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February 10, 2022
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer


Day 1.
Horny Attacks Director.
IN THE CLASS MS GLASS DO NOT TRAK ATTACK IT. Willy Pretends That He Has A Toothache and Get Rid Of the Teacher, But The Nurse Must Be Said To the TERUTH.

You Can Pretend to Priyanka and Sit Writing An Essay and You Can Get Out Of Class As Soon AS The Teacher Will Fall. But In Front Of this, Clap on the table and take a piece of wood and chalk.

COMING OUT OF CLASS YOU WILL MEET A COACH THAT WILL REQUIRE YOU HALL PAZ. Click to Call The Inventory, Write White Chalk On the Table of the Word ‘Hall Pass’. Click On IT and It Will Close Inventory. Give IT to Coach. Go to the toilet. In The Toilet Spider Will Require Something From You. Give Him Toys. NOW YOU CAN LEAVE SCHOOL.

If You Hurry, You Can Intercept The Letter That Sent Your Parents Director. Take a Letter. Go to the Kitchen. Talk to Mother. Shake Brianna, But Do Not Stop. Mom Makes You Cut Carrots and You Cut Your Finger. Climb in the Bath. PRESS TAB TO ACTIVATE THE ROOM. The Arrow Will Indicate The Shelf. Click On It And Take The First Aid Kit. Take Advantage Of Iodine and Plaster.

RETURN TO THE ROOM AND PLAY WITH NINTARI. You Will Not Be Able to Do This Until The Finger. Go to the Dining Room and Bunch. BE PAINKA AND GIVE A LETTER TO DAD. He Will Get Angry and Give The Keys To Nintari Sister. Go Up. Mother Will Ask for a Sister Air Conditioner. Go to BRIANNE AND HELP HER RETURN TO BED. GO TO THE BATH. You Will See Air Conditioning and Keys on the table. THERE ARE SEVERAL OPTIONS HOW TO SELECT KEYS. First – Use The Effect Of The Frightened, Take the Keys. Second – Take A Phone Book and Use On It. SHE WILL GIVE YOU KEYS. (Although this option is not recommeneded, t.Then. HE CAN COME IN HANDY.)


Day 2.
Wash The Car and Father Will Give You $ 5. Climb on the top. Talk to the Gym with My Father. EXIT HOME AND GO TO A WOODEN FORT. Talk to Friends. Take a Book. Look, Horny Fell in Love with Gigi. Aftert That, Leave The Fort and You Will Find The Pizzeria. Give A $ 1 Person and He Takes Pictures Of Your Team. Now You Will Deal With A Spider, Answer Him Honestly and He Will Let You Go to the Bath. In The Bath, Take The Name “No Smoking ‘and Exit. Spider Will Require You Again. Give Him a Book. NOW Get Away From There Quickly. Go to Park. BUY FOR $ 1 COLA. Click Horny and To The Earth To Prepare The Jump. HORNY JUMP FURTHER AND PRESENT A GIFT GIGI. Give Him A Cola and Make It Jump, From Fat. EXIT PARK. Go to East Frumpton. Go to the Fountain and Take A Sign. Other Do Not Touch. Talk to the Woman at the Checkout. Come to the Lottery Machine, Insert A Ticket. Go Home.

You Will Be Presented With A Nurse. Go to the Kitchen and in the Dining Room. The Nurse Will Turn Into The Mouse and Starts To Pester. Save The Game. RUN TO THE BATH AND TAKE HAIR SPRAY. Go to Brianna’s Room, Take the Mouse. RUN IN THE LIVING ROOM. Click on Vacuum Cleaner. Click Spray On Bat. Click on the table. WHEN THE BAT RUSHES ON HER, CLICK ON THE TARGET. End of the Day.

Day 3.
Go to Fort. Talk to Friends. With The Muravyev. Excite. Go to Western Frumpton. Give A Sign Of A Person. Straighten The Ferry. Take Pictures Of Tourists. THEY WILL GIVE YOU A CHERRY BOMB AND AN ASTERISK OF NINJI. Go to tootsweet. Go to Plumbers Union. Listen to Louis. EXIT. Go to Golden Bowl Tavern. Talk to a man trying to enter the tavern. Continue Attempts UNTIL THE COMPANY APPEARS. YOU WILL CAST THE KEY. Save The Game. Throw A Gang Bomb. UNTIL THE SMOKE DISPELS, OPEN THE FIRE CRANE KEY. EXIT. Go to tootsweet. If You Are Polite With Tourists, They Will Help You. After Victory Over A Gang, You Will Go Home. Go to Sleep.

Day 4.
Go to Fort, Talk to the Girl. Go to Western FUMPTON, GO. Go to Plumbers Union. Go to The Office Through the Window. Click on the table. Louis Will Appear on Which Use the Seal, Take the Certificate. EXIT. Give The Shape Of A Person. Give Horny Bank. HER Eating Turbo Frog. IN ORDER TO TAKE FIRST PLACE TO BE PRACTICED. Just Jump Often, But Not Blind.

Aftert That Go to Tootsweet. You Will See. In The Guard Room, Click The Chain Key. Click The Key and Chain On The Guard. TELL THE ‘HOOPA, COILER, AGAMENON". IT WILL INSTANTLY TURN OFF. EXIT. Go to the New Toy To the Shelter (Harbor). LOOK INSIDE AND TAKE THE TAPE RECORDER. Go to Frumpton Mansion. Talk To The Parrot, Just Follow The Speech, T.Then. HE CAN RAISE EVERYONE ON HIS FEET. Go to the table. Take a TableCloth and a Cup. Here You Can Call Inventors, Clicking On The Chair. See How These Two Are. Go to the Corridor. Click The Statue TableCloth. NOW SHE WILL NOT MAKE NOISE. Take a Piece with a Card.

Go to the Kitchen. Throw The Cup in Coca. IT Grills Her. Character After N. Pour The Sewing Syringe on The Floor Next To the Stove. Click on it and Pushed to Coca. EXIT AND YOU FIND YOURSELF ON THE KITCHEN. Click on the conveyor. You Jump Out Before Cocom, Which Will Start Shouting. Put The Thing Town On The Map On Her Head. IN ORDER TO FREE THE FROGS, CLICK ON THE RIGHT BUTTON. EXIT. You Will See. After You Choose From The Water Go to Plumber Union. Go to the Phone Booth. Place The Tube on the Tape Recorder. Start Recording. Dial The ‘XXXSIGN’ Number and Stop Recording. THEN CALL RAY GB IN AND TURN ON THE ENTRY. Go to GB. ENTER THE TAVERN. Give A Lottery Ticket Man. After Jolts, Take The Calendar. Go to the Workshop and Give A Worker Calendar. IN ORDER TO GO TO SHOW A SECURITY CERTIFICATE.

Inside Quickly Go to The Control Point. Open and Turn the Switch. Press The Buttons In The Following Sequence: Brown, Purple, Green, Purple. Turn The Joystick and It Will Kill Two Persecutors. Exit Right.

Come to the Control Panel. Turn it ON. ENTER THE AIR, PRESS ENTER. Two Guard Diets. ENTER TRAM AND PESS ENTER. A MAN WILL THROW IN YOU A HAT. Raise IT and Throw It Back. So you get rid of it. JUMP INTO THE CAR AND EXPLORE THE TUNNELS.

In The Tunnel, Move Forward, Right, Left, Forward and Left, You Will Meet in Tunnel, Move Forward, Right, Left, Forward and Left Gordon. Save The Game. WITH THE HELP OF IT TO FOOL ON BAD GUYS. CHANGE THE CURSOR TO ‘+’ AND CLICK ON LEONA. She Will Fall Along Will Louis-Ohm. PRESS TAB FOR ON. The Active Zone of the Screen and Click on the Red Arrow. Mud Will Fall Out Of The Pool – You Saved My Father. See Screensaver.

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