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January 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Scooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight: passage
Scooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight: Game Walkthrough and Guide
ENTER YOUR NAME ACCOUNT). SELECT A LEVEL (Generally The All Lungs). We Look Started. Entered the Game. Look At The Flags Upstairs. IT IS NECESSARY THAT THE LOWER FLAGS WERE THE SAME. To Do This Flags Until A QUIET Signal “Taa Ta That”. I REMIND YOU THAT THE CAR IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS MENU. Click On the Pack of Scoobiikov and Give Them Scooby-Doo or Shegygy. ENTER THE “FALLEN” Door. Find in the City. Go to the Building with the inscription “War and Pir”. ENTER THE RIGHT DOOR. First You Will Hear A Telephone Conversation, And Then Will You Enter, You Will Look At The Conversation Team With the Old Woman Jane Mchagis. AT THE END SHE WILL SAY “AND I STILL CONFROTE”. In Order for It to Fulfill The Promise, Return to the Gun (The Door of the Middle Pink Door). ON WILL FIND A METELKA FOR WHICH YOU NEED TO CLICK (NATURALLY TO TAKE). IT Will Appear in the Menu On Fingertips. Take a Tetrel Jane. She Will Tell You Something. IT Will Seem to Tha This Is Nonsense.

To Find The Mirror for Reflection ENTER THE KIND OF “HOUSE” ON THE RIGHT. THEN HELP THE ACTOR TO GET OUT OF THE RUBBLE. Mirror Just He Will Not Give You. Go to the Door Hall and Meet With No Understanding Where We Take A Jerk (THAT IS, Click On IT). The Balls That He Assks You Will Collect During The Game, But for Now We Will Enter The Opened Left Door and Get Into the Dining Room.

Make A Task So That Maria Hernandez Keeps Trays Evenly (The Weight of All Cups and Plates Is Written On The Right). THEN OPEN THE LID THAT LIES ON THE TABLE. Whistled Cheeseburger. To Receive Skobikikov (Which You Need!!!) Click on Pop Mug. To Pour the Pop Press The Left Mouse Button That B to Move from One Table to Another Move The Mouse, Butt Would Would You Catch a Mug Just Go to the table. SO Earn About 6 Scoobikov. Now Go to the Kitchen (INLET WITH A BLUE CURTAIN). Talk to Evan Mchagis and Answer Questions. If You Need to Help Write Me. Go to The Door Was Blocked by Evan).

The Door Commits and It Will Need To Open A Screwdriver (IT Shines). But Before Going to Take the Shield! Return Toor of The Door of The Door Go to Sir Lencellot and Give Him A Shield. NOW Your Mirror! RETURN TO THE KITCHEN AND NOW GO FOR A BIG ARC ON THE RIGHT. There You Will Find A Red Ball (Remember Why He Is There?) Take Him and Carefully Learn The Poem That Will Tell You The Jester Boot!!! Bring The Mirror to the Large Mirror, Be Bored by Scoops and Enter This Mirror! THERE LOOK EVERY CHAMBER, But The Main Thing Is To Watch The Fourth, Where The Old Man Moves The Skull. REMEMBER HOW HE DID IT! Get Out of the “Casser Cool”. Click on the Jester to Repeat Verse and Go to the City. There You Must Enter A Round House with Pink Windows.

From Above Will Be a Bright Shield. REMEMBER THE VERSE AND CLICK ON THE CREATURES. ENTER THE CAVE. NOW ENTER THE LABYRINTH. Go On A Bright Path (Be Careful! ON AVERAGE AND COMPLEX LEVEL, THIS PATH IS LYING!) Now You Have a Fountain. Take The Secateur, Then Click on the Fountain. Throw There A Composed Cheeseburger and Grab Four Tokens. Click on the arrow “Balcony”, TheReby Returning to the Labyrinth. After The Labyrinth Dizziness, You Get In Place Near the Castle. Come to the “Entry for Staff”. IT Lies Another Blue Ball, Lost Firing. Jump Into The Hole in the Castle. Magically, You Will Find Yourself in the Dining Room. Now You Need to Go to the Souvenir Shop That In the City. BUY ONE BOTTLE THERE. NOW Come Back to the Dining Room and Go to the Kitchen.

Collect All Spilled Fat in A Bottle and Running in Weapons. HERE WE BREAK THE FAT NEAR THE RIGHT ARMOR AND MOVE IT. GO DOWN TO THE SECRET MOVE, GO TO A SMALL PASSAGE AND ABOVE THE HEAD OF THE VELLY FIND THE ROPE THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE. What Would Go Back to Your Previous Place and Click on the Right Bottom Corner. NOW It’s Time to Keep The Course in the Throne. Need to Go Into The Aforementioned “House”, But Already On the Left. “Give” A Stupid Secateur for Bushes, Which Found in a Labyrinth Sharpener With A Bike. SHEGGY AND SCOOBY SWEEP IT. Further Go to a Round House and From the Labyrinth Again. Get To The Balcony and Combat All The Spines, Then Crawl Up. First Go To The Far Door and Take A Book Lying On The Locker and the “Skull Code” (Remember as It Was In 4 Camera Cameragarlia?).

Magician Anziani Should Meet. Then You Need To Click On The Shiny Scrolls and You Will Have A Labyrinth Map (In General It, IF You Remember The Road from the Labyrinth, Lying, But in The Game As in Reality)! Return Back, Where Spines Are Cut Off, Well, and Go to the Labyrinth! You Need to Go to the WELL, Which is in the upper Right Corner. There, Finally, There Will Be The Last Ball of Boot. “Give” His Rope Well and Go Down. Take Ruby, Which Is Located Between Scooby and Vella. Go to the Palace. INSERT RUBY INTO THE THRONE AND WELCOME TO THE BLACK KNIGHT’S LAIR. Click on dust. Scooby Will Require 2 Skubika. Give Him Them and Click On Dust Again. NOW Go Through and Say Hello to the Brain. The Most Difficult Task Is Now To Solve Someone Else Such A Black Knight. IT CAN BE Defined by Evidence. Whose Things Are More, The Criminal.

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