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February 8, 2022
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Tsarevna: Andes Medieval Russia Coaster: Passage
Tsarevna: And Medieval Russia Cuest: Game Walkthrough and Guide
One. INITIAL SCENE – “CITY SQUARE”. Go Left in the Scene “Square in Front of the Cabank” (In The Scene Beggar and Pig). Go to Kabak (Just Approach The Door). Scene “Cabac”: Quickly Take a Knife from the table (in the menu select “Hand”, Bring to the Knife and Click on the Mouse), Wait Wait The Score and Find Yourself in the Initial Scene.

2. Go to the right. Scene “Tupik” – Sits An Ancient Old Woman and Sometimes Passes a man with a bag. The Man Does Not Give Anything, Open The Door With A Knife (Choose A Knife in a Suitcase, To Put On The Door and Click The Door and Open the Door. Go to IT.

3. Shed “Sarai” – Take A Board and Rope, Go Back to the Scene “Square in Front of the Cabanka”, Where a Beggar and Pig. Go Berred In The Upper Left Corner of the Scene and Turn Right.

4. SCENE “WELL”. Knock On The Door (Hover Your Hand On The Door and Click The Mouse). A BOY WILL APPEAR. Give Him A Rope – He Will Give A Staircase. Go DowN.

Five. Scene “Yama” – Someone Digs a Pit. Give The Stairs, In Return to Get Money. GO TO THE LOFT LOWER CORNER IN THE CABANK “, THEN GO TO THE INITIAL SCENE. From the Initial Scene to Go Up. Scene “City Gate” (In The Left Corner of The Man, Near The Gate Guard). MEN TO GIVE MONEY, HE WILL GIVE A PASSPORT. Go to Kabak.

6. IN THE KABASKA IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER TO TAKE A POT WITH MILK. Go to A Dead End – Change The Old Woman To the Old Woman On The Silver Key. Go to The Barn, Go Beyond The Board. Scene “Underground River”. From the Suitcase to Take The Board, Visit The River and Click The Mouse. A Bridge Will Appear – GO On It. Hand Take a Board From A Suitcase, Choose A Board, Bring It To the Abyss and Click the Mouse. GO OVER THE BRIDGE – THE BOARD WILL FALL. Go Further on the Corridor.

7. Scene “Crossing Underground Strokes”. GO TO THE WELL. From the Suitcase to Choose A Pot With Milk, Bring to the WELL AND CLICK THE MOUSE. Snake Will Appear, Then Go to Any Move,

8. SCENE “Underground Traffic WITH HERMIT”. Silver Key Open The Door, Climb On The Stairs and Click The Mouse).

And. SCENE “STABLE”. Twice Talk to the String and Click The Mouse). He Will Give A Letter for a Girl With Goose From the Initial Scene. Get Out Of Stables.

10. SCENE “SWING”. Go DowN. SCENE “KREMLIN SQUARE”. Go Down in the Scene “City Gate”. IT Gets Out Of The Goal Down and Left, Wait. A Merchant Will Appear, Give Him A Clock, He Will Give Money. GO DOWN IN THE INITIAL SCENE, WAIT FOR THE GIRL WAITTER, SHE WILL GIVE A RESPONSE Letter and a Molding Apple.

In An Unregistered Version, You Will Not Be Able to Go On.

Eleven. Go Up in the Scene “City Gate”. Guardian Give Money and Go Up in the Scene “Kremlin Square”. Go to the left. SCENE “SWING”. GO TO THE “STABLE”, GIVE A STABLE WILL GIVE HORSESHOE. Climb Into The Underground Stroke (Hover Your Hand On The Stairs and Click on the Mouse), Send An Apple To Her Away, He Will Give A Ring. Go to the “Stable”, in “Swing”, down and left in the “kremlin square”. Go to “Cathedral”. THERE COME TO EEE ON THE ALTAR AND CLICK THE MOUSE). Get Out of the Cathedral in the “Kremlin Square”, Go Over The Wall of the Cathedral (Upwards).

12. Scene “City Wall” Wait for the Maiden, Give Her A Ring, It Will Open The Door. Go to the door. SCENE “BEAR”. Two Upper Entrances, The Right Bottom and The Staircase in the Lower Left Corner. AT The Bottom of The Scene Take A Pot With Tar. Go to the Rightmost. SCENE “Underground Stroke with Dripping Somewhere Water”. Go To The Door Where The Key Hangs and Take It. This Is The Key From Another Door of The Same Scene, But The Door Opens on the Other Hand. GO Back to the Scene “Bear”. Staircase. SCENE “BEGGARS AND THE BEAST”. Tar Open A Grid, A Lighter Set Up Stump – Beggars Will Free The Passage.

13. Go Down in A Circle (Bring Your Hand On The Stairs and Click The Mouse). WHEN THE MONSTER APPEARS, GIVE HIM A HANDKERCHIEF, BRING HER HAND ON THE STAIRS AND CLIMB UP. Scene “Wine Cellar”. Quickly Go To The Bottom of The Scene and Stand Behind the Barrels. Guard Will Appear and Will Slowly Get DRUNK. For the Third Time He Will Fall and Sleep. GOLDEN KEY WILL FALL OUT OF HIS POCKET. You Need to Take This Key and Barrel Of Wine Standing In The Left Corner. You Can Also Try Royal Wine Too, But No More Thanw Times. For the Third Time, The Hero Himself Gets Drunk, and He is Planted in a Dungeon.

Fourteen. Go Up. SCENE “LEFT WING PALACE”. Quickly Giving A Guide Barrel With Wine. Go to the Second Floor to the Left Door, Open The Door and Go There. SCENE “CHEST”. Hand Open Left Chest – Key. Go Back. In The Left Wing Of The Palace to Go to the Big Door of the Second Floor. Open These Doors. Scene “Foreign Guests”. Talk to the Left Guests Sevel Times, They Will Give Chewing Gum. Go Down to the Scene “Left Wing Palace”. Go to the Left Corner. In The Scene “Swing” Of Grandmas on the Bench to Give Chewing Gum, They Will Give An Egg.

15. GO TO THE SCENE “RIGHT WING OF THE PALACE” HAND OPEN THE RIGHT DOOR. SCENE “SONGY”. Go Up. SCENE “FOOD. Quickly Take A Pot With Honey On Right Table. Further Game on the Machine. The Hero Falls Into The Scene “Dtomnka”. Hand Quickly Hit The Guard, He Will Fall and The Hero Opens The Grid. Go to The Door On The Right Top Of The Screen. One of the Keys to Open IT. Scene “Crossing Underground Strokes”. GO TO THE WELL, GIVE A SNAKE EGG. Go to Any Move.

16. SCENE “Underground Traffic WITH HERMIT”. Go Up Stairs. Get out of the stables in the “swing”. Go Down to the “Kremlin Square”. Go Down in a City Gate. Go to the Lower Corner. From the Scene “Deadlock with Ancient Old Woman” To Go to “Sarai”, There Go Beyond The Boards, Go Down The Stairs to the “Underground River”. Hand Take a Handkerchief, Go Back. Get Out Of The Barn, Go Down to the Left Scene.

17. In The Scene “Square in Front of the Cabank” To Give The Horseshoe, He Will Give A Rusty Key. Go to the Scene “Well”. Rusty Key Open The Lock On The Well – Departs a Bat. Hand to Put On The Well and Click The Mouse. THE HERO CLIMBS INTO THE WELL. The Key To Open The Door, Go to the Upper Pass To the “Bear” Scene.

EIGHTEEN. Bear to Give A POT WITH HONEY (Hide a Pot with Honey On The Bear and Click on the Mouse). Bear Will Release The Chest. Hand Open Chest and Take A POT WIT GOLD. GO TO THE RIGHT UPPER MOVE IN THE SCENE “RIGHT WING OF THE PALACE”. Go to the Left Top Door. Hand Open Doors. Scene “Foreign Guests”. Wait for the Devote, show HIM A SCARF. Go for Him. IN THE SCENE “OFFICE” TO GIVE THE PAINTER GOLD. Go to the door. In The Scene “Throne Hall” Wait for the King’s Questiss. Correct Answer – Lyudmila. Final Scene – Exit The Game.

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