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January 24, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Ori And The Will of the Wisps: Walkthrough – Silent Forest
Ori And The Will of the Wisps: Walkthrough – Silent Forest
Go Right and From Kvoloka Dive Under Water. Swim Right Down To A Dead End In The Form Of A Dam. Move So Spitting Plant Fired by You, But Fell Into The Dam. The Board Will Fly and You Will Be Able to Sail ON. Make Your Watch The Cut-Scene with a Huge Monster, Referred to Crick. Next You Need To Go to the Right and Jump On The Bubbles Appear to Be Repelled from Them Up. In One Of The Paces You Want to Use The Same Bubble Twice, Waited on the Wall Will It Will Be Re.

UPSTAIRS THERE IS A CABIN FOR THE QUEST “THE WHOLE FAMILY TO GATHER,” AND KI WHICH CAN TAKE SIDE QUESTS “KEEPER OF THE TREES”. Walk to Find A Dead End WITH SPIRITS OF THE WELL. Go Back Down To the Cave and Jump Down The Bubbles. USING THE PREVIOUS BUBBLE, JUMP UP AND HOOKED ON THE LEFT WALL. JUMP TO THE RIGHT AND YOU WILL SEE IN FRONT OF YOU Stone Door. For IT IS Necessary to Find 2 Keys. Go Down, Jump on the Distant of Two Bubbles on the Right. Having Pushed Out, Take Away Stone Key, And The Bubble On The Left to Go Back. The Number “Seek The Key to Die and Be With Him On The Ledge of the Left) Will Not Ride! Come from The Door Even Higher, On the Walls on The Left, and Take Away Second Stone Key. Open The Door and Go to the Right Until You Find Owl.Ori And The Will of the Wisps: Walkthrough – Silent ForestEntrance to a QUIET Forest.
NOW YOU WILL MANAGE THE OWL, AND ON IT WILL SIT ORI. Follow Right. You can Soar in the air While Holding Shift. With the Help of the Lkm, You Can Wave Wings, Inflating Leaves or Coals to Appear Flames. Do it With Coals and Clamp SHIFT Over Them to Climb Up. Climb Even Higher Than Another Stream and Will Detect Stone Door. To Open It You Need To Find 4 Keys. Fly Up and Left. SHOOT OUT Onion On The Outgrow to Discover First Key. Fly Below, In A Niche Left to Find SECOND KEY. THE ENEMY APPEARS IN THE SAME NICHE. Tear It Out and Slightly Lower, To The Destroyable Wall On The Left (You Can Hit It Wings Through The Lkm, Pushing In The Right Direction). Let Him Explode There. Fly to the New Opening and Find Third Key. RETURN TO THE FIST FLAME BELOW. Make Another Creature Slightly Above and On The Branches On The Right. Behind The Branches You Will Find Gorlasa Ruda. Then Fly To The Top. UNDER THE DOOR THERE IS A HIDDEN NICHE (JUST BELOW), RIGHT. There Lying Fourth Key.

Open The Door, Fly To The Right and Shoot On The Mouth Closees. Load On The Left At The Top So That You Do Not Hurt. Fly To the Effloding Creature. The Growths Can Be Shot, But The Exploding Creature Will Be Needed for the Wall. Muffle to Pick Up the Spiritual Light. THEN FOLLOW THE LEFT Until You See The Statue of War. NEXT WILL BE A DIFFICULT CUT. Need to Be Repelled from Bubbles and Soar. AT The End Shoot On The Outskirts to Form A Passage to the Flow of Air From the Flame. CLEAR ABOVE, FOLLOW THE STONE BIRD. CLIMB ABOVE AND TRY TO CATCH UP WITH A BLUE FEATHER. Take Advantage Well Well, Fly Upstream and Right On a Fork. Get To the Pen and See A Long Cat-Scene. Go The Only Way Until You Find Owl. See The Following Cat-Scene. THEN TALK TO THE DEBRIS ON THE RIGHT. He Will Tell You That You Need To Find Lights.


From Now On, The Pen Is Available to You, So by Closing SHIFT, You can Soar by Air. You Can Immediately Take Advantage Of this Advantage. Move to Teleport in a QUIET Forest (First). Go to the Left of the Moka Hut, Jump and Parity Until You Find Yourself on the Ledge With Gorgeous Ore.


Move to the Spring, Go Down and Right. Dive UNDER THE WATER IN THE FIRST RESERVOIR AND MOVE THROUGH THE HOLES OF THE ROTATING WHEELS ON THE LEFT SIDE. Uncomplicated Route, Get To A Long Reservoir, Where There Is A Wooden Barrier. STAND SO THAT THE PLANT GETS RIGHT IN THE BARRIER BY DESTROYING IT. Swim Down and Left to Get To the Big Wheel. You Could Learn About Him From A new Hearing from the Moku.

Flash to the Wheel and Move on the Other Side of the Reservoir. Swim Under The Water Past The Flow and Use The Shells of the Plant to Destroy Another Obstacle (Lock the Pulse Through the PCM). Do The Same With Another Plant, Redirecting A Shell Of Highlights From Above. Big WHEEL WILL START ROTATING. You Can Pre-Break The Boards on the Right to Find The Air Pocket. Climb on the Wheel Upstairs. IN THE NICHE RIGHT ABOVE THERE IS A SPIRITUAL LIGHT. JUMP From The Top Platform to the Left and Parity using the Pen (Clamp Shift). SO You Turn The Reservoir. On the Left of the Water Rose Bubbles. Jump On The Bubble Using It Like A SpringBoard to Get On The Left Side.

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