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February 9, 2022
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Road to India: Passage
Road to India: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Sleep 1.

Will Be In Front Of The Temple. Go to The Right, Lift The Flute. GO DOWN THE STEPS DOWN AND LEFT TO THE END (PAST THE MARTY), TAKE THE ROPE. NOW MOVE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Fruit Tree Put On The Ground A Rope and Use a Pipe On It. Take the Fruit and Give IT a Mardyushka. She Will Run Away, Leaving A Sign On Earth. Pick It Up and Go Straight Into The Temple. There You Have To First Solve A Very Simple Puzzle… AND THEN TAKE A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE HEAD…

House Anusha.

Take Behind The Stick, Talk to the Mother’s Mother. Pick Up The Flower and Go to the Left to the Intersection with the Big Street. Talk to the Kid, Ask Him About the Exchange Of The American Dollar. Then Right, To The Cinema. Look At The Machine With Chewing Gum, Lower The Coins and Take the Ball of Chewing. Return to the Temy Beginning of this Episode, The Grill Will Be Right. Send Your Cheek to Stick and Get The Key, Open The Grid To Them. In The Courtyard Take A Photo and Talk Again with a Boyfriend. From Him Left, Give A COW Flower. AT The End of The Street, Use A Banknotes on An ATM, Get Some Money. ON THE WAY THERE WAS A DEAD END, IN WHICH THE BEGGAR WAS ATTACHED, TALK TO HIM. After Talking, Go to A Dead End and Pick A Hanger.
Cross The Street and Go to the Shop Window WITH LOGS. Look At The Car’s Snapshot, Then to the Entrance Door. Use a Hanger on The Door. After Talking First With The Beggar, Then With the Kid, Give Him Money. Talk to the Beggar Again, Go for Him in A Dead End. Here You Have a Little New Face…

Sleep 2.

Camera. Lift The Bed and Pick Up a Banana. Look Out The Window and Throw A Banana Monkey. THEN PICK Up The Peel from The Floor, Throw It Out the Window in the Door. ROOTED THE BED, THE GUARD WILL GO TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED, AND IT WILL BE POINTED ON THE PEEL. Now Talk to Monkey: Eek, Gnee, Hoohoohoo, Gnee, Whahae. She Will Get A Key for You, Open The Door To You.
The Guard Will Pick Up The Machete, GO OUT. THEN THERE WILL BE A LABYRINTH. Your Task Is to Approach The Guards from the Back and Stun their Machete. IF You Go Up From The Second Guard, Then There Will Be a Vase, Take It Wild You. AT The first Guard Take the Key. Open The Door To Them, Upstairs, Throw Off The Vase On The Head Of The Last Guard, Now The Way Is Free. Get Out of The Temple and Go to the Elephant. Pass The Rope With A Knife, Sit On An Elephant. Next, Go On It To The Nearest Wall, He Will Destroy It.


Talk to the Kid, Then Right. The Development Is Right and Right Again. Take a Card and Medallion, Go Back to the Fork and Go to Another Way. Complete Two Screens After Sleeping BEGGING AND PICK OFF THE FEATHER. Schedule this Pen Sleeping and Return Your Wallet. Not Far From It There Will Be An Entrance to the Courtyard, ENTER THE ONLY DOOR THAT WILL OPEN IN FRONT OF YOU. Talk to the Woman at the table. Return to the Old Mattress From Which Everything Started, and Again Talk to the Guy. Give Him Money (Here, Godlyuga) and Talk Again.
GO TO THE HOUSE WITH A WOMAN. WHEN SHE GOES Back to the Phone, Take A Piece of Paper from the table. Further by The Alley Will Be Rickshaw, Talk to Him, Give Money.

Country Mansion.

Raise The Rope From The Ground and Stroke Along The Path. Screen Through Three On The Right Pick A Branch. How to Get to Break In The Wall – Combine The Branch and Rope and Use Them on Break. GO TO THE HOUSE, THEN RIGHT. IN THE SED TAKE THE BOX, NIPPERS AND A SCREWDRIVER. Go to the World and looking at the alarm. Using A Screwdriver, Open The Cover, And The Wires Snap The Wire. GO Home On The Left, Climb Into The Window. Possend Yourself in the Dining Room.
Get Out The Door And Go to the Library That Opposite. Look AT The Box On The Table. This Is Puzzles. You Need to Put Forward All The Planks So That You Can Open It (They Away Eight Pieces). Open The Lid and Take The Key.
Climb On The Second Floor, Open This Key Third Door and Talk To A Woman. This Time Everything Will End In The Fact That You Will Be Legally…

Sleep 3.

Temple Kali.

Take Color Stained Glass Windows (Three ON Each Side) and Descend Down The Stairs. Burn The Handle From The Door, Again On the Stairs and Loose in a Break on the right. Go to the Window from Which Rays Are Made. INSERT THREE STAINED GLASS Windows WITH EYES THAT LOOK RIGHT ON YOU. IF Everything Is Done Correctly, The Glow Will Appear and The Secret Staircase Will Open. Go DowN. NOW YOU NEED TO PASS THE LABYRINTH. You can try to do it yourself. If You Break Too Long, The Rat Will Appear, Which Will Indicate The Desired Direction. AT The End of the Labyrinth, Click On The Door. THE GHOST WOMAN WILL COME ON THE STOVE.
Get Out of The Labyrinth and Return to the Stairs. From Her To the Chair Behind The Chair. Go to the Fiery Rock. COMBINE THE CHAIN AND HANDLE FROM THE DOOR AND THROW IT ON THE LEVER. Next, Just Go on The Bridge.
Happy Reunion… Even Strange Somehow, Nobody Finally Knocked.


Find The Boxes of Matches, Burn The Match. Pick Up A Handkerchief And A Flask, Connect Them Together and Set Fire To the Match. Look At The Castle, Open It. Go To The Locked Door and Unscrew The Two Loops With A Screwdriver. Then The Door Can Be Removed.
In The Hall, Go to the Door To the door with Anusha. CLIMB THE STAIRS AND GO FOR FOURTH DOOR, TAKE THE KEYS FROM THE TABLE. THEN IN THE OPPOSITE Door, Take The Cd Player. Click On The Picture On The Wall, Open The Safe Key, Grab The Disk. Go to the Third Room and Lose This Disc to the Woman at the window. After Talking To Her.

In Front Of The House.

GO TO THE GARAGE, OPEN THE DOOR WITH THE KEY. INSIDE TAKE A REMOTE CONTROL AND A Cricketer. Get Out, Go To the Garage Window and Use the Remote. The Guard Inside Suffocates. Come Inside and Take IT A Card. NOW ON THE PATH GO TO THE STATUE OF CALI. Use The Card On It, The Secret Descent Will Open. Turn There, Go to the Rock. Sleeping Guards Cut Off The Stick, Take It To the Knife and Go Upstairs. Open The Window WITH A KNIFE. The Floor Will Be a Big Round Hatch, Open IT, Go Down. At the End of the Pass, Break the Wall and Go to the Sleeping Girl. Talk to the Darmess That Appeared. End.How Much Did Not Wait For The Rat In The Labyrinth and Did Not Wait – I Had to Get Out MySelf.
Everything TURNED OUT TO BE SIMPLE ENOUGH: You Need to Wear Headphones and Follow The Sound Of Glass Bells – If It Is Stereoscopic – You Go Straight – If It Calls In The Left Ear – You Go Left, If in the Right – ReSpectively.
And Without Any Rats in 30 Seconds Reach The Blue Glow :)))

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