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January 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Tales From the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride: Passage
Tales From the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride: Game Walkthrough and Guide

After The Entrance Video, Talk With Companions:

• He Had A Plan.

NEXT WILL BE THE CAT SCENE. Disclaimer in the Power Field and Click LKM. Move On The Power Field While Holding The W Key. Next, Click On Those Keys That Are Shown On The Screen. Shot a Small Robot in the Objectives, Until The New Dialog Branch Starts:

• We Will Bring The Door.

Chapter 2. About Mafios and Gladiators

Loading. Meeting with Vallori

Choose Any Answer, After Which, Take The Help of Atamani Vallori. Vallory This Will Not Remember. Confirm That You Are The Leader, After Which Finch Answer That Don’t Remember It. Finch is Remember. TELL VALLORY THAT PHOENIX IS TO BLAME. Vallory This Will Not Remember. Sharp the deal.

Tales From the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride: Game Walkthrough and GuideAcquaintance with Ataman Wallori.

Browse How Everything Was Really, Then Stop The Sadness. Thank Athena for Saving You From Vallory. Athena IS Remember. Turn Over The Sadness and Click On The Button. Talk ABOUT EVERYTHING AND WATCH TITERS.

Chapter 3. Road Adventure


Talk to Athena. TELL HER THAT YOU DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE. Athena IS Remember. ON THE ROOF, TALK TO A HANDSOME JACK. First Try to Hit His Palm, and then Tell Me That You Trust Him. Jack Will Remember The Two Of These Solutions.


After Talking With The Satellite You Will Find Yourself Inside The Dome. You can Inspect All Plants. Move Forward Until You Find Yourself in A Dead End. Behind a Huge Tree with Mushrooms on the Trunk, Find The Lever. LOWER THIS LEVER, THEN INSPECT THE JAMMED GATE ON THE LEFT SIDE. TRY TO REMOVE FRAGMENTS YOURSELF. Nothing Will Be Released. Ask a Loader Robot to Do It for You. Talk to Vol. The Decisive Moment Will Be The Part of The Dialogue WHEN IT NEEDS TO BE Cheered. TELL VING THAT HE HAS CHANGED SINCE. WOV WILL REMEMBER.

Tales From the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride: Game Walkthrough and GuideActivated Lords, Fiona and Reese.

Inside the Dome You Will Need to Inspect All the Active Points So That The Sadness Closes Into The Ball. Talk to Everyone, Inspect The Table and Sasha, Inspect The Table, Where It Is Reaping A Melon. Also Study The Map On The Table At the Window in the background, Coffee Maker, Plant and Box on the table on the left, Near Athens. If This Is Not Enough, Then in the Big Box To the Left Of Sasha, Find Money. The Room Has A Cabin That Will Allow You To Change The Appearance for Money.

WHEN YOU DO EVERYTHING, THE HEROINE MUST EMPHASIZE THAT IT SEEMS TO HER THAT SOMEON LIVES HERE. At this Moment, The Sadness Will Answer Something, After Which It Is Deactivated. Come and Try to Talk With Lords. Talk to An Unknown Scientist. Now You Need to Hack The Watchtower and Penetrate The Bunker, Where, In Theory, There Is An Improvement in the Lash. Support Champs, Asking Him to Search for Information About Atlas, Lord and Bunker. WOV WILL REMEMBER.

Chapter 4. Walk Through The Bobbin

Reesel and Sasha

Jump Over The Abyss By Clicking On The Specified Keys (Buttons). Next, Try to Climb Up, Clicking The Lkm On Active Area and Clicking Sevel Times The Q Key. TELL SACHET THAT YOU DON’T LET HER GO. SASHA WILL NOT FORGET.

Fiona and Athena

ON RIGHT SIDE WILL LIE THE BOX WITHIN WHICH YOU CAN FIND MONEY. Come to the Huge Bud Behind Athens and Click Lkm To See The Killer Plant. SHOOT IN TWO SMALL BOOTON ON THE SIDES OF THE PLANT. In The Blue Bud You Need to Shoot An Electric Charge, In An Orange Bud – An Incendiary Bullet. Next, SELECT THE RIGHT ACTION SO THAT FIONA JUMPED ON THE PLANTS.

Reesel and Sasha

Follow The Sasha, Reach The Flower and Give IT A Girl. SASHA WILL NOT FORGET. Next, Apply From Flying Beings. AS Soon As You Find Yourself Over The Round Things WITH A Hole and Click Lkm To Launch the Lift.

Fiona and Athena

AIM In The Turret On The Wall and Shoot In It With A Bio-Charge. Scan The Bottom Scanner from The Bottom (Just Select.

Chapter 5. Particle Garthy


Talking With A Fona, You Will Again Manage The Rice. You Need to Find Two Icons With Images Of Turvers, After Which It Is Possible to Open Them Consistently. Stop Athena From Killing The Last Scientist Atlas. See The Cat Scene.

Chapter 6. Screens In The Jungle

Appearance of Vallori

And Again The Same Ataman. Talk to Her and After Guard on the Right, Clicking the LKM.


Tales From the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch A Ride: Game Walkthrough and GuideSasha and Reese Are Trying to Save The Sadness On The Robot Loader.

During The Chase, Attack Mercenaries, Save the Sadness. As a Result, The Sadness Will Attract Improvement.

IN THE ROLE OF FIOTONS IT WILL BE NESSARY TO DEAL WILL BERIK. Help Athena, Shot In Two Small Buds on the Sides of the Killer Flower. Note That The Buds Now Change Their Color. Theraefore, You Need to Choose A Projectile Depending On What Color Bud. Move Left and Neutralize The Sniper, Firing In The Flying Creatures. Perform Actions, According to the Prompts on the screen.

Reese Neutralize Rockets, USE A Branch to Fly Through Cars.

And Again You Play for a Fion. PRESS THE KEYS SHOWN ON THE SCREEN. Provide INTO The Left Hand Of A Brick Ice Fragment. Get a Gun and Shoot In His Foot.

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