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January 20, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Virtual Villagers: Chapter 2 – The Lost Children: Passage
Virtual Villagers: Chapter 2 – The Lost Children: Game Walkthrough and Guide
If You Are Completely Desperate in The Passage of The Game, Or Rather Assessing The Puzzles, Then Read Below… But Still Advise You to Practice Your Brain On The Solution of Puzzles;)

Each Puzzle Is Painted by Number. Puzzles Are Sequentially Indicated: 1 – Left Puzzle In The Top Row and 16 Right Puzzle in the Lower Row. The REST – ReSpectively.

PUZZLE 1 THIS IS A BONFIRE TO DAMP. Drag One Of Your Temold to the Pile of Dry Wood In The Part of Southwest Village in Order to Collect Dry Wood. After the Wood IS Placed in the Dye, Carry The Villagers to the,. AS Soon As The Firewood and Dry Grass Were Placed In The Damp, Send The Settler to the Fire to Ignite It. Do Not Forget to Put Firewood in The Fire, So That He Is Not The Ground. The Burning Time Can Be Seen By Clicking On The Flame.

Puzzle 2 Will Be The Construction Of A Dam To Create A Place for SOWING.
After You Buy 2 Level Of Construction – Drag Settlers to the Clocks, Which in the middle of the stream. You Will See A Message: “He / She ProBably Can Build A Dam Here.”

Puzzle 3 Will Be Scarecrow, Which Will Help Protect Crops From Birds.
After You Have Built A Dam (and Have Plantations), Drag The Master or Adpt-Farmer to the Intertwined Roots, Which Are Located in the Northhern Part of the Village. Total 2 Walkers and Scarecrow Ready!

Puzzle 4 – Creating A Tool for Cutting A Black In The Top of the Card. After Purchasing 2 Levels of Research, Drag The Master-Scientist to the Northern Part of the Village, Where He Will See Something Among The Rocks A Brilliant Piece Of Metal Is Lying. Second Ward Direct The Scientist on the Roots of the Trees. After Collecting These 2 Components You Will Have Tools.

You Can Find Them in a Selinine On The Folding Flowers on The Map – The Message “He / She Sees a Strange Plant”.


Puzzle 7 Will Be The Destruction Of Algae in the Ocean. After Buying A 3rd Level Of Nutrition in A Pond With A Waterfall, You Can Catch The Fish Of Water Elements, Which Clean the Ocean and Settlers Will Receive An Unlimited Possibility in Fishing.

Puzzle 8 Will Be Removal of Colors That Cover The Wall on the East Side Of the Village.
After You Buy 3 Levels of Culture and Completed The Puzzle 4, Drag The Settler To the Wall with Flowers and the Will Begin to Cut.

PUZZLE 9 THERE WILL BE A COMPILATION OF A Different Type of Choder / Bravery.
After Opening 2 Levels of Expeditions, You Will Find A Bowler in A Pile Of Firewood and Attribute to the Fire. When Sending An Settler to the Fire, He Will Make A Number of Actions:
One. Put the Bowler on Fire
2. Bring Water
3. Add Food
Then You Need To Add Any 3 Herbs In Chan – Views Ready!
Attention! If A Green Cloud Rises Over A CHHAN After Cook – I Do Not Advise You to Feed These Your Village – I Will Work.
You can Collect Cooking Recipes and Watch How The Affect Your Settlers.

PUZZLE 10 REQUIRES LEVEL 3 BOTH CONSTRUCTION AND CULTURE. Drag The Settler In The Southeastern Part of the Card (Where the Precious Breed IS Breaking Through the Earth) – Start Digging.

PUZZLE 11 WILL BE A HOSPITAL DESIGN. After Purchasing 3 Levels of Medicine and Construction, You Will Have A Markup for The Construction of this Institution.

Puzzle 12 Will Be The Design of the Hut, Which Will Allow You to Change The Clothes That Your Villagers Are Worn. After You BUY THE LEVEL OF 2 CULTURES AND SCIENCE – THE MARKUP OF THE BUILDING WILL OPEN.
Change Clothes Will Be Possible for 5,000 Leaks.

One. Team of 3 Builders’ Masters Can Open A Box On The Beach, Where and Lies Part of the Gong.
2. After the Clear Thorns in the Cave Opens with A Place for Gongs and the first of its parts.
3. Magic Vapor from a Black Flower (Next to a Waterfall) and 2 Red (Next to the Mosaic).
Will Allow One of Your Village Not to Breathe and Get A Piece of Gong From The Bottom of the Pond.
4. After Graduating from Puzzles 6 and 10, Put The Totem to the Center of the Example Of A Piece Of Gong.

As Soon AS Gong Is Assembled, You Can Experiment with His Influences on Your Village. Shash in Gong Can Only Once a day.

Pleasant Cheating Game.

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