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January 26, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Operation Thunderstorm: Passage
Operation Thunderstorm: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Your First Priority, After Landing, Get To the Informant, Who is in One of the Houses Near the City.

Explore The Rooms Does Not Make Sense. Go out on the Street, Getting Rid of All Patrols. Come in the House and Go Up, and then Go Down Again and Go Out on the Other Side of the Street. BREAK THROUGH THE SOLDIERS AND GO TO THE HOUSE. Moving On The Second Floor and Go to the Balcony. Go to Another Balcony and Go Down. We Go to the Ventilation Mine.

2. Breakthrough

Your Main Goal Is To Reach Bunkers and Find An Informant Who Grabbed The Germans. IT Follows Through The Workshop, Passing the Enemies.

We Go Down The Machine Gun In The Center, Sit Down for Him and Shoot Everyone Who Falls on the Way. We i Subscribe, We Go right to the basement and make your warehouses. We Jump Into The Sewer and Go to the Warehouse. Wandering for Numerous Houses of Houses Will Lead You to a Round Crane Boiler. Turn IT and He Will Explode. Jump Down and You After A while Go to the Courtyard with Goal in the Garage. RUN INTO THE GARAGE AND FOR THE MACHINE WILL FIND A SECRET MOVE. Jump Down.


The Door In Which You Need To Enter Is Almost At The Very Beginning of Miss, But to Go There, You Need to Take the Keys That Are At The Very End of Long Corridors. Use Holes In The Walls to Prevent The UNEXPECTED APPEARANCE OF SOLDIERS. GRENADES ARE VERY EFFECTIVE IN CLOSED ROOMS WITH A LARGE CLUSTER OF ENEMIES. ALSO USE BARRELS WITH FLAMMABLE TO NEUTRALIZE THE GERMANS. SELECTING ON THE SURFACE, YOU WILL GET TO THE MAIN BUILDING. On The Second Floor In The Far Room in The Doors You Need. Rise Above, and in Long Beds Will Be The Main Goal. Open The Doors and Throw Grenades In It.

4. Secret Way

The Challenge to Get and Release The Informant, Who Is Kept in The Basement of One of the Houses. Seeing Cells With Captive Soldiers, Find Keys Hanging On The Right On The Wall and Free Them. IN ORDER NOT TO GET LOST, HOLD ON THE LEFT SIDE. Passing A Small Way Under Water, Choose Out. DOORS FASHIONABLY OPEN, EXPLODING NEAR THEM CYLINDERS AND BARRELS WITH FLAMMABLE.

Five. Noon

Now You Need to Find The Himmler, Who, Most Likely She Hid in the Temple and Neutralize It. The Main Task IS to Destroy Everyone and Get To the GOAL. To Open The Door, You Will Need to Take The Keys On The Table WHEN Climb Upstairs. Mission Will End Will You Get to the Balcony and Go Through It To the End.

6. Gimmlera Castle

In this Mission Fighters of Their Enemy, and Only After Their Destruction You Can Get to the Goal. In The Maze of the Church, IT Will Be Very Difficult to Get the Keys and Paper Needed to Pass on. THEY A IN ONE OF THE ROOMS. Which is Much More Difficult to Kill, and then with Himler Himself. The Main Thing Is To Immediately Sit Behind The Column and Shoot, Killing One by One. WHEN HALF A HALF, THE LATTICE WILL OPEN LEADING TO THE MAIN PURPOSE.

7. Factory

IT IS NECESSARY TO GET TO THE FACTORY AND CHECK WHICH RESEARCH THEY BEHAVE THERE. After Collecting All The Needs To Be Destroyed. Mission Is Limited To The Destruction Of Three Tanks. From The Very Beginning, Put An Explosive for One, And In The Next Hall Minister Two Tanks. To Go to the Other Side In The Room with A Tank, Use the Mobile Bridge at the top, Climbing on the stairs. WHEN YOU FIND THE DESCENT TO THE BASEMENT, THE MISSION WILL END.

8. Underground Labyrinth

We Will Have To Try To Find A Way Out Of The Labyrinth. Will Have – Blast The Walls. In The Labyrinth, Look for Doors and Pipes Through Which You Can Squeeze On The Other Side Of the Labyrinth. WHEN YOU GET TO THE BASEMENT WITH WATER, GO ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND FIND THE HOLE AT THE TOP. To Get There, You Need To Open A Crane and Fill The Room with Water. Crane Is Right. You Can Get Into This Room from the Control Room by clicking on the button. Another Button Opens The Door To the Tunnel.

Nine. Secret Goring Weapon

Secret Weapon IS A Nuclear Bomb That Was Made On The Secret Maning Plant. Your Task to Get to IT and Destroy. A Lot of Security and Secrets Tooo. First, Get to a Small Laboratory and Disconnect The Cooling On The Control Panel, Which Is Located on One Of The Installations at the top. Aftert That, Take A Little Further and Find The Switch On The Wall, Which Lowers The Bridge. Return Back and Climb On It. THE NEXT BIG COMPLEX WILL STAND ROCKET. Pay Attention To the Soldiers Who Will Shoot On Top. Racing With Them, Go Up Onto The Rocket and Launch Explosives. Quickly Descend and Run Away Into Open Doors, Where Soldiers Run. Aftert That, The Complex Will Explode and You Will Be Saved.

10. Bonus Level

IF You Bring All The Necessary Documents That Are Not Mandatory for The Passage of a Mission Throughout The Entire Game, Then You Will Open An ADDITIONAL BONUS MISSION.

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