50 useful tips, hints and secrets for the game GTA 5


We present to your attention a list of useful tips and tricks for the game GTA 5, they will come in handy when passing this game!

  1. When you click on the right arrow on the D-pad, you will start interacting with the game NPC.
  2. Using the “point of interest” function on the map, you can mark many points of interest.
  3. If you’re out walking with Chop, use LT (X360 / XONE) or L2 (PS3 / PS4) to tie the dog to you.
  4. There is one trick – you can carry your bike in the back of a truck.
  5. In GTA 5, smaller missions (or mini-missions) are indicated on the map with blue dots.
  6. Orange skull icons on the map represent special crazy rampage missions for Trevor.
  7. If you want to understand what missions are available to you at the moment for this character, take a look at the map. Missions for different characters have different colors: Michael has blue, Franklin has green, Trevor has orange.
  8. When switching between different characters, be aware that the number below them indicates the number of missions available for that character.
  9. We want to give one piece of advice – try to rob a cash-in-transit vehicle. To do this, you need to open the back doors of this car (shoot them or blow them up). Following this, cases with money will fly out of the car. A meeting with a cash-in-transit vehicle is a random event that can be found near gas stations.
  10. To rob almost any store in GTA 5, you must go into the premises so that the door closes behind you. When you leave, stop right in the aisle so that your character starts to hold the door to the store open. You will be able to get your weapon and shoot at the cash register. In this case, bags of money will fall to the floor. Sadly, not all stores have such a cash register.
  11. To restore health, you should find medicines in your homes or look for a liquor store or vending machines to buy food. Moth services also replenish your health bar. The effect is the same when switching between characters.
  12. If you need to hide from the police, here’s our advice – use the bushes. In this case, your character’s arrow will turn gray, which means they no longer know where you are.
  13. When you complete all tasks in the shooting gallery of the Ammu-Nation store for a gold medal, you will receive a 25% discount on all goods in this store, at the same time increasing the characteristics of shooting. This valuable tip will save you a lot of money.
  14. We advise you to improve your driving performance first, as it will be useful to you the most.
  15. By pressing the right arrow on the crosspiece, you can turn the flashlight on or off on your barrel.
  16. To buy the maximum amount of supplies for your weapon in the Ammu-Nation store, you can click on the button that is responsible for switching between buying the maximum amount and purchasing one store. These are X (X360 / XONE) and square (PS3 / PS4). On Xbox 360, it’s X, and on PS3, it’s square.
  17. If you want to shoot and run at the same time, then hold the right trigger for this. And in order to make a somersault, you need to hold one of the triggers and press X / ☐.
  18. Being in the car, and pressing the left bumper, you can show your middle finger to others. But first, you should check if you have a weapon in your hands. You can switch by pressing X / ☐.
  19. To dive you need to jump and then press B / ○.
  20. The next time you stand at a traffic light, try to roar the engine, there is a chance that the nearest car will take part in drag racing with you.
  21. When exploring the distant zones of the huge GTA 5 map, you can quickly return to the zone with missions by changing the hero.
  22. For a fast travel around the world of GTA 5, we recommend placing a marker on the map and calling a taxi. On the phone, the taxi is labeled Downtown Cab Co.
  23. If you want to find a parachute, then you need to climb to the top of the highest mountain in the game. The coveted backpack is located near the exit from the funicular. Press A / x to deploy the parachute. After a single appearance in your inventory, it will automatically be used when jumping.
  24. There is scuba gear in GTA 5 that allows you to dive to great depths, although when equipped, there is no wetsuit and fins. You can find him behind the shipyards on one of the piers.
  25. To avoid getting a wanted level at the airport, you need to buy one hangar.
  26. If you want to fly the cropduster in GTA 5, look for it on the Trevor McKenzie Field Runway. These planes often land here.
  27. After the purchase of the Mackenzie Field Hangar, a twin-engined aircraft will appear in it.
  28. If there is a need to urgently land on the plane, and you cannot find the runway, we recommend using the autobahn or the beach.
  29. In GTA 5, you have the opportunity to buy a helicopter or an airplane through the Internet browser on your phone at elitastravel.com. Order military equipment at warstock-cache-and-carry.com. After you have purchased a vehicle, it will be delivered to the hangar.
  30. You can hook up and move various vehicles using The Cargobob helicopter, which is a cargo helicopter.
  31. If you want to avoid hesitation when using the helicopter, then take advantage of our advice – hold down the right and left triggers.
  32. To get rid of searchlights on police helicopters in GTA 5, you need to shoot at them.
  33. To save money, try buying various products on the Internet – they are usually cheaper there.
  34. To quickly close the browser on your mobile phone, press Y / ∆
  35. After killing a passer-by who has just used an ATM, you will receive a lot more money.
  36. Using his special ability, Trevor can survive after hitting the ground hard (falling from a great height).
  37. For more accurate shooting from the car, you can use Franklin’s special ability.
  38. You can increase the time of Michael’s special ability with yoga.
  39. To avoid the appearance of a chase, you can drive into the tunnel.
  40. If you want to dial a number on your phone, go to your contacts list, press X / ☐, enter the number, and then press X / ☐ again.
  41. Another useful tip is that during cutscenes you can use a pause.
  42. In order to get more money for robberies, you need to hire the best shooters, drivers, hackers.
  43. You can make a call to one of the main characters and meet for a joint pastime.
  44. When the missions are over and it is not known how to continue the storyline, try changing the main character.
  45. You can reply to emails, which will increase the degree of immersion in the game world.
  46. If you want to increase the “hardcore”, you can turn off the radar and HUD, so you will lose the ability to see the police and people on the minimap.
  47. In order to get small discounts in stores and new services, try to go to the local Lifeinvader social network and subscribe to the pages of various people and companies. This is how you can unlock a new hairstyle by signing up for Herr Kurtz Barber.
  48. In order to unlock the achievement “Out Of Your Depth”, you must be eaten by a shark. Find a boat and sail far into the open ocean until the water around you darkens. Then wait for the shark to appear (it will be marked with a red dot on your map) and jump into the water. Soon you will become shark food and get the coveted achievement.
  49. When playing GTA Online, you can visit the bank’s website from your mobile phone and transfer your money to a bank account without an ATM.
  50. Helpful Hint for Multiplayer – To get a free shotgun in GTA Online, head over to Ammu-Nation. When choosing a weapon, scroll to the right and after the rocket launcher you will find your free shotgun, though without ammo.
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