna, we get a nipple. We give the Lacritsa Willy, he will make a special step. We run to chaem and give him a bottle. Talk to him, as a result we get the key. Now – in the apartment Spandau. Open the door, listen to the answering machine. We consider the cat, she has a key on the collar. Trying to stroke a cat, but she will run away. Open the locker in the kitchen, take a cat feed. Fill in a bowl. Cat will begin to eat, remove the collar with her key. Open the iron locker and take the battery, letter and cassette. Insert into the chamber (which lies there in the locker) battery and cassette. mission accomplished. It’s time to the club. Show Hank Sarak Skip. We go to the club.

Location 3. Club.

On the second floor does not let Davis. We go to the gym. Speak with bartender. Pour into his cup with a grown chili sauce. He drinks and runs away to the sorter. We go to the bar rack and turn on the heater. Soon the bartender will come back. We take a glass from one of the visitors and give bartender. He will burn his hands and Davis comes running on his cry. The path to the second floor is free. We find the chef room, but first open the door to the bathroom. Now open the door of the Chef cabinet (wall). We listen to the conversation and quickly hiding in the bathroom (if you do not have time – the end of the game). We look at the chief again and hurt again in the bathroom. Wenley is leaving. Go to the Cabinet. Call Brian. Take off the card with the address with the address. We go out into the corridor, get the key from the statue. They open the room of the groove. We speak with domina. After talking she will leave. Take the pan and use it on the senator. Remove with his hands handcuffs. Go down the stairs and fasten the Hank. Level is passed.

Location 4. On the way to Las Vegas.

Dining room closed. We run to a gas station and go to the store. Order in Ben Coffee. We continue to talk to him. As a result, the poor fee will run away by losing a knife. We pick it up and run to the black van. Sangeing the wheel of the wheel. Mike will appear. Playing in throwing knives. Walking, go to the car. No key again. Go to the dining room, speak with Gina and go together together. After the roller – again mini game. This time you need to shoot two copies.

Location 5. Las Vegas.

We run on Industrial Street. On the right side there will be a house with a staircase. Miss Shreiber lives here. Call, but she does not hear. Run a little further down the street, on the right we will see a narrow alley. Bat there. We find a tank with tomatoes, taking them and run back to the house. We run around the middle of the road opposite the house and start a mini game on throwing tomato in the window. With maximum power you need to get 5 times. We are talking to Miss Schreiber, which will be on the balcony. She will throw a key. Take it and open the door. We rise to the second floor and talk to Miss Schreiber. She will ask to find her hearing aid. It lies in the refrigerator in the kitchen on the first floor. Take it. In the living room, too, on the first floor, remove from the wall photos of the Western city. The ladder on the second floor we remove from the wall photos of Mount Rushmore. We give Miss Schreiber hearing aid, show her a letter (from the locker Spauau). We talk for a very long time, then show both photos. Now – in the photomagazine, which is located on El Camino Street. It is closed. Run back to Miss Schreiber and ask her about the store. We speak to her several times until she says the phone number. Go down to the first floor and call Mr. Wong by phone near the stairs. We go to Fotomagazine. Use call on the counter. We speak with Mr. Wong, show him a photo of Mount Rushmore. Then check the photo through the glasses that lie here on the counter. We run to Miss Schreiber and talking to her about the opening.

Location 6. Mount Rushmore.

We run on the road to the mountain (by signage). Opposite the stall have binoculars. On one of them there is no ads that it does not work. We use it. Need a coin. Here are two options. Option One: Sell Owner Lark Magazine taken from Luula Villa. Option Second: Remove from the collar Dusty Medallion and put it in the box with money, then ask the owner of the stall 2 coins of 25 cents (a medallion is similar to a 50 cents coin). As a result, we get a coin. We use binoculars with a coin in hand. After the roller we run on the road. We go to the viewing platform and find again binoculars without ad. After using it, it will break. Checking a tripod, running to the stall. Speak with the owner of the catapult. Then ask about the catapult gin. We run to the master of the owner of the stall (it is parked next to the Machine Lula), open the trunk knife and take the catapult. We go to the viewing platform and install a catapult for a tripod. After that it will be necessary to email dusties. You need to lift the sight almost up to the limit up and a little to the right arrow. After mini games, Dusty will bring a doll. Show doll Gine. Show the owner of the kiosk photo of the Western city. Then we give a photo Gina to now she talked to the owner of the kiosk. After their conversation, once again talking to Gina and leaving.

Location 7. Colorado Creek.

Talk to Dave. Mission will appear: talk to actors. We go out into the street, right, near the tents, speak with two actors. We go to the saloon and ask Jack about Dave and Gina. We run to the church, try to open the door. To the right of Salun (if you stand to it) there is a house, about which there is an electric pump. Take her with you, then again in the saloon. Go beyond the bar rack and infect dumplings through carrying. Open the door of the church. Interrogate Dave and Gin. We get the key from Dave trailer. He is behind the scenery of the right of Salun. Open the door trailer. After the roller in the inventory will appear Winchester. We run to the house, near which they found a scolder and inspect the sign from above. This is a weapon store. Next, speak with Gina. Monkey gets the second doll from the bell. Take it, talking to Gina.

Location 8. Beauty farm.

To the right of the door we find a box with fuses on the wall. Connect wires. We run off to the lamppost, the door opens. Run up to the door, it closes. We ask Gina to move away to the lamppost. Go to the building. Speak Miss Henson. We go to the pool, try to open an iron locker. It is closed. We run on the second floor and try to open an operating. We speak with Christ and Gina. We run to the pool, come to the baroness from the back and spread her bikini. This will react the locksmith. We take it to the scolder (near the battery) and open the locker. Take the third doll. Talk to Gina about dolls. Take the key from the wall near the table Miss Henson. We go to the second floor and open the operating key. Video clip.
Next, it is necessary to pass five rather complex mini games where you need to shoot gangsters.

Happy End!

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