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January 24, 2022
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2: Passage
Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Before Proceeding With The Review, I Advise You to Decide On The Choice of the Character and Not Change It The Game. I Chose Nite Owl, (Because It Looks Like Batman), But You Can Choose Whom You Want, For There Is No Significant Difference In The Plat for Different Heroes.

Chapter One.

The Game IS Encouraging – We Stand At Night On The Street of Red Lanterns. HOWEVER, WE CAME HERE, OF COURSE – DO NOT WALK, BUT TO BE NEEDED JUSTICE, AND THEREFORE WE SPREAD THE GUYS AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE BAR AND PENETRATE INSIDE. Inside the room calmly admire the striptease you will not be given, so do not decompose yourself with obscene species, and immediately accept the expansion of the territory and when you finish off the last batch of lovers go left, climb on the podium and go for The Scenes. Walking Along The Corridor, Find The Red Door, and Come Inside. After DisaSsembly, Get The Iron Gate So That Rorschach Could Crawl There, Destroy The Swirling Enemies and Go OUTSIDE. Outside There Will Also Be a Small Handful of Enemies, After the Liquidation of Which, Click On The Home, Then F, IF Your Nite Owl Character, And If You Manage Rorschach, Then Ride by Pipe. Entering The Building to Scatter The Enemies, Then Click on the Lever Between The Gate and Go Back to the Bar, Then Go to the Next Door. Break Down With The Fight Past The Bolnitsa Booths, Then Again, Like Last Time, Get The Gate for Rorschach, and Go to a Kind of Hangar Where the Big Battle Is to Be. After this Battle, GO Through The Corridor, Then You Will Be Taken to the Cinema (Again – It Does Not Cost with Fighting) And Go to the Home Key to Mention, in General, Nothing Complicated on the Way, But In The Video Compleks The First Chapter, You Will See How Rorschach Is Cruel to Deal With the Director of this Institution.

Chapter Two.

The Action of this Chapter Will Mainly Take Place On The Street of the City and It Will Begin As Always Will Bad Guys, Which This Time Will Be Even More. SO, WE BREAK THROUGH THE FIRST LINE OF ENEMIES, THEN OPEN OF THE GATE AND TEEM INTO THE SLICES TOEE SECOND, After Which Wo Find Yourself in A Dead End, But The Time to Surrender and That Hangs from The Roof of the Building. THEN (IF You Are Nite Owl) Go Down, Beat The Gangsters and Open The Door for Rorschach. NEXT WILL FOLLOW ANOTHER SMALL SERIES OF DRAK, After Which We Again Come to the Main Street of the City. We Again Make Your Way Through A Few Dozen Enemies, Then Raise The Gate, Fight Off From A Small Handful Of Gangsters and Clan to the Roof Ring. Again, ENTER THE FIGHT, After Which We Descend From the Upper Floors Down and Open The Gate, Where the Partner Is Already Expecting US. Further, Together, Push The Jewelry Doors, Kill Bad Guys and Wait Until Rorschach Will Open The Entrance to the Alley for us, And While He Opens It, You Can Practice The Fighting Brain Techniques. Going In The Alley, You Can Evaluate Which Battle Is Waiting for US, So I Advise You to Stock Well Forces and Cartoon Before Entering The Battle.

Chapter Three.

This Time We Came To Chew In A Steep Mansion. Tusovka Begins With a Fight with Two Fat Perverts, Followed by Two Ladies, Less Thick, But Not less Perverted. After The First Fight, Clan Rorschach by Pressing the Switches to the Left of the Entrance. We Rise To Second Floor and Go to the The Big Hall (GET READY FOR A BIG Batitle), Then Pass on the Door Toor to the Left and See How The Most Importan Pervert Runs Away From US, Waiting for the Cell Until The Cell Goes And Go Beyond Her. The Next Room Will Be a Dining Room, Then The Bath, And Then A Bedroom With All The Increments for Shooting Erotic Video (All These Items of Our Hike Are Equipped with Everything). After the Bedrooms, Talk On The Stairs and Aunt Runs Away From US (You Can Rip Out Anger On Fat Men), Then Pass Through the Bridge on the Other Side Of The Room and Go to Another Hot Fake Girl. We Ride On The Second Floor, We Pass a Little Along The Dark Carbonate, Filled with Nasty Fat Men and Beautiful, But Not Educated Girls. I FINISH WHERE BELLOWS AND RIDE ON THE ROOF, WHERE WE ARE AREDY WAITING FOR A HUGE HUGE HOLES UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE GIRL, Which Suffers Mania. If You Think That by Breaking Belly, Get To the Main Culprit of Our Novel, The Number of Porn-Amazons, But Only then We Will Finally Get To their Leader. Kill This Girl Will Be Easy, The Main Thing Is Not Forget to Use Your Abilities (E, Q), And Everything Will Be a Beam. When You Finish Will An Attack of Rage, And We Will Not Attack of Rage, And We Will Not a Anything to Do, Except to Kill and His.

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