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December 13, 2022
24 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Omikron: passage

After you start playing, you will have a need to throw out all the things you find, because you can wear strictly 18 pieces with you, and no item is more. Of course, there are necessary quests that do not need to give anyone anywhere, but most of the things are not used anywhere, well, if only to expand your own horizons (numerous magazines). So, in order to get rid of unnecessary items, just come to scattered around the world (mainly in stores, apartments) small monitors with buttons (Inventory). Having a thing in one such place, you can always take it in a similar friend – they all represent a single whole. In order to persist, you need to search for magic rings (you need 3 to save). In addition, the city has plenty of places where you can increase the level of shooting or struggle – read leaflets. Move the most convenient for taxis, cause – through its very multifunctional "Sneak" On the hand. Another recommendation is all the items that you will pick up, immediately and inspect, because some places on the map and the actions of people will depend on it.

Once in the room, go along the corridor to the city. There either call a taxi or walk to the apartment Kai’l’a. We go into the house and in the elevator we use the key. We go into the living room and in the room we select the magazine. We go to the kitchen – here (Save) take from the box in the central post Food, beer, feed for lizard. Come out of the kitchen and meet with telis – this is your wife. When she leaves, pick up a gun and take money in the table. Now come to the terrarium and feed the lizard (Food for Koopies). In gratitude she will give you the key (Kay’i’s Small Key). We go to the bedroom and from a large Save-cabinet pick up a police token and a first-aid kit. In the box we take a bubble (Sleeping Pills). We go to the training room and click "Enter" (Action) on the device descended from the ceiling. Your hand-to-hand combat training will begin (MK is resting) – Teach the buttons and train various blows.
Get out of the room and get down on the elevator. On the street Look at your fabric (Examine) and call a taxi – it’s time to go to headquarters. But, arriving at the place, first go to the pharmacy on the other side. Give the pharmacy bubble (Sleeping Pill Prescription). He will fill it (Sleeping Drug). Now in headquarters. Cross the street and enter the first doors. Use token to enter the second. Come in the elevator for the robot and go up on "-one" floor. In the elevator, the panel is called by "Enter". Find the door with a green stripe and talk to your friend TAREK. Now we go to the blue door and speak with the doog. We go to the yellow door and take the archives from the table. Go to the machine with food in the rest room and buy food and Cup of Roil. Now go to the elevator and go to the level "2". First we go to the orange door, take the magazine and from the box – salad, by the way, he is spoiled. Take a magic ring from the box. We go out and using your tokens, go to the blue door. In the table – money, and in the closet (we use Small Key) We take a magazine. Look at the computer and read the dossier. Return to the hall and go to the yellow door. Talk to Sork’om. Return to Elevator – Captain will cause you. Climb the level "4" and go to the green door. We speak with your boss and take the documents from the table: "Jenna 712", "Mission Jenna 712", "Jenna’s Apartment Key".
We go out and call a taxi. We are going to Jenna’s apartments. We go to the elevator and there we use the key Jenna. We end up from the table "Chocovat Bar" and magazine news. Go to the bedroom. Here are two doors – to the toilet and in shower. Inspect the toilet and find "Jinna’s Small Key". We use it on the closet and take the first aid kit, note and money. We go to the living room and look at the light bulbs on the wall. A secret panel will open – we take a gun and document.
We return to the headquarters – on the elevator, at the level "3". We go to the Red Room and select a training rules from the table. We speak with the guards, he will take you to the prisoner (do not lag). Log in and talk to Jenn. At the end of the conversation, tell her that she is innocent (innocent). Out out (Save – right). We go to the street, and Telis will invite you to Lunch to the restaurant.
We go to the captain ("4") And talking to her. Now use Sleeping Drugs on Cup of Roil – Get a drink with sleeping pills. He is transferred to the boss and, after it falls, we take a sandwich from the closet and from the drawer of the table and money. We are going to level "3" – In the archive. Go to the left door and use LEA’s Badge on it. Sit down in a chair and read a file.
We leave from the building and on a taxi we go to Tahira St. Here we go to the north and turn in the corner – talk to the beggar. Will need to find and give him Life Potion. We go to the restaurant and speak with Telis. You will be caused by a robbery, take the Talisman from the table and take a taxi to the supermarket (816 Zodir ST).
The supermarket will turn on the shooting mode, shoot all robbers.
We are going to the morgue and approach the secretary. After talking with her, go to the door on the left and talk to Yudin. Now go to the right door. Then in the first door to the right. Take the tool at the male body to the right. Now this tool is cut off a piece of female body on the left (Body Sample). Let’s go out in the hall. We go to the next door to the right. We approach the terminal and choose the body of Den’a. It will roll out. Go to it and click Enter – Take it Sneak.
Now we go to the terminal at the end of the room and use a piece of body on it. We leave the room (Save – right) and go back to the headquarters.
We go to the office of the captain TAREK’a ("one" – beer.) And talking to him. After that we are going on a taxi in the bar in zone 42. Talk to the bartender – a pallet starts. Task, as usual, all laying.
Now we are going to Qulisar. Inside go ahead and climb on the left of the stairs. Go to the bar on the left and talk to the bartender. Come out of the bar and go further, go to the next strip bar. Talk to the guy at the entrance, look at the girl, still standing at the wall. If you go to the Cabin, then the screen will rise and you can look at the erotic show.
We leave and go through the bridge. We go to Aka’s Bar and take the book at the bottom of the table. Talk to Bartender about Anisse (I gave a bribe of 100 coins). The desired dancer goes down – Talk to her. Follow her into the room and talk again. Ask her to bring paper. After you hear a cry, shoot in the castle (go to Sneak, we use a gun). Now we search the corpse of Anisa and take it by Small Key. Turn the thing on the wall – the hidden safe will open. Now we use this key on it and take a piece of paper with codes. Open the closet and take Den’s Kard and the first aid kit. Come out.
We go to the left in Xam’s Store (left – Save). By the way, in places of conservation, you can also buy tips (Advice). Sometimes they are very not superfluous. First, look at the entries about the tournament (Sha’arnet Tournament) and talk to the seller. Buy a battery (Meca-Lamp). We go beyond the rack, we go on the elevator and the battle begins. You must win 5 opponents in a row.
We go out and go for Aka’s Bar – in Sex Shop. Buy here erotic poster. Come out and go to the right. Go to Harvey’s Bar. We listen to music (you can not miss anyway), David Bowie himself. Prettyly funny performer on stage. After that, go to the toilet and look at the person. We go out and for a long time we go to FU-An’s Shop’a.
Speak with the seller and for 400 coins Get Den’s Police Badge.
Go out and go to the street down, go on the way to C-in in Abandoned Temple. Go inside and get up for a star in the center. Go 10 steps forward, then right another 10. You must rest in the wall (on the left log). Here we press ENTER on the wall – the stove will open in the floor. Take a book and Reincarnation Spell.
We return to the headquarters and go to your office, then we go to the Cabinet Boog and give him a poster. We take from the SECURITY HQ Master Key. Now we go to the Den’a office (L"2" – red) and open it the key. Calling a note and magazine. From the box of the table take the key from the Den’a room.
We leave the building and get a signal about help. We go to my house and find a full burdac here. We pick up a note and read it. Now sit in the elevator – it will automatically take you to the roof. Talk to Telis and kill the demon in which it will turn. Return to the elevator and talk to the girl at the entrance.
We are going to the house Den’a and in the elevator we use its key. Move to the side of the White Tiger statue. Under it, press the slab – the secret safe opens. Now we go to the bedroom and take a photo from the table. In the soul we take Den’s Small Key. B bedroom take the magazine. Open the keys in the chest and pick up mana, money and first aid kit. We go to the safe in the living room and score 7-2-1-3. Take Den’s Map, Pass To Security HQ, Transcan Tape. Insert this film into the player (similar to the stoves with a blue flame). In the room will enter TAREK – it must be defeated.
We go out and look at the map. We go to the supermarket in zone 9. In the north of the door, meet the monk – he will take you to the Wizards store (Sorcerer’s Shop). Give him a talisman and follow him to the store. Talk to the seller and give him a piece of corpse from the morgue. Take off the rack weapons.
We return to the headquarters and go to the level "five". There at the end of the hall, go to the left in the room. Come to the glass and use Pass Security HQ on it. We go beyond the grille, press the switch – the fan will stop. Right and press the switch on the wall. Jump into the water and swim in the passage. We select cable. We go through the aisle, through the door and go back to the room, from where they jumped. Use the cable on the closet. Now we go to the previously closed door and jump on the horizontal fan blade. Turn to the right, go through 2 doors. At the crossroads go to the right (Save). We go down the tunnel, go bridge, fall.
Killing a monster, in the box we take JAUNPUR PASS. Watch again in the box, the secret door will open. There panel with buttons. Combination: 1 line – 6, 2 – 4, 5 – 3, 6 – 5.
We go to the green portal. Further will be shootout. Ensure everyone and at the end kill the fiery monster (shoot in the head).
Jump into the water and swim by the passage. Find out in the city. Jenna is waiting for you. Talk to the restaurant with the restain and give him Life Potion. Take the Begga’a Pass.
We are going to jaunpur. Show the flow of the begging robot and you launch. You will find yourself in the nurse’s body. Go to the robot and show the pass. Call a taxi and go to Temple. Go to the gate and there, at the intimidation of a person go to the arch. Need to enter the door with a cross on a black background (Save). Go to the floating altar and talk to a woman on the right. She will open the pass. We pass through two red doors. In the new room 4 statues. One take two candles. We climb on the elevation and look into the red hole in "Glaz". Use the talisman. We go to the opened passage. In the elevator we are going to the basement and we will be on a hidden resistance base. Talk to Jenn and go beyond her. There are a lot of doors here, and to find out who lives there, press ENTER. Talk to the leader (Dakobah), now go to Jenna’s SELL, talk to her. After that, talk to Namtar. Again with Jenn. Find a krill, talk to him and from the cabinet to take the detonator. We go to the center of the cave. Find a droid and talking to him, take the explosive from the table. Talk and spend sparring with YOD.
We leave from the database and go on a taxi in Bridge Zone 12. Go to the bridge, go further – in the docks. We use Reincarnation Spell on a soldier – you are now now. On the bricks from the wall bricks up and go ahead. Here, shooting, you need to get to the river, pressing a couple of levers and distracting robots from the door. At the river, we click the lever – the platform drops down. Go down (Save) and from here jumping on the first floating platform, press the lever. Dive into the water and press the lever at the bottom. Climb on the embankment and press the lever on the left. Now we swim on the other side, we go on the platform and then jump on platforms to the bridge. We use a detonator in explosives and put a bomb at the support. We run into the water – if you did not have time, now you will run in a new body.
On the basis talking with the leader, we get a new task. After that we go to the bookstore in Sector 9. Right to the building and go for the restaurant. There in the labyrinth and there is a bookstore. In the store Show the mascot man on the right. Take Electronic Unit. We go out and go to "Sect. 22 Roof Access". Go to the big gate in the east, one more same. We fall into another part of the city. Go along the hedge right. On the wall with bricks climb upstairs. We go to the two boxes and push the left – the robot throws. Now come to the crane and press the red button. Platform will raise up, we get into bricks down. Task – getting along the walkways and "Bricks" before antenna. She has enter. Return to the beginning.
Talk to Dakobah’s headquarters, take the key and go to the lower level. Talk to the robot, take a bubble from the table and talk again with a robot. He will give Hydromagnetic Piston. We go to the library, take two books and go to the elevator – we use Hydromagnetic Piston there and go to the 2nd floor. We take 3 books. In one there will be strange characters. Go down in the hall and go to the passage next to Jenna’s room. Look at the large door with symbols – these are simple equations. Now go to Krill and go to the aisle to a similar door. Need to restore the correct equation. With the help of the book, look at the matching of the characters and recall the characters on another door. Equations Simple, type "6 + 2 = 8".
It turns out: a circle with three lines in the upper left corner, a trident in the right, an arrow with a feature in the left lower and a circle with two lines in the right lower right.
A secret entrance to the temple will open. On the table we take Drops of Shadow. We pick up a sheet, jump into the pool and swim on the other hand. Go down and inspect the corpse. Get "Dust skull", "Viagramukhaya Zhevel". "Beshe’m".
Now we get up in the center of the room face to the body and put the candles on the stand on the right and on the left. Drops of Shadow for 11 hours, leaf for 3 hours, Skull dust for 6 hours and amerher Dew on Beshe’m in the center. Stand on the intersection of white lines, and the ritual will begin. Now take the Sanctified Beshe’m and return to the database. Talk to Dacobe and show him a bowl. Talk to the leader, take the key (if you did not take earlier) and go outdo.
We are going on a taxi in Hideout. Then go to the left to the building with a metal door. Go around and turn right. In the end, you must find the right door (. card). Open it with the key and go down the steps. Take explosives, beer, money.
On a taxi going to the store of weapons and go inside. Talk to the seller. A woman stands with a weapon – a woman is standing in it and talk to the seller. Now go to the bookstore next to Temple. Here we buy Plan of Sewers in Zone 9.
We call a taxi and go to Tetra 2130. Go to the right – there is a stone with a star. We go to the right and rest in the canal. Jump into the water and press the lever at the bottom. Swim into the pipe, get out and speak with Jenna. Fall down and find yourself in shower. Kill the guy in the room and open his wardrobe (on it symbol – as a guy’s tattoo). Take a first-aid kit and Tetro Pass. Open the passage door, the pallet starts. There are many pillars (bright in the rooms), and the bomb must be put in each (and the time is ticking). Put pieces 5, and go to the green pool. Upstairs Click ENTER and move on the hook on the other side. Here 3 more and go to the gray door. Get to the tunnel – ETER, jump down (do not fall under the train) We go to the niche – on the door. In the room with three other rooms we press the buttons each – Elevator will earn. Fight off mechanical monsters and jump in the elevator.
You will be put in jail. We take a plate and use it on the guard – it will take it off. Search for his body and take the key. We use the key and leave the chamber. We are looking for the guard and put in it. We find Inventory and look at it – we take all objects back.
We free Jenna from the camera and bring it out of prison. Speak with the guard with the guard.
Talk to the robot in the headquarters, then follow him. In the cabinet we take a screwdriver and open the door to Meshka’n. Teacher is dead – take from the table his magazine. Take it from the closet its key and acid. Go to the library and open the chest. We take DEW OF LIGHT. We go to the gym and search for clothes on the floor. Take Namtar’s Key. Now we go to the room of the leader and open it with the key. Pushing the left cabinet on the right. On the tile in the floor, we use ACID and take Demonic Cube. Take a horn from the head in the wall.
Come out and go to the gym. We use on Sanctified Beshe’n Horn + Dew of Light. Unmask Demon Spell will appear. We use it on the leader and fight him. After talking with Jenny and Dakobach, pick up a book. Taxi go to boz’s 1211. We go inside the building and in the door to the right. Here, take Octagon and cartridges for it. Go down the steps down. Come to the monitor and click ENTER. We speak with Boz’om. After that choose Lahoren Pass.
Call a taxi and go to LaHoreH. Show the pass to the guard and after two gates we get to the new district. Get to the library. Come inside, get a message from Jenna. Select and read all the books. In one of the sections, find a professor and grant it – now in the elevator and go to the second floor. We buy a book "Tradutech", speak here with a professor and go down. The book must be passed into "Urn". Below buy (Enter on the shelves) book "Tables of Cosmic CorreSp.", "Masau Rines" And "Quartet Sys". Look in the same coordinate 13.5 and find in the other it appropriate – 0.1851. Close to the second floor and name the professor these numbers. Take TRADUTECH. Now go to the switch, turn off the light and in the dark we use Tradutech on the book "The Entrance to Hamestage". A tradutech translation appears.
We leave the library and at the end of the canal we rest in the wall. There (in niche) hidden passage to a new base. We go to the base and go to the new office of Dakobach. Talk to him, go to the city.
We go to Yrmal’s Place, go to any door. We go to the elevator (it is disguised) and climb the 2nd floor (we use IMAN’s Key). Here we take money and several magazines. Let’s go down in the room with columns, look at the wall on the wall. Now you need to find what symbols what they match to solve the puzzle. We go to the city – in the bookstore at the entrance to this part of the city.
From here we go to a gray building overlapping the channel – we jump into the water and have a wall at the wall (two wavy lines in the lower right corner). Now again to the bookstore and float to the far bridge – under it another symbol (crossed circle in the upper left corner).
We go to the magic store and look at the back of the column (two wavy lines of the upper right corner). Buy Drops of Shadows. We leave the store and go to the restaurant – on the stairs to the balcony and until the stop (two crossed lines in the lower left corner).
Return to Yrmal’s Place and click the desired characters. Landmark serves – a big triangle. Get up in the center of the circle and go down. Here is ETER on the central column and listen to 4 notes. Now repeat them – the left bottom, the top right, the right lower, the upper left. After that, again, press the central and repeating 6 notes. Top right, top left, lower right, lower left, upper left, bottom left.
Lift drops, go to it. We get into the room with many boxes. In front of this in the elevator, saw symbols, and here on the wall are displayed.
The combination is such (we go on the spiral) – from the door go to the third box, turn right and pass two boxes, right one box, right three boxes, right two boxes, right two drawers – Take Vyagrimukha’s Jewel.
We leave the caves and go to Gate to Jaunpur. We call a taxi and go to Jahangir. We pass two doors. We go to a spiral staircase, turn to the right and go to the door. Find in Park. Turn the left and see birds. Swim the streams, we climb up – the bird will fly away, take her pen. Go further – along the long passage and take another gem.
Now we go to the tomb, there, at the end there will be buttons with symbols. Using a book "Masa’u Runes", Click them in this order: K-i-W-A-N. (Letter "AND" here is another – the most extreme left). Go down on this elevator down and go to the mummy. We use on Sanctified Beshe’m Drops of Shadows + Jinpan Feather. We get a Ressurection Spell, which we use on mummy. She will wake up, talk and will fall out again. We look at two cards on the wall.
We leave and go to the east. There, in the aisles, we get to the hefty head, in which we insert three stones. She will rise – go through the aisle. Dive into the passage and dial on the other hand. We go down the steps on the door. Find ourselves in the city, in stalactites. We go on a wooden bridge, on another bridge in the tower, rightly cross one more bridge, left again the bridge. In the far wall we click a green button. We go to the elevator (outside) and go down to the first floor. We go on a wooden bridge and then on the rope left. On the elevator we go upstairs, on a wooden bridge. To the end of the left and give a green button. On the other hand, magic rings – from them jump in the elevator and go down on it. We go on a wooden bridge, and then the second bridge drops myself. In the middle, jump over the hole and in the elevator – upstairs. In another elevator, we are going to the central tower. Talk to the girl on the throne and go down to the water level. We float to the light hedge and speak with a person caring for "Buffalo".
Try to sit on a free "buffalo", After that, drink fluids from boiling boilers and you set up in that person. Sitty by "buffalo" and go to stone in the wall. He will move him down – on foot.
Go through two silver gates (battle) to the long end of the cave and talk to the book (shoot dogs). Now you need to free the three spirits – one in "Domika" left, and two others in "Domoki" on right. In the rest of the houses evil spirits that will start shooting.
Return to three spirits at the book, and they teleport you in MahahaLeel. Go to the ship, stand up one of the cubes below, and it will rise to the entrance to the ship. Talk to the man on the throne. When he dwells, press ENTER and put it in it. We take the sword and go to the green portal behind the throne.
Last battle remains with a monster. First, get all the crystals, and then take it for the monster. Vulnerable to his back between the blades. Move best when he hangs in the air.

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