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Winx Club: Passage

Following the blue rabbit

Our main heroine Bloom was the most common (attention, brand!) and, to put it mildly, a closer girl. It was common in the fact that Bloom and knew did not know how the fate was caked by her fate (in the role of destiny, of course, developers) – to become a fairy, save Madzhiks and then on the list. And the nearestness was that she didn’t hear a dream about the misadventures of a certain girl Alice, who also had a misfortune to run over the rabbit. So, proceed…
Handmade rabbit Kiko frightened to death and bloom, as a caring hostess decides to find out what could scare beloved pet. I do not think that the management will have problems, but it is better to rebuild… Arrow up – forward;arrow down – back;Arrow left – left;Arrow to the right – right;Space – Jump. Come to the in love with a couple, politely pass and condemn, don’t you go gut. The guy gets up and unlocks them.

It is strange: if you approach the girl sitting on the bench, she will relieve something like something like “What happiness that the gate is open! I had to hang around here all night!”. But it does not move. Apparently, night “outward” not the best way influenced her brains.

Learning to jump, collecting diamons, torment the poor trees, shaking the stars from them, and notice strange white circles – they will come to us later. Oh, yes, also open the chests. Open, shake the stars using ENTER. And here is the first opponent – an unknown creature of red. Shoot fire (or that she has?) – left mouse button, aims right. Defeating the enemy, go on. We approach the wall, next to which the “beneficiary of health” grows, we climb on it and get into a new location. Another red demon (I do not know what it is, I will call this) threatens life and health… No, not peaceful citizens, and KIC O (Handmade Beast, if you remember). Naturally, Bloom can not intervene (SDP, a good character syndrome)! Now we can also put the shields using the Shift button. Ah yes bloom, well done! Having finished with the demon, we begin to portray the climbers, famously jumping from the cliff to the breakdown, pulling up on the hands and deftly avoiding the stonepad. Apparently, Bloom was proud of the local sports section. Transition to a new location, the next shocks with demons, avoiding falling stones – nothing special. Komnepada generally need to be afraid of the least, the shield put and no stone causing you harm. the beauty! So, we finally get to the destination and… What do we see? The next incomprehensible something takes away from the winged blonde in orange some saccha (ah, it was a rod? not like). Because of the SDP, you have to intervene. In this place, we will see in humiliaries in the irrefutableness of the theorem on ordinary girls and boys. Bloom with us, it turns out, fairy! Giant one of the weaker bosses in the game, so it is not difficult to win it. You can simply fly with circles, yes pick up the mana (magic energy) dropping out of the sacca (only black and do not take, they pull up the power), but to put the shield when white energy flames appear above the giant. And do not forget to throw themselves very hard with the balls when the red arrow appears above the giant with the image of the skull. This means that if you hit it now, then damage will be greater than usual. The grateful Fairy Stella will tell Bloom about the Madzhiks Universe and, in particular, about the School of Alpharey (Heh, Salfa), where young fairies are studying. The path of our heroine lies there. To the new, unknown world of Madzhiks.

Girl Hogwarts

We look at the cartoon roller about how Bloom says goodbye to the parents and goes to school, where finally, after listening to the lectures of the directories, remain granted by themselves. I immediately go to look for your room, good, it is easy. There is a girl near your door, which will confirm that it is yours and the room, and the inscription Bloom next to the names of other girls – the faces also points to it. We go into the room, get acquainted with the neighbors and talk about the ball and handsome – specialists. Bloom will complain about the lack of a decent dress and will advise her to go to the local Fashioner – Luma. You can go to Luma and later, while we will deal with side assignments (quests).

It is strange: do not be lazy after talking to go to Stella’s room (she, apparently, the most “cool”, one in the room lives) and look at the photo of the cheerful five. And now we will think together: since the acquaintance almost passed five minutes, where then the photo? But it can be seen that they do not break water, but in order to become such good friends required much more than five minutes…

All without exceptions, side quests are built according to the principle of bringing / take and take away / bring. The first tasks can be obtained from Flora and Stella (above people who have a task for you, a yellow alcohol is burning). Note: After talking about the ball, you will simply come out and go back to the location, girls will differ. FLORE It seems that your animal kico looks insufficiently happy. Perhaps vegetables from the ground can be corrected? And Stela lost his favorite earrings in the battle with giant and now in sorrow. Who will help her? Bloom! But before you go to the tasks, it is best to walk to the library, where we will be taught to solve an easy puzzle (it is necessary that several certain identical characters lined up in a row appeared on the turntance). This is done using the R key. You can also look into the library and cute with Vizgiz, who will explain that the Fairy stars can acquire cards contained in the apparatus in the other end of the library. Now you can go to perform side quests in Gardenia. To do this, go to the main goal (of which you came to Alfay) and click ENTER. Now you can slowly break the carrot for the flora (Ra Steat on one of the lawns on the side), to solve the riddles of white circles, having earn the stars, seeds of dragon flowers (one petal is added to the flower of lives), moths (if you collect five pieces, Bloom receives a new strength and rank). But to search for earrings Stella have to run to the very glade where the battle occurred. Earrings are almost not visible because of the little flowers of yellow, but when the ENTER approaches them, so it is easy to find them. Attention: earring two pieces! Left and Rural. I am telling you so that you do not like one…EEE…Non-clear reviewer, with foam at the mouth who claimed that in order to get all the earrings, it is necessary to run on the Polyana twice (especially for him: drink yadu, and then sit back to write a review). Well, he never seen earring, you know. You can return to Alifa (for this, go to the conservation crystal and select “Return to Alfea”) and distribute it with a happy girlfriend. Now you can think about yourself. We go to the luma (her room is downstairs, on the left, Looma has an inscription on the room). Luma admire the appearance of Bloom and says that with pleasure will make a dress if she finds out scissors. We go to the ballroom (earlier the doors were closed there), jerk (!) on the right table, we run on it to the end and find scissors. Believe the Luma and get a blue dress (subsequently, Luma can bring various items from which it will sew a bloom of outfits, as well as selling finished clothes, the cost of one – 60 crystals). We run into the ballroom, we are all waited! We look at the roller, where everyone is jealous of the Bloom dress. Then one of the specialists is suitable for us and is represented by Brandon (how you will communicate with him, will greatly affect the final). In order for the guy to be satisfied with your communication with him, you need to tell him about how you like in Magizhiks and sadly sigh that you can not talk with him longer, maybe somehow?..

Young naturalist

Everything is good someday, but ends. The ball ended, and ahead of us is a lesson for Professor Palladium. Rather to Ne! At the same time we get another task from the flora: she always wanted to have a small browse carnivorus, a predatory plant, which grows only on the swamps, where, in fact, we go. And for Palladium, it is necessary to find three fairies, hidden in different places (white circles hanging in the air, come together, press R). So we are in the swamp. We study new techniques: Now, using the left mouse button, you can produce three balls at a time and holding the button, produce energy and help (optional, but better to help, get a petal of a dragonflower flower) to the ability of Amaril and her team. Oh yes! If you see a white clover, boldly press ENTER, you will help your friends (in this case, Flora will grow ivy in which you can hang up). In principle, there is nothing on the swamp, with which it would be impossible to cope. With Kazah, only that the Cvetus for the flora is located next to the big clouds (you can not kill them, so you need to be careful when you pass by). Also on the swamp are subject to Luma: flower and silk worms. We help to help the specialists from the Red Fountain, who was crashed because of what the troll, whom they were lucky, escaped. The task of catching, as usual, will fall on fragile shoulders fairies. And guys like that on the sidelines. Go to the description of the battle. Cost to note that there is practically no sense. Attacks are weak, and you can ask for them only once for the battle (key – space). Consequently, “killing” will be engaged in Bloom. Tactics are still the same, fly in a circle, put the shield when you see that the troll begins to stall, yes in time of mana pick. After the victory, we look at the cartoon – the saver about the appearance of the witch from the cloud tower, capturing in captivity, and requiring the ring of Stella in exchange for her life (they think that the fire of the dragon is enclosed in it). Bloom convinces stele to give the ring, because if the fight becomes, then the tech may suffer. Ring is given, tehna saved.

Did not wait? And here we came!

Reading a book, Bloom will find out more about what the Stella Ring is made and thinks about who could tell more about the Great Dragon. In order to give the Teamous Flora again, we go out and go to the location, it will sit on the sofa. Go to the Music Room – the string was broken on the guitar and you need a minotaur hair in order to replace it (for hair she will give you a musical necklace, from which Luma will make you an outfit). You can then walk to the Cabinet of Directress, which will tell you about the Great Dragon, which created the Universe of Madzhiks and settled on the Sparks Planet (Spark), which became the center of magic, thanks to his strength. However, the witches, the thirsty authorities destroyed the planet in search of the legendary fire of the Dragon. After the conversation, it is necessary to approach the wall and pick up the leaflets with a strange story about witch wets, frightened dragons (Qi Fries are code). You can go to Professor Palladium and pass the quest, having received a deserved award. Side tasks have become more and almost all related to books. The director asks you to find the books in the library necessary for it for classes: “Magic wand control for five steps”;”How to whiten a dragon bone”;”Flora and Fauna of Black Marsh”. We go to the library and are looking for all the necessary books. The librarian Vizgiz, in turn, wants us to go to search for girls who did not pass the books on time: Amaril (where without her!);Pia and Ness. Ba! So this is our “marsh acquaintances”! Ness in the Baln Hall, on the landing on the right. Asks who of the listed guys is not a specialist. Answer: Braven. Nessa gets the right answer, and we get books. Pia stands near the locker with a statuette of the Red Tower (or what it is there?). It is wondering that from the listed it is not a magical school. Answer: Fountain cloud. Another task will give Grizeld (aunt in glasses) – E th, the book is needed on strict discipline. Amaryl is located in the corridor near the ballroom on the right (if you become back to the goal with which you can return to the places where we were already). Wants to know who is the director of the Alpharey School. Answer: Faragona. Return to your room and watch a cartoon where girls think about how to return the ring of stella, because soon the control on spells, and without the ring that powerless! Go down and approach the cabinet with a cloud tower statuette and enter the code written on the leaflet (for the lazy: 3921). We take the statuette and go to the right pass (ballroom), where we install a statuette to the pedestal. Go to the portal appeared in the picture. After talking with girlfriends, take the book for Grizeld on the left (glow). Jugs can be broken with fire. Near the glowing doors click R, they will open. Pull the lever, the staircase will appear, scroll through it. Then simply turn the levers, no difficulties will arise. MINOTAVRA WOMEN FOR MUSE Take a big sleeping minotaur. Witch Room: Darcy, Isy and Storm. Take in the room a snowflake for Luma, Ring Stella – in a pile of garbage. In the library, Bloom honors a book where he learns a little about himself, however, Miss Griffin’s director will spend offenders and interrupt exciting reading. Get rid of stone golems, spiders and something to the end of the dining room. There we meet with another boss (Zhoko – some kind of lava). Tactics Simple: We fly, fly, do not stop, select the spheres on the go and decide the freak balls. Winning, watch the screensaver. After it, we find yourself in a dark hall and go to name to parents (dramatic scene!). Hear noise in the ballroom and go there. This is true! Witches from the cloud tower decided to apply the Alfay of the return visit. Cong with spider and see how something like a dragon appears from Bloom. In the roller Bloom in a dream again visits a strange woman in a mask.

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