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May 12, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion: Council (Cities in English)

I was looking for a long time where you can see it normally and decided to do everything myself, I tried to remove the names of the lands and our beloved Barbarikor. If there is no city, then maybe I erased it, thinking that this is land.

{Barbaricorum} Barbaricor

{Vicus_Saxones} Settlement of the Saxons

{Campus_Barbaricum} Barbarian Settlement

{Tribus_Alanni} Land of the Alans

{Scythica} Scythian

{Campus_Alanni} Alanya

{Campus_Sakae} Sakia

{Hibernica} Hibernica

{Tara} Tara

{Victrix} Victrix

{Eburacum} Eborak

{Campus_Sarmatae} Sarmatia

{Britannica} Britannica

{Londinium} Londinium

{Campus_Burgundii} Settlement of the Burgundians

{Vicus_Vandali} Vandal Settlement

{Campus_Frisii} Frisian Settlement

{Campus_Chattii} Hutt Settlement

{Campus_Lombardi} Settlement of pawnshops

{Minervia} Minervia

{Colonia_Agrippina} Colonia Agrippina

{Vicus_Franki} Settlement of the Franks

{Vicus_Sarmatae} Sarmatian settlement

{Belgica} Belgica

{Gallicana} Gallicana

{Samarobriva} Samarobriva

{Campus_Marcomanni} Marcomanne settlement

{Scythica} Scythian

{Campus_Roxolani} Roxolani Settlement

{Primigenia} Primigenia

{Augusta_Treverorum} Augusta Treverorum

{Lugdinensis} Lugdunia

{Flavia_Gallicana} Flavia Gallicana

{Lugdunum} Lugdun (Avarik)

{Vicus_Alemanni} Alemanni settlement

{Campus_Quaddi} Quads settlement

{Campus_Iazyges} Yazyges settlement

{Gemina} Gemina

{Colonia_Dacia} Colonia Dacia

{Raetia} Retia

{Concors_Italica} Italian Confederation

{Augusta_Vindelicorum} Augusta Vindelicorum

{Noricum} Norik

{Pia_Italica} Pia Italica

{Carnuntum} Carnunt

{Pannonia} Pannonia

{Adiutrix} Adiutrix

{Aquincum} Aquincum

{Aquitania} Aquitaine

{Gallicana} Gallicana

{Burdigala} Burdigala

{Colchis} Colchis

{Apollinaris} Apollinaris

{Kotais} Kotais

{Atropatene} Atropatene

{Parthica} Parfica

{Phraaspa} Fraaspa

{Iulia_Alpina} Julia Alpina

{Massilia} Massilia

{Aemilia_et_Liguria} Emilia and Liguria

{Italica} Italica

{Mediolanium} Mediolanium

{Venetia} Venice

{Ravenna} Ravenna

{Illyricorum} Illyricorum

{Salona} Salon

{Claudia_Pia_Fidelis} Claudia Pia Fidelis

{Constantinople} Constantinople

{Taraconensis} Taraconensis

{Gemina} Gemina

{Tarraco} Tarracon

{Narbonensis} Narbonia

{Flavia_Martis} Flavia Martis

{Arles} Arles

{Armenia} Armenia

{Armeniaca} Armeniaka

{Artaxarta} Artaxarta

{Moesia} Moesia

{Flavia_Felix} Flavia Felix

{Sirmium} Sirmium

{Cappadocia} Cappadocia

{Fulminata} Fulminata

{Caesarea} Caesarea

{Rome} Rome

{Media} Media

{Parthica} Parfica

{Arsakia} Arsakia

{Pontica} Pontica

{Sinope} Sinope

{Carthaginiensis} Carthaginiensis

{Hispana} Spain

{Carthago_Nova} New Carthage

{Lusitania} Lusitania

{Salamantica} Salamantica

{Sardinia} Sardinia

{Sardinica} Sardinica

{Caralis} Karalis

{Macedonia} Macedonia

{Macedonica} Macedonica

{Thessalonica} Thessaloniki

{Galatia} Galatia

{Galatiae} Galatia

{Ancyra} Ankyra

{Tarentum} Tarentum

{Assyria} Assyria

{Parthica} Parfica

{Hatra} Hatra

{Baetica} Betika

{Corduba} Corduba

{Achaea} Achaeia

{Gemina} Gemina

{Athens} Athens

{Asiana} Asiana

{Asianae} Asianae

{Ephesus} Ephesus

{Isaura} Isaurian

{Tarsus} Tarsus

{Babylonia} Babylonia

{Ctesiphon} Ctesiphon

{Syria_Coele} Kelesiriya

{Flavia_Firma} Flavia Firma

{Antioch} Antioch

{Sicilia} Sicily

{Syracuse} Syracuse

{Arabica} Arabica

{Dumatha} Dumata

{Mauretania} Mauretania

{Mauretanica} Mauritanica

{Tingi} Tingi

{Cyprus} Cyprus

{Cyprica} Cyprika

{Salamis} Salamis

{Phenicia} Phenicia

{Gallicia} Gallicia

{Sidon} Sidon

{Africa} Africa

{Augusta} August

{Carthage} Carthage

{Creta} Crete

{Cretae} Crete

{Kydonia} Kydonia

{Palaestina} Palestine

{Palaestinae} Palestine

{Jerusalem} Jerusalem

{Ferrata} Ferrata

{Philadelphaea} Philadelphia

{Nabataea} Nabbatea

{Nabatae} Nabatae

{Petra} Petra

{Sahara} Sahara

{Africarum} Afrikarum

{Dimmidi} Dimmidium

{Tripolitania} Tripolitania

{Flavia_Salutis} Flavia Salutis

{Lepcis_Magna} Leptis Magna

{Aegyptus} Egypt

{Traiana} Trajan

{Alexandria} Alexandria

{Cyrenaica} Cyrenaica

{Cyrene} Cyrene

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