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December 26, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Darksiders: Genesis: Tips For Passing
Darksiders Genesis looks like a dancer Croiler in the spirit of Diablo, but in fact it is an adventure action based on popular series mechanics. If you have previously played for any rider apocalypse, the game will seem familiar to you. Perspective change – only one of the most significant innovations. Below are some useful tips that will allow you to adapt during the passage of the game.

Use discord for distant attacks, and wars – for near battles

In Darksiders Genesis there are two game characters – Discost and War. They have different characters, abilities and approach to fighting. Learn to correctly use their strengths that can be understood by the weapon involved. Oddor Suitable for Far Fight. Create a safe distance between it and its enemies, using a jerk, and in parallel, shoot opponents from a pair of revolvers. Even though he can fight near, it is not his specialization, so save the distance.

War is no different from its version of the original Darksiders. This is a tank using a huge sword. Keep as close as possible to opponents and swing with cold weapons. Also, this character is much better than the discord copes with the crowd, so if you are surrounded by a bunch of small demons, it is best to switch to it. However, the electric ammunition of discord is no less perfectly coped with the task.

Commit enemies to get health and wrath

The way you kill enemies, affects the loss of glowing spheres from the dead mobs. Learn to choose to choose between conventional killings and executive execution. When the enemy health supply is minimal, press the F key to execute the execution. First, your hero will make cool achievement, secondly, throughout the animation, it will be invulnerable, and thirdly, with a greater probability, green health and yellow spheres fall. And sometimes even “blue” souls. On the other hand, if you want the blue spheres (souls) from the enemy, then kill it in the usual way without execution.

Study every corner of locations

Darksiders Genesis Stuffed with collectible objects, treasure chests, keys and locked doors of ducts, fragments of health, anger, armor and improvements of heroes. Therefore, it is very important to explore every corner of open locations. It is equally important to earn as many souls as possible and collect the coins of the boatman, which will further enhance the war and discord.

When you find yourself in a new area, you will update her card as the world studies. There will be no special markers on your card pointing to the location of treasure chests and other items until you approach them (consciously or completely by chance). Such objects like small chests, trunks with objects, leb chests and call stones – the most common things that can be found in the journey. But, fortunately, to explore the level, you do not have to rely exclusively on your observation.Darksiders: Genesis: Tips For PassingWar and discord, the main characters of the game.
On each location somewhere there is a map of treasure. As soon as you pick it up, add it a complete schematic image to your card with the markers of all collectible items and objects. You will see where to find the coins of the boatman and the keys of the dexter. But before you get a treasure map, you will have to explore the world around. And it really should be done as early as possible, as you will almost always find anything useful and without a card. However, try to collect everything else easier only after you have a map.

And if at first levels you can collect almost all items for the first visit to the location, then later the situation will be aggravated, because we need the appropriate skills of discord and war. Some things will be hidden on the hills, others – behind red crystals and walls and so on. If you can not take some item, then you should not worry: Continue the plot, then return to this chapter. It will not necessarily go back. As soon as you get the right thing, you can simply interrupt the task.

Perform quests and side mission

Quests – one of the most profitable systems in Darksiders Genesis. Completing them, you will receive significant awards – hundreds of shower or bootman coins. In the main menu, you can find a section with a full list of quests. Some of them are long and capture several missions. For example, it will be necessary to collect 50 coins of the bootman (and then all coins at all) to get 1000 shower as a reward.

Other tasks are connected only with certain plot chapters and maps. They also appear in the side goals menu on the left side of the screen when you go to the card. For example, in the first chapter there is a side mission in which you are asked to destroy all the flounders who pray on the location “Sverbirth of the throne”. If you find and kill all 10 demons, you will get the core of creatures. Thus, at the beginning of each chapter, we recommend browing a list of side tasks.

Do not forget to equip the cores of creatures

Core creatures are special items that you will receive when murdering enemies or buy from Vulgrim. Install them in the nodes of the menu of the same name to enhance the contention and war. This menu is not available from the very beginning of the game! Darksiders Genesis will not constantly remind you of the cores of creatures, so they are very easy to forget about them. But do not let them be styled in your inventory! Whenever you select 1-2 new cores of creatures, be sure to look in the menu.

Replay the chapters to get bonus awards

Recharacterness – the basis of Darksiders Genesis. At some levels, certain opponents appear much more often than others. And the more demons you kill, the more the cores of the creatures. In addition, you need to kill the same enemies to assemble the same kernels and increase their level (from the first to the third maximum). For example, on the first location it is possible to easily pump up to 3 levels of the “flea in armor” core. The same applies to improving orange nuclei dropping out of large bosses (such as an enemy of emptiness).

It is also worth emphasizing that absolutely all the chests that you have already opened on the location, when replaying will be locked, and you can get soul again. In the epic chests, where there were improvements or armor, a portion of shower will lie. You can even increase the complexity of the passage of the same chapter, which will lead to an automatic increase in the rewards.

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