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December 26, 2022
6 minutes

Here is a list of beetles that are found to the level where it is necessary to help General Hozer in the desert (this is after the mission “two bridges” or somehow. Versions of this game a bunch!) I write in order for the appearance of reptiles in the game.

Standard enemy. Killed everyone that there is but the Official Effective “Mararad M4” and a shotgun. Surisses weak armor no but bite not weak. Meet the rebel to loneliness. Attack flocks from 10 to 300 creatures. Corpses then in bulk sly. We win more than any outstanding characteristic.

Small gadyuns. Not know how to bite at our kind. Like cockroaches. Dangers do not represent but nevertheless, the benefits of the beetles are in the form of collecting information about our positions, collecting resurovs for their own and samples according to the persistence of minceith territories. Postely as a dozen phaetons will gentle on the minefield forward are the main troops who are no longer afraid to be injected into mine. Gaddy is killed with 1 shot of any weapon (better from “Mararara” to not spend the cartridges)

Yellow Striped Improved Warrior. It bite stronger, “Maraderom” is killed through the mids therefore, we will use the “Maurit” and the fear of Gad. The sound similar to the crossed metal means that the reptile got damage. It occurs at 1-20 pieces approximately, since each reptile costs 10 simple warns.

Why I called him a jumping concept I don’t have because it flies and does not jump. Green color, attacks with air. Is called either “memorand” or anti-aircraft gun. At the occasion (when the reptile flies in direct threading on us from above-down) you can successfully sick the shift by a shotgun if there is. After death falls apart on parts right in flight. Beautiful sight!

Fat chest black. Spools on our fire from Boschka (he has that, instead of brains, a fire generator?) It is dangerous since the urgent reptile is difficult and he himself is capable of smatching any obstacle. What we will be convinced of the “Zaspaspa 39” mission when the reptile will get a hole in the iron wall with a height of about 5-7 meters. Killed either in the head straight salvo from the shotgun or missile MRK, or we take a grenade, install the timer and throw so that I rushed closer to the back of the reptile (just like in the film!)

Nasty creature. Calmly sits on any surfaces at any angle (at least a head) and the palettes are unclear. Judging by the description of its stomach, it generates stones with it in us and spools. In this case, these stones are burning because they are flying in the form of red balls. It is recommended when meeting to have a sniper because the tick itself is palette for a distance of 60 meters and we have cartridges in all directions on such a denigration. It is usually sits in the shadow because of what to find a reptile difficult. But there is a way to throw it. Before shooting, he produces a red light by which we find it.

Plasma infant.
Beetle having a beetle size tanker r r. On distant distances, letters a lump of plasma. On not very large Toya plasma breathe as a dragon and at all close things hits legs on the ground in the hope of crushing us. Rolled in the head either in the ass during a shot. Particularly effective to fill out of the ICC in the head. Gets in 5-10 seconds. After death around the body, there is a blue radiance and something like fog chtol9. Represents a threat as for infantry and for low flying ships.

Small, nasty and very whappy bastard. It has a small size (somewhere with a cat)
At the sight of our soldiers produces a bright flash which 1. Takes us. 2. Gives a signal to other beetles. Killed quickly but if you break wait for the guests.

Cabinal sizes. All the same as the infanta only damage is more and then his plasma bunches overcome the atmosphere and are silent our flagships and even (!) Bombat planets! Killed as well as petty truth to wet longer. I don’t know about my head but in the ass very effectively. When you have a paw from the IRK by it (at the time of the shot) if you see a bright suph means the rocket reached the goal. Also killed from the Bazukka which there is no current after a couple of lvl after the first meeting with Gad. By the way, the Bazooka is a miniature version of the atomic bomb so use it with the mind.

Improved jumper version. Instead of biting breathes with fire. Killed as well.

Tanker infant.
Guess from two times who is. Reduced and weakened tanker version. It has a grayish color. Killed as well.

The most hated enemy in the game. Warri size less phaetons. Move with jumps because of what to kill hard. If you give it closer to the close distance jumping on the spot and the pallet in you is a little plasma clot. Kill very difficult. The most effective weapon – shotgun. 1 shot – up to 5 corpses immediately. More precisely not the corpses and pieces as the reptiles just breaks. Hide and attack from ambush sometimes groups. You will learn them immediately, believe me.

Real name forgot. Do not be killed. His tactic – fly to the ram. When a collision explodes. Just run to the side and everything will be OKI docks.

Tiger Plevun.
Bolyak. Big evil bjaca. “Maraderom” hell will kill. In addition, this reptile is capable of falling at a distance of thickens of a green, presumably plasma. There is no worse than a simple tiger in the near battle. Even 1 reptiles are dangerous if there is no “Morita” or someone else is able to break through his shell.

Rhinoceros beetle.
Creature with Lehkovushka. Tranky enemy. Just like the tanker crushes all obstacles to hell. True with effort. Kill in forehead unreal. Take advantage of the fact that the reptile turns badly and slows down morally. Go around it from the back and palter from the brookovka to him in the ass. Where is the ass understand yourself.

Royal Warrior.
Perhaps the most dangerous modification of the war. Performs the role of the commander of the troops of the zhukov and also guard the clever of which I have not yet met. It can be seen since it is 3-4 times large simple beetles. You can kill him either Bazuka or Pala Gadu on the red things around his sides near the mouth that judging by the descriptions are the eyes. Only after shoot both glazics and then stuffing a pool in the mouth will be solved. Dangerous bastard. 1 stands army of beetles.

Well, like everything. These are all the enemies of which I read and saw myself. the rest of the Vargov will see themselves when you play. I will still suffer trying to find codes to this game.

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