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January 19, 2022
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

New Adventures of Zak McKracken: Passage
New Adventures of Zak McKracken: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Written for Version 1.04, So There May Be Discrepancies with Earlier Versions (For example, Unnecessary Cities Are Removed). To Exit The Door, In Most Cases You Need to Choose The Door To Open and Point.

One. Open The Door and Go to the Next Room.
2. Take a Knife for Oil To the Left Over the Sink.
3. Open Cabinet (Find A Credit Card).
4. To The Left of the Output Door (Opposite The Handle) Take the key from the Mailbox. You Can (But It Is Optional) Take The Remote and Apply It to the TV – Enjoy Star Wars! COMING OUT OF THE APARTMENT, WE GET ON THE 13TH STREET.
Five. Use The Mail Key to the Mailbox (We Get A Note and Coupon). From the notes we know tat annie is abducted – Girlfriend Zack.
6. Go to Harry’s Mondo Video (Door to Your Right). Take a Video Tape “Jurassic Park – 5!”Zack Will Pay Automatically).
7. GO TO THE 14TH STREET (Between The Bus and The Wall).
8. Go to Lou’s Loans.
Nine. Take Chainsaw and Camera.
10. Go Out. USE A Credit Card On The Red Door To the Right. To Come In.
Eleven. Use the Oil Knife on the Drawer. The Resulting Canister In The Inventory To Use On a Chainsaw. THERE IS ALSO A WARDROBE WITH BOOKS. On the 2nd Shelf Below, You Need to Take A Book (Black). We Get A Brochure About Tourism in the Caribbean SEA.
12. RETURN TO THE 13TH STREET. Use Chainsaw by Bus. The Driver Will Wake Up and Takes The Order to the Airport. In The Future, To Get On The Plane, You Need to Repeat This Action.
13. At The Airport to Use A Ticket for the next Tickets and Choose The Purpose of the Done Every Time You Travel).
Fourteen. Choosing Bogota (BOG).
15. Let US Go to the Jungle. Go Through. Aftert That, The Choice of 2 Will Be Granted. Choose The One That Is Left. Right. Annie Under the Castle And There Are Kidnappers. Talk to them. THEY DEMAND THAT ZACK TAKES THE PICTURE “MONA LISA”.
16. We Go to Seattle (SEA – TAC).
17. AT The Exit From The Seller (We Get A Hamburger). Aftert That – To Pay The Coupon (Will Give A Box With Cheese).
EIGHTEEN. To Miami Airport (MIA) – London (LHR) – Berlin (SFX).
19. From the airport We Fall to the Museum. Load a Video Casseursset.
Twenty. Take The Bone (From The Bottom of the Dinosaur).
21. To Airport: Rome (ROM) – Cairo (CAI) – Kinshasi (FIH).
22. Go Through The Jungle To The Hut In the Bushes. Next To the Left. In The House of Doctor to Take a Medical-Terpist Diploma (The Leftmost).
23. From The Airport, Go to Windhoek (WDH).
24. Use Bone. Take a Bucket and Shovel.
25. To The Airport: Cairo – Rome – Berlin – Beijing (PEK) – Shanghai (SHA).
27. To Airport: Beijing – Hanoi (Han).
28. Use Bucket and Shovel on Flowers.
29. To Airport: Beijing – San Francisco (SOF) – Brazil (BSB).
Thirty. In The Jungle: 2 Times Right, 1 Left.
31. Shaman to Give a Bucket with Aesthetic (We Get Aesthetic).
32. To The Airport: London (LHR) – Paris (Pak).
33. Museum. Inventory Use Anesthetic On Hamburger.
34. Give A Hamburger to the Caulter.
35. Use the Camera On the Paintting “Mona Lisa” (Right).
36. Let’s Fly In San Francisco.
37. Go to Lou’s Loans. Give The Seller A Camera (Get A Photo).
38. 13th Street. Use the Keys to the Car on the Battery).
39. Letim in Bogota.
41. The Resulting Fake Picture to Give the Kidnappers.
42. Annie Is Saved, But Now We Will Have To Help Leslie and Melissa, Who Are Stuck On The Moon. To The Airport: Brazil – London.
43. Go Through The Hole in the Grid.
44. To Charge The Battery, You Need To Use It On The Altar.
45. To The Airport: Paris – Rome.
46. Come in Snuckey’s Pizza.
47. Talk to Luigi. Give HIM A BOX WITH CHEESE (We Get Pizza).
48. To Airport: Paris – Bern (BRN).
49. Open The Gate. Take the Device (Tractor Emitter).
Fifty. To The Airport: Paris – Berlin – Moscow – Beijing.
51. Use The Battery On The Tractor Emitter.
52. Use the Tractor Emitter To The Moon.
53. Girls Saved, And Annie Proposes to Go to the Cruise.
54. Give Her A Brochure.

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