SAM & MAX: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 1: The Penal Zone: Game Walkthrough and Guide

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January 21, 2022
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

SAM & MAX: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 1: The Penal Zone: Passage
SAM & MAX: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 1: The Penal Zone: Game Walkthrough and Guide
We Look At The Introductory Roller. Playing for Max, Use The Phone and Teleport to Stunk. Switch for Sam and Try to Hook a Beacon on the Gorilla. RIM UP MAX TO GET TO RHINOPLASTY. Choose A New Ability of Max and Use It In The Picture, Which Is a Little Right of Sam. Turning INTO A Plant, Switchable for Sam and Try to Attach The Beacon to the Gorilla Again. And With the Help of Remote Control, Lubricate The Gorilla in the Trap. We Try To Talk to the Mole sitting in a Cage. Call from the Wall. Playing for Max, USE Cards on The Mole. ON THE SECOND FLOOR, WE TAKE A PICTURE ON THE WALL AS A WEAPON USING THE ABILITY OF MAX, AND SHOOT A GORILLA.

Back Go to the Gorilla Ship. We Go to the Door To the Brain Died. Playing Max, Look Into The Future First Brain, Then SAM. We Try to Open The Door To the Left, However The Mole is ahead of us. SLightly Right From The Door, Press The Green Button and Pick Up a Helmet and Skip from the Box. Let’s Leave The Ship. We Go to the Diner Stinking. We Look Into The Future of Flint, Sitting At The Table. Give Him A Helmet and Speak All Themes. WE Get a Note. Communicate With EveryOne In The Diner and Look At the Future. Going Out On The Street, Go to the Car. We Communicate With The Coppers and From The Rear Seat We Take the Cable. Call Stinks and Offer Her To Meet, Choosing The Right Answer. With The Help of a Card in The Glove Compartment, We Go to the Mom Bosco Laboratory. Go Down, Talking to Harry and Give Him A Pass. IN RETURN GET A LOTTERY TICKET. We Leave The Laboratory, Sit Down in The Car and Go Back. GO in the dnore and give a ticket stunky. We Take Broth with Racks. WE GO BEYOND THE RACK WHERE You Press The Green Button. Come to the Omitted Table and Go Down. Right Inspect A Bunch Of Garbage. REMOVE FROM THERE BATTERY AND SCANNER. We Go to the Gorilla Ship. CLIMB UPSTAIRS INTO THE ROOM WITH THE BRAIN. We Use Broth, Battery and Cable. He Finally Came to Life! Go Down DowN. We Communicate With A SUPERBRAUL THAT DOES NOT WANT TO LET US OUT OF THE SHIP. Call The Phone from the Wall. Playing Max Teleport to Stanka. Raise Your Mobile Phone. Then Teleport Sobil. GO TO THE SHIP, CLIMB THE SECOND FLOOR AND GO TOR CLOSED DOOR. From there Teleport to Stink. Talk to Him, Leaving The Latest Answer “We Love Skunkape”. Teleport to Stanka. To The Right of The Drawer Pick Our Belongings. Teleported in the Mom Bosco Lab. Aggressive Gorilla Captures Max, and Sam Thrown Out to the Street. We Go to the Left to the stairs and climb the roof. Keep Pigeon and Not Leaving, Switched to Max and Teleport to Stinks, The Phone IS Located At Sam. Gorilla Drops Down. GO DOWN AND GO TO THE LABORATORY. ON THE LOWER FLOOR, AT THE END OF THE ROOM, FROM THE SHELF, SELECT THE REMOTE. Let’s Leave The Laboratory. I Raise The Ring From The Earth. Teleport to the kopam. We use a scanner on the copies. Click on the Scanner, Put a Stinking Mobile Phone On IT and A Cup. We Go to a new location marked on the map. WE GO TO THE RIGHT, TO THE PIGEON. ON BOX OF PIZZA PUT A MOBILE PHONE.

THEN TELEPORT TO THE ROOF. Pick Up the Postcard and Phone, SAM and Max Descend Down. ON THE SCANNER WE USE A POSTCARD AND RING. Go to a new location. A Little Ahead Of The Car There Is a Hatch. Move The Cover. Playing Max, Look Into The Future at First The Hatch Lid, and then at the far end on the canisters with garbage. We Go To these Canices and Pull Out The Hose from the Banana. Put It On The Hatch Cover. Melted A Gorilla Trap. GO TO THE STORE AND LEAVE OUT THERE WITH A RACKET IN MY HANDS. We Use A Racket and A Piece Of Paper On The Scanner. We Are Going to A New Location. Playing for Max, Look Into The Future Of Sam. Sitting In A Cage, Communicate With Stunk. Teleport to Her Phone. ONCE IN AN UNKNOWN SPACE, TELEPORTED TO THE MOM BOSCO LABORATORY. SPEAKING WITH HER, WE TAKE THE GENERATOR FROM THE TABLE. Teleport to Stinks, Speak With The Brain. Krepim Light On The Back Gorilla. Teleport to Stinking (Snack Bar). We Go out and Go to the Hatch. Suddenly The Ship Appears and Starts Shooting US. Run Left To The Crack On Earth, Between Two Buildings. Teleport to Mobile Sibyl. We Go Through The Passage to the Left. The Left Is Still A Little Left, Pull It Out and Use It On The Drawer. RIGHT THERE IS A PASSAGE TO A SMALL ROOM. On The Socket We Use The Generator and Turn It ON. Next To the Power Rosette Turn on the Total Power Temperature. We use a racket on the gorilla. Watch the Final Roller.


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