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February 4, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

No One KNOWS ABOUT SEX… Besides Grandfather Makara: Passage
No One KNOWS ABOUT SEX… Besides Grandfather Makara: Game Walkthrough and Guide

House. Take A Cat. Look At The Nail Drove Into The Stove. Will Fall The Key. Remove The Rope From The Wall and Attach It To the Cat in the Inventory. The Resulting Object Click on the Hole in the Floor, Pulling Out the Key. On Radio, Which Is Optional, But Reading All The Magazine Pages, Including All The Magazine Pages, Science and Medicine, Is Vital for Further Passage, So Leaf It Up to the: Very End. Discover The Chest With The Key, Taking A Trap, A Cincure and Passport. Go outside.

Courtyard. Pick Up One Of The Tree Pick Under. Wait Until The Butterfly Landed On The Plant, And Click On Her A Chick, Catching It. Follow Right.

Seed House. Talk to the Failed Cyclist. Choose A Replica ABOUT THE CHINESE. The Harsh Wile Will Go Away From One Window to Another, And You Can Quickly Take A Pot With A Milk from the Windowsill. Come Two Screens Left.

Customs. Rat In The Booth Does Not Allow The Guard to Open The Gate. SHOW HER A CAT, BUT SHE IS SCARED AND GETS TO A TREE. Click The Tank With Milk On The Animal, Forcing Him To Descend. Take The Cat and Try Again to Run It in the Watchdogs Booth. This Time, She Will Lead Out Of There to the Dead Rat, Which. GO FOR THE GATE.

Airmfield. Take a Mug With Alcohol from the table, Followed by a Drunk Pilot.
Seed House. Prepare The Medicine, Throwing Into A Mug With Alcohol Amanita, Dead Rat and Butterfly (Mix Allow Only After Reading The Corresponding Magazine Page). Give The Potion Semen, Who Will Immediately Go to His Wife, and You Will Get a Wheel from a bike, Which and Fade to the window.

Courtyard. As A Result of the Accident, The Bike IS Hopelessly Spoiled. Click On It, Pulling The Knitted Knitting Needles.

Airmfield. Stick In The Pilot of the Knitting Needles (This Action Is Opened By Reading The Medicine Page From The Magazine). ONCE ON THE ROOF OF THE TRAIN, JUST WAIT UNTIL MAKAR IS IN THE CAPITAL.

Railway Station

Platform. Curious Policeman Will Suffer From A Cabpan in Your Backpack. Your Things Confiscate and Need to Pay A Fine. Department of Militia. Talk to the Exit Romualdo Broken in the chair. He Will Ask to Bring A Suitcase from the Storage Chamber.

Platform. Look At the Urn to the Left and Follow in the Hall Station.

Waiting Hall. Take A Look At The Storage Cameras by Finding The Sevententh Cell and Learning That The Cipher Required. TRY TO GET INTO THE RESTROOM THROUGH THE CASHIER, HAVING RECEIVED INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOARD FOR THE ENTRANCE.

Department of Militia. ASK ROMUALDO ABOUT CODE. He Will Offer You A MINI-GAME.

“Bull Cows”

WITH 12 ATTEMPTS You Must Guess The Encrypted Number. An Attempt IS Considered to Be The Choice of Four Digits and Sending The Number to Verification. The Appearance of the “Bull” Symbol Means That One Digit Was Guess You Surely (Her Place in the Room Remains A Mystery), “Cow” Shows That There Is One Faithful Digit in The Room, But It Is Not in Place. To Quickly Go Through The Game, Pay Attention To the Fact That Most Importantly – First Choose The Right Figures by The Selection, and then you can go to the right sorting. Remember Changes, And the Symbol of “Bull” with a new Attempt Disappears, Theraefore, The Figure You Have Changed The Latter Was Absolutely Correct. After The Victory You Will Learn The Code.

Waiting Hall. Open The Storage Chamber Cell by Finding COMPROMISING PICTURES AND GLOVES. Take the latter.

Waiting Hall. Give Money To The Cashier, Having Passed Into The Restroom, Where Photos Will Be Exchanged for Sacrifice Wort Money.

Department of Militia. Pass The Romualdo Sacvoy, Having Received Some Amount of Money, Some of Which Can Be Immediately Given A Policeman Sitting Nearby, Having Received His Passport. Now, Bypassing the Waiting Room, YOU CAN GO INTO THE CITY, SHOWING THE PASSPORT TO THE GUARD AT THE ENTRANCE.


The Outside. THE LATTER WILL TAKE THE TAXI DRIVER. LEAD TO THE ENTRANCE DOOR. A Guard Will Be Released and Ask You To Leave. ON THE LEFT OF THE DECOR OF THE BUILDING, Which Can Be Climbed Onto The Roof. Overhear The Conversation in the Left Window. Get Down and Using New Information, Cheat The Guard.

Reception. Inside You Will Not Be Allowed Until It Turns Out. Talk to Anja Until She Gives You A Voice Recorder. Job With A Young Man in Glasses, Learning That He Is Not Going to Leave Anywhere.


Reception. Show The Voice Recorder to the Stubborn Guest So That It Goes. NOW ENTER THE TERRITORY OF THE SHOOTING PAVILION.

Hardware. To Become A Member Of The Installation – Smoke Generator. Follow The Mini-Game Awaits You.


Purpose of the Plutization – Go to the Right Upper Angle, Skillfully Switching The Switches So As to Release A Further Path, Covered with Covers from Hatches and Traps Like Gas Leakage. At First, The Bottom Left Corner, Where for 2 Doors You Need to Open, Hides The Key Lever. To Simplify The Task, Remember Which Switches That Change on the Map of the Labyrinth. After Fixing The Mechanism, You Will Need to Get this Labyrinth Once Again, But Now You Need to Get There, from Where You Entered.

Studio. Makar – Already A Member of The Television Show. In The Ball, The Unbelieving Grandson Hides, Communicating WHICH Does Not Bring Results. Click On The Top Ball on The Right.


16 Cells and 15 Tiles Demand From You to Collect The Picture Ladies. Note That Left Upper Cell AT The End Should Be Empty, And the Right Top Is All Filled with Turquoise Shade Background. Carefully Works The Cursor Where The Bottom of the SCREEN, WHERE THERE A ZONE OF EXIT FROM SOLVING A RIDDLE, AWARDING DEFEAT AND MAKES IT ALL STARTING AGAIN.

In Another Ball, You Will Find The Latest and More Simple Mini Game.


For a Certain Number of Minutes You Have to Find ON Table and Close All Game Characters Are Depicted With Different Masters (“Chervonna” and “Bubnova”). REMEMBER THE HEROES AND QUICKLY LOOK FOR THEM A COUPLE.

While Angelina IS Preparing A Reward, Go Back to the Hardware and Tell The World of Viewers of the Monstrous Deception. THAT’S ALL.

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