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December 12, 2022
21 minutes



During the fulfillment of the next task for their homeland, the aircraft of the Captain Air Force Louis Stone was shot down. I had to make a forced landing, not to notice which the nearest German patrol could not. As it should be in the Germans, for the start of Stone, they were placed in a local sorting camp, until the clarification of his classes.
The whole game is divided into five chapters, four tasks in each. You will pass a grave path of the prisoner in various camps, ranging from a special camp for pilots and ending with the impregnable fortress of Koldizz, every step in which is accompanied by a gaze of the warder. Put on the shelf all your knowledge about shooting from various types of weapons, here they just do not need. The key to your victory will be caution, patience and secrecy.
Upon arrival in the new camp you will be allocated to sleep in one of the barracks, there is also your chest for storing things. You can save the game, just going to your bed. Already at the very beginning of the game, you will be forcibly introduced to the local regime. Rules here are strict, and for disobedience immediately follows. The overall rise in five in the morning, already at six, everyone needs to be gathering in a special location location, then go to breakfast in the dining room. This mode for prisoners is not acceptable for us, so you have to constantly expose your life at risk, violating general rules.
Tasks in the game you will give various prisoners living with you. Most convenient to communicate with them while eating in the dining room when they all sit. The tasks themselves are best done immediately after the morning or evening roll call. In the game you can skip time, "waking up" in the morning, day or evening. It is forbidden to be in the wrong places, and if you are captured, they will put in a carpenter or put in the hospital, depending on the circumstances. After several days, you will be released, but you will lose all your personal belongings. They can be returned for a small amount of money by contacting one of the prisoners, having the necessary connections, but it is more profitable to simply download the saved game. Your enemies will be German guard, patrols and just individuals. Every German has its own visibility radii, not known to you, with time you will start approximately to feel this zone. All Germans are marked on the map. The color of the triangles emanating from them indicates the degree of suspicion. Light yellow calm, dark yellow stressful, pink alarming, and red, when you see you clearly. Even if you notice you, you have a chance to run away from persecution and hide. Just get squatting and folted for some subject. After some time, the Germans calm down, and you can continue our business. Another enemy for you will be a guard towers. First, the Germans on them see for a large distance, secondly, at night on the towers, searchlights are included, performing the function of the extra eyes of the Germans. Very often you will have to climb through the walls and fences, at this moment you are especially easy to notice, be careful.

Items in the game

Remember that all items that can be taken brightly shine, it is done to relieve life players.
Attention! Stones, mini telescope, camera and hooks are used when clamped a blank. You can switch between them by pressing the Tab key.
Money – In this game, they call alcohol and cigarettes, as well as other little things. Do not try to recruit them a lot, the need for money in this game is very small, and after the transition to another camp they are selected. Money will be needed to buy out your things after arresting, bribing prisoners, entertainment.
Scrap – opens locked doors.
Lock – unlock all the doors other than iron. Of the advantages worth noting small sizes, allowing it to store it in your pocket.
Copper key – opens the doors with a copper lock.
Steel key – opens the doors with steel lock
Stone – you can distract to the Germans by throwing it right in them. Useless thing.

Flood ointment – camouflage remedy for night time, the day, on the contrary, attracts attention.
German uniform – allows you to walk around the camps, without fear of ordinary Germans.
You can wear it only before the mirror, one of which is always in your barrack. We must not forget about the existence of the chiefs who instantly recognize you. Among others, they are allocated by the color of their clothes, such as dark blue and black. Form does not give you complete freedom of action. You can not keep any items in your hands, run, relay through the fence, open locked doors in the field of view of protection, otherwise you immediately recognize. In other words, only actions inherent in ordinary Germans are welcomed.
Mini telescope – allows you to look at a long distance.
Hook – attached to the ring and allows you to move to previously inaccessible places.


Chapter 1: In captivity

The first task will give you Sergeant Jimmy O’Brien. He will ask you to get 50 $ from Lazarene. Come in the dining room, climb through the wall and you have the right home. Come inward, collect all objects, not forgetting to take a bottle of the second room, and go to pay with Jimmy.
The second task for you will be stealing a copper key from the German barracks. After evening roll call, overweight through the fence, leading to the dining room, then go to the wall of the lazaret and climb through the fence on the left. Come in the barracks, take the key and return the opposite way.
The following task is to steal scrap from the warehouse. After the evening roll call, go for your barrack and pass through the fence. Then, getting down, go through the hole in the wall and wait for the guard of the guard. Purchase through the wall to the right and wait until the guard goes down at the door of the warehouse. Not paying attention to it, open the warehouse door and come inside. Take scrap and come back.
The last task will escape in the truck. After the evening roll call, take from the chest of scrap from the chest, climb through the fence behind your barracks and sneak along the wall right. Go around all the guards and with the help of a scrap come to the house of drivers. Going through the back door, you will find yourself in the territory where cars are. Imperceptibly make your way to a big truck and you are free.

Chapter 2: Prison Security

Unfortunately, escape failed. You grabbed and transferred to the camp with enhanced security.
The first task will lose the musical film on the radio. The house you need is located at the dining room, just be careful – the guard on the tower. Carefully passing through security, go into the house and insert the film into the receiver.
The second instruction will be painted documents from the office of the Commandant. First you need to find a German form and change clothes into it, the office of the Commandant is guarded well. Take a copper key from the chest, go for the third barak for prisoners and, waiting when the guard goes away, climb over the fence. Get to the opposite wall and move it right along it left. Camping Wooden Gate, Persoam through the wall, which leads to the Laundry courtyard. Waiting for a security guard, go to the laundry and take the German uniform. Return to the same way in your Barack, change clothes and go out. Coming out of the main gate, turn on the right and go to the white two-story building. At the moment when the guard goes away, go to it. Go to the door to the left, you will fall into the corridor. Next will be the kitchen, then the main office in which the guard and commander are. Hide behind the bookshelf. When the guard goes away from his table, approach, grab the documents you need and quickly go back back. Return to the camp in the same way.
The third task will get the item necessary for the repair of ventilation in the tunnel. She is right in the dining room, indoors. After the evening roll call, change in German shape and leave your barrack. At the fourth bar of the prisoner there is a gap fence without barbed wire. As soon as the guard goes away, overcome the fence and go to the dining room. As the gate is closed to it, climb through the fence on the right side of the house. Near the main entrance to the dining room there are two security guards, not paying attention to them, enter the dining room and take the part. Return to the camp in the same way.

The last task will escape from the camp. This time through the tunnel, the entrance of which is located in the garage. Garage locked, so you first have to get scrap. It can be found in the barn, which is located to the right of the laundry. Now, after the evening roll call, with scrap, go to the garage. You can not wear a German form, because scrap gives you. To get into the garage, first go familiar way to the dining area. Then we pass to the administrative territory, where the film was played before, from there on official territory. Now, through a punishment wall, we fall on the garage territory. Separate the central door, you get into the tunnel through the hatch and you are again free.

Chapter 3: Kolditz Castle

Adventures in the past two camps will seem like a picnic in nature, compared to what you expect here. Protection costs everywhere where you do not suway.
So, the first task will talk to the eye on the eye with our old familiar colonel harding. You can only do this in his camera, to get into which it will not be at all. After the evening roll call, wait 22:30 in myself in the barrack, then approach the guard table and take the lock, the guard must already sleep.
Unlock the second front door (so that the door opened, you need to hold and keep the left mouse button until the red strip on your clock will pass a circle of 360 degrees) and go through it. You need to get into the building of the theater located in the West courtyard, next to him goes the guard. Sitting on all fours, enter the zone of his visibility, so that he notice you, as soon as his visibility zone becomes pink, deposit to another place. When the guard goes to the place where you sat, quietly run to the door of the theater and open the door to the launder. Entering inside, do not rush to climb upstairs. Hold the gap and follow the movement of the guard on the second floor. As soon as he goes away, go up to the second floor and hide behind the screen, right on the way of the guard. Still there is a staircase on the third floor, but you don’t need it. When the guard goes past you, immediately go to the place where it was, and go to the door. There will be another guard will go, to bypass which does not represent difficulties. Go to the opposite of the entrance of the wall, there will be small compartments, in the furthest of them, the hatch you need. Get down down, go through a bit and go down in one hatch. You will get to Barack in. On all fours, open the door and go to the right in the guard room. The next door from this room will lead you to the harding chamber.
The second task will find a German form for harding so that he can escape. The form lies in the laundry located left theater. After the evening roll call go there. Look through the keyhole when the guard rises to the second floor, then open the door and come in. We immediately go to the door on the left and wait until the guard goes away. Take the form and return the same way. After the evening rollback, return to the Barack, change in the German form and go to Harding through the main entrance to the barracks in.
The third task will steal documents from the office of the administration. After the evening roll call, go to the kitchen, then to the cook office, there will be a locked door leading to the German territory. Open the door to the launder and carefully, bypassing protection, crawl into the administrative office. On the Far Table are the necessary documents. Get them will not be easy, a guard goes there. Come back to the same way.
In the last task you will need to escape from the swordzer through the sewer. First you need to get a tool that opens one of the hatches. Go the same way to the German territory. To the left of the staircase in the administrative building will be the table on which the tool you need will lie. Now go to the administration office. The guard now will not be there. In this office there is a door leading to the Cutting Germans. In the opposite corner of the dining room there is a hatch into the sewer. Carefully go around the Germans, lift the hatch cover and climb down. In the near corner you will be waiting for Colonel Harding.

Chapter 4: Sabotage

In the first task you need to paint the parcel. She lies in the post office that is closed. The only way to open the door is to bribe the German, constantly walking on the right side along the fence on the flowing yard. It will ask for an amount of $ 100. Money can be found in many places. For example, in the warehouses (neighboring territory with prisoner barracks). After the evening roll call, go for the third bara and climb through the fence. Go to the opposite side of the road and go along it to the left to the development. Now go straight (up) to the exit from the camp. Post office is in the building on the right. Security guard, on duty near him, has a habit of standing at the door itself. Wait for it when it goes away, go inside and take the parcel. Return back the same way.
The second task will take pictures of the rocket and to paint the secret documents from the Scientific Center. The territory of the Scientific Center is well guarded, it is not possible to get there without a German form possible. For this mission you will need additional things: German shape, latter, copper key. Copper wrench buy from one of the prisoners, the rest will have to be produced by himself.
The warehouse where the latter is also locked, so it will take a scrap. After the evening roll call, go for the third bara and climb through the fence. Go to the opposite side of the road, overcome another fence. You will find yourself in the territory of German warehouses. Come to the house on the left. Go around the guard and go to the very end of the house. There will be a broom on the box. Carefully leave the warehouse and go to another building on the same territory (right). Watch the castle scrap and go inside. Scrap Throw here, he will no longer need you. In addition to money in the far corner, a latter will lie.
Between the territories of warehouses and prisoners of war, there is a small house around which the guard is walking. At that moment, when he goes out, open the lock with the launder and go inside. There you will be waiting for the German form, you can directly in it and change clothes, to facilitate the way back to the camp.
Now that you can go to the scientific center. He is a little further postal territory where you took the parcel. On the right wall of the center there is a staircase leading to the second floor. Nearby on one of the bosses, be careful. Raising the stairs, go to the right to the right and go up on the next roof stairs. Persoam through the pipes, come to the edge of the fence and take pictures of the rocket. Now go down to the hatch on the left. You will fall on the second floor of the Scientific Center. Go around the guard and go down to the first floor. Here, too, one guard is on duty. In the mostst room, there is a safe, open it with the launder and take the documents. Will come back even easier. Open the front door on the first floor using the key and quietly return to your camp.
The third task will cause bombers from the local radio, located on the German territory of the camp. After the evening roll call, go to your Barak and change in German form. Then go to the Barack number two, in the long part of which is the entrance to the tunnel. Sit into the trolley for quick movement. Do not get out at the first stop, instead, wrap on the corner and sit down in the second trolley, then in one. Finally you will find yourself in a German stock. Get out of it, to the right you will see the key hanging on the wall. When the guard goes away, calmly take it. Now go to the left for the building of the dining room, where one of the bosses is on duty. Close the stairs and open the door with your key. You will fall into residential premises for the Germans, the shape of the lieutenant will lie on the bedside table, change into it, opposite the mirror hanging nearby. Go back. The door located to the left of the warehouse leads to the administrative office, from where you can get into the radio. There is constantly sitting a very experienced connection, which cannot be deceived by disguise. To lure it, you need to turn off the fuses in the building to the right of the warehouse. When it comes out of the office to turn on the fuses, quickly go to the radio and call bombers. Coming out of the radio, stand up in the corner near the door so that the incoming communication will not notice you. Return to the camp the same way through the tunnel.
The fourth mission will probably be the most fast and dynamic of all. You need to prevent the launch of an intercontinental rocket, inserting two keys to computers on the first and second floors of the Scientific Center. All the guards left their posts, run to the scientific center, no one fear. First, take a room with a safe, take the key from the wall and stick it into the nearest computer.
Caution, squatting, rise to the second floor, there will be two guards. Between them, on the far wall, hangs the key. The computer you need is located at the ladder itself, right. The mission is passed and it remains only to watch the broken general.

Chapter 5: Unfinished Cases

The first task will find a personal project of harding escape, in the chapel in the attic. You can get there only through the library, the door to which locked. You can open it with a copper key lying in the administrative office. You can get to the office through the German dining room bordering the dining room for prisoners. There are two guards on duty, to bypass which is quite simple, there is no one in the office itself. After the evening roll call, go to the Barack A and open the door to the library. The stairs walks the guard, carefully go around him when it is upstairs. Two more security guards walk in the library, carefully go around them and climb the stairs in the opposite corner from the entrance. Go around the guard and go on. Come in the corridor, another door and get out through the window. Go to the left on the balcony to the very end. Cand up the rope, break into the illuminated window. In the room you will see an unfinished glider, the task is completed. Come on the door to the left, there you will see a scrap lying on the drawer. Take it and open the next door, in the future you will need it. You can throw scrap here, it is no longer needed. Return to a plan with a glider. Get out the back from the window, go down and take a hook with you. Go to the opposite end of the eaves and cling the hook for the ring. Get down down, take a hook and get to your barrack.
The second task will take a picture of the spy. After the evening roll call, return to your bara by hook and camera. Go to the table. Come on the door in the cooking area, open another door with a copper key and go to the German territory. Persoam through the fence and go to the left. On the left side of the stairs leading to the building of the Germans, there is a ring. Come to it and cling to it hook. Close the rope and post the hook. Back to you will stand a guard, do not pay attention to it and cling the hook to the ring on the balcony. Now go around the guard and attract his attention to him to move away from the rope. Close up, take the camera and take pictures of the traitor.
The third task will consist of two subtashes. First you need to complete the glider, and then break the rocket control unit. For the glider, three details are needed: board, sheet and electrical wire. In the Western courtyard there is a big door leading to the chapel. There you will find a board. The door to the left of the chapel leads to the bell tower. Come there and go up the stairs. Rising, you will see another door, go into it. You will fall into the lazaret, the far door of which leads to the laundry. There you will find a German shape and a mirror, rejoice in the Germans and go to my camp. After the evening rollback, return to myself in the barracks and wear the shape, then go to the office of the Commandant through the German dining room. Come on the door to the left and climb the stairs. When the guard turns out, open the steel door on the left. You will fall into the residential premises of the Germans, there will be two security guards there. Next will be a sheet. Start a stool in the far corner of the room, the guard will go to the noise, at this time, grab the sheet and carefully go back to the camp. Now you need to quickly reach the glider. Take the hook from the chest and make your way to the bell tower. Close up the stairs, look up and throw a hook on the ring. Climb the rope and go to the room with a glider. Come on the door to the right, open another door with the key and go down the stairs. In the far corner of the labyrinth from the boxes will be fluid. Return back and attach the wire to the planner. Bring the rest of the details, and the glider will be ready. After the evening roll call, change in the German form and go to the dining room, go to the Commandant office through the Cutlery Germans, then on the door to the left. Open the door to the right of the staircase, go down, follow up, follow the locking well when the guard goes away, and go to the left, then right and right to the hatch, indicated by the blue arrow on the map. Open it, you will fall into the laboratory. In the upper right corner you have the control unit you need. It is enough to touch it – and the mission is passed.
In the final mission you need to get to the glider. Go to the dining room, carefully get to the chapel, go upstairs and go into the room with a glider.

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