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January 20, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Voodoo Kid: Passage
Voodoo Kid: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Take a Bag With Clay, Come to the Workbench. Put a Little Clay from the Bag in the Mold and Move Away. Move The Box. Use the Lever in the Upper Left Corner, Next To the Picture. We Go to the Side of the Screen. Take The Bucket With Water and Pour It Into The Form on the Workbench. Take Medallion. Come to the Chest. Rotating Colored Rings To Be Directed Towards The Castle’s Handcack, and Its Limbs Were Connected and Smoothed to the Body. Click on Spider. Take Flute, Hat and Amulet. I Give A Hat Baron Butler, Get A Broken Quarter Card. We Use Flute On The Rope. NOW WE Use Amulet On Yourself and Turn to the Ghost. We Go To Where The Came From. We Pass In The Doorway, Boiled Boards. We Look At The Bookpin On The Right, The Book Will Fall From There. Her Belts Are The Instructions for Flute. Return Back and Use Flute on Drill. RejoICing, Pulling The Bone From The Rope. Screw The Bone To the Stairs.

Open The Porthole and Pass On The Other Side of the Cabin. Take A Scalpel On the Table and Cut a Rope on Which A Lamp Hangs. We Go Back and Close The Porthole. Approach with Candles and Light Them All in Turn. With The Help of The Appeared Pipette, Take A Little Yellow Wax with the Stand and the Stand. We Use The Resulting Mixture On The Medallion. The Medallion Must Become Green AS Lying Nearby. Lay Out Pieces of Received Card. We Go to the Left.

Take Scrap in An Open Chest. Behind The Christmas Tree We Find A Rope, Cutting It WITH A SCALPEL. Flying To The Right, We Select Small Boots That Are Lying Under Their Feet. NOW IT IS NECESSARY TO DESTROY COCKROACHES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, TRYING NOT TO GET INTO THE GAP. We Look At The Shelves and Use the Lever. We Pick Up 2 Shoes. Move ON.

Move The Bag with Grain, The Cellar Cover Will Open. WE SUBSEQUENT HER WITH A LOMIK AND GET A CHAIN ​​AND A BAG WITH ERASD IN POWDER BONES. AT The Top We See Hook. We Screw The Chain to IT and Leave On The Other Side Of The Screen.

Take The Right Knitting TWIGS AND GO ON.

We Inspect The Kitchen Utensils and Take A Screwdriver That Hangs Among Spoons-Turning. We Look Atue Table. Take A Cup With Jelly, Pour Crushed Bones From A Bag Into Shape and Add Jelly. Take What happypened. We Go to The Other Side Of The Screen, to gears from alarm clock. IT IS NECESSARY TO ACTUATE THE MECHANISM CONTROLLING THE CONVEYOR. We Collect Gear So That Come Into Contact With Each Other.Voodoo Kid: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Click The Mouse On The Switch with A Minus Sign. IN THE WALL BEFORE THE CLOCK SEE THE LEVER. We Select IT and Apply On A Large Unit. We Use The Lever to Get The Right Direction. Sit Down On The Conveyor and Drove.

Take On The Table On The Left Of The Hammer. We Go Back and Knock The Castle in the Bar With the Hammer. Take Water and Amulet. We Give Water Boutler and Then Use the Amulet. We Pass to the Fireplace.

Come to the Bathroom and Decide The Next Puzzle. IT IS NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE WATER IN THE SKULL AREA.Voodoo Kid: Game Walkthrough and Guide
Twinching The Winch. We Look At The Barrels and Take A Drink. We Look At The Department and Pick Up A Pad. We Go to the Left and Go Around The Mast with the Far Side Of the Screen.

I Give A Parrot What We Have Prepared in the Kitchen. Sit Down In The Puddle. Shoot Zombies, Preferably At Once Six, Otherweise You Will Walk In A Circle for a Long Time. Come Back to the Pool. Sadimsya.

We Look At The Gun. We Must Get A Piece Of Soap. 1 Time To The Right to the Gun 1 Time to the game to the right to the game. Shooting. Veser Stood in Places. Move The Gun On 1 Arrow To The Right, 2 Times Down. Shooting. SOAP Falls On A Swing. 1 More Sick Darling and Shoot. We Take Soap. We See In The Center of the Pillar. SPILL IT WITH A HACKSAW AND PICK. We Have 2 Hatchers.


Returning to the Deck and Give SOAP Captain. IN RETURN, WE GET A FEW PIECES OF THE CARD AND AMULET. We Use the Amulet On Yourself and Go to the Baron’s Cabin. We Look At The Compass, Take the Remnants of the Card and Collect It. We Read A Book That Lies On The Stand and Scare Bird. We Go Back and Come Back.

Put the Card On The Department on the Deck Before Steering Wheel. Come to the Deck. We Use Hatchers and Climb Upstairs.

Take the Rope. Put The Pillow On The Head of The Figurines and Meet With The Baron.

To Defeat Baron, It Must Be Battered Three Times In A Row, while it is eliminated by Air, The Fire With Water, And The Air – Fire.


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