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December 29, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Death Stranding: Tips
After several tens of hours spent in Death Stranding, we have prepared 15 current advice for you, which will simplify immersion in the game and will help to explore the gameplay features.

Better somewhat simple travel than one heavy

Death Stranding is a game dedicated to the transportation of goods for treacherous long distances. At first and at all do it all will have to be exclusively walking. If Sam is overloaded, it will lead to the depletion of its endurance, will increase the likelihood of falls and respectively damage. Therefore, it is not necessary to make the game more difficult than it should be. Take care of patience and better make some small walker. Do not try to take all over, ignoring restrictions. In the middle of the route or, even worse, closer to its end you can accidentally drop your wear, damage the cargo to such an extent that it will be simply not accepted. Less sad outcome – you fulfill the order, but you will earn a low rating.

What to take with you on the road?

The temptation is great in addition to the cargo supplied, put on the back of Sam many gadgets. However, all this will lead to the situation described above: overload, loss of endurance, drops and failure of the mission. There is nothing more convenient to the staircase, which will allow you to move across the river, canyon and so on. But believe me, on the way to goal as part of a specific task, you will find not so many similar obstacles. One staircase may be little, therefore, ideally, you should grab two such devices with you.

For many tasks I am unprincipled by Sam’s numerous tools, believing that it is about to get a segment with a lot of obstacles. However, everything that I occasionally received in the end – the loss of equilibrium and the need to start all over. If you get an excess obstacle, then just try to get around it.

Finally, things like stairs and ropes can be left by other gamers of Death Stranding, which have already passed on this path. Just believe: you will find a lot of useful objects and structures, but for this, as you understand, you need to play online. Just open the map or look around: Look for green objects. Such a color indicates that another player left the subject to make someone to them.Death Stranding: TipsStairs left by other gamers.
Do not forget to use your gadgets

However, not always the desired object will be where you want it. You may have gone to a new route (so we recommend using more popular, direct paths) or the staircase was destroyed under the influence of precipitation. Or maybe the subject left by another player did not appear in your game session (which is logical: a lot of gamers, so you see items only a limited number of them).

Although you need to rely in most cases on the design of other players, you still have to do some things yourself. And there is no wrong place to install the stairs. Moreover, the likelihood is that another player will go on the same path, will face a similar obstacle, it will take advantage of your staircase and send you a few likes.

Examine the mechanics of loading

And now let’s deal with what to do with that cargo that you do not use. Let’s start with the fact that the process of loading Sam by various parcels is a kind of mini-game. Fortunately, Codisima is not a villain, so he added an automatic sorting button to the corresponding menu (“Triangle”). This approach allows you to solve many problems, but if you better understand “your own inventory” and the process of distribution of cargo, you can fight for the title of the best courier of the year!

What you carry where and where creature affects the balance of Sam and the likelihood that all the cargo falls in the event of a fall or loss of equilibrium hero. The latter can occur both when driving in uneven areas and in the case of an unexpected collision with mules. For example, if something is attached on the hands or feet of Sam, then it will not fall even when the main character falls. It falls only what is on the back (backpack).

All cargo is divided into four main sizes – small, medium, big and huge. Dimensions correspond to the weight category. Little cargo is the only type of items that can be fixed on Sam costume. You can visually evaluate the size of the subject if you look at it, putting it in the world, or look in the menu. In the second case, next to the description of the thing will be one of the designations – S, M, L or XL.

Working with cargo, always use the automatic sort button. All the worst things will automatically turn out to be at the bottom, and small goods – at the available points with reliable fixation. Therefore, even if you want to do everything by hand, I first start the automatic sorting.

And now let’s study all the options where you can attach the load before sending Sam to the destination:

– Store on the back. This is your main backpack. By default, only medium and large cargo goes there.
– attach to the costume. Sam has four points (shoulders and hips) where you can attach small things. It is important to emphasize that the load attached to the shoulders or hips does not fall, if the hero itself falls.
– Pouch. No need to wear bags with blood on the wall or attach them to a suit. To do this, the main character has a special peat, which contains up to four bags of blood. Make sure you send these subjects exactly here.
– Tool rack. The tool rack is located in the right side of Sam’s backpack. Special slot allows you to place the weapon used or PCC. Just remember that the equipment of something else will move all the equipment that was on the rack, on the back of the hero.
– carry in hand. Finally, something sam can carry right in the hands. This is a imperfected version, especially for long-distance travel, but not worth forget about it.

At the beginning of the game, you can use automatic sorting of cargo and not to make any adjustments. However, later, when you have to manipulate a pair of hundreds of cargo, the manual settings will significantly simplify your life and allow you to achieve an ideal balance.Death Stranding: TipsMaster Hero Download Screen.
Throw away and recycle unnecessary things

After you spend all grenades, cartridges or spend the spray for repairing things, boxes or a spray can not be automatically removed from the inventory. Empty storages occupy a valuable space and add weight inventory.

If you need to reset unnecessary things, open the menu and go to the “Cargo” section. The necessary things will be highlighted in red. Select the “Unload” option to get rid of unnecessary items. In the equipment wheel, click on the “Circle” to throw the subject.

Another option is to hold such things as long as you cannot dispose of them using the terminal. For this you will get some materials. However, they are not so much, so you should not risk and overloaded by empty containers if you need to carry some important cargo.

Arrange communication with other players

Now let’s talk about the Bridge Links option, which is available in your menu. Here you can see a list of others “Samim” with which you interacted earlier. This is the place where you can form contracts.

Creating such a contract increases the likelihood that you will see the things of the selected gamer in their world. This method allows you to indirectly play with your friends or how to communicate with famous gamers (bloggers). He who has a lot of likes in the account, builds really useful facilities, so concluding a contract with him, you will facilitate the passage of the game. Perhaps a few hours later, you will find the perfect bridge, allowing you to move through a wide river.

Use testers

Easternally, Death Stranding will provide you with access to a unique PCC device – a portable chiral designer. This suitcase can be converted to mailboxes, generators, bridges and observational tower.

The latter make it possible to learn the huge sections of the Earth, being at a relatively high altitude. Use the supervisory post to detect the load, opponents and chiral crystals. You will also get the best view of the landscape. Create tows every time you move on unfamiliar area. Learn to enjoy the game and do not perceive their construction as something, slowing the gameplay. Use the step will increase your chances to bypass the enemy camp. In addition, they will help other gamers, for which you get numerous huskies.

Do not attempt to do all the suspensions: go through the plot

In Death Stranding, a special rhythm has been established: first you are performing 1-2 order delivery through difficult areas, and then reap the fruits of your work using various gadgets and devices, slightly improving the transportation process. Gradually, you will get almost everything: from a floating platform to motorcycles and four-wheeled transport. Thus, the farther you go through the plot, the easier it becomes the delivery of goods.

Every object and customer you visit will have standard orders related to the delivery of certain objects outside the story of the game. As you deliver shipments for them, the level of communication will increase, which will lead to new awards. That is why it is very easy to get bogged down in these minor deliveries, trying to pump the level of communication in each settlement. However, think about removing this moment. This moment is especially important in the second episode, when your eyes will be simply scattering.

Instead, focus on the main story until you get the best way to transport cargo. I will not go further, but I think when it happens to what I hints, it will be clear to you why we recommend removing this moment. If short and without spoilers: you can move a heavier load, to do it much faster and much easier to perform standard orders.

As soon as possible increase communication levels to get the best awards

This does not mean that you must ignore all side quests that are encountered when studying the world. As mentioned above, the implementation of such additional orders will lead to an increase in the level of communication and receipt of awards. And often these awards are really worth.

Some prizes are holograms with data castomization or new coloring for sunglasses. You also get drawings for equipment and vehicles. For example, Junk Dealer from the central region can provide you with three different drawings for the exoskeleton and grenades of the new type

Here you need to choose the golden middle. The more you pass the plot, the easier it will be to execute standard orders. But the more you give the moment of performing a side mission, the farther go from the quest. Thus, simply may not have the desire to come back and shut down.

Do not focus on every adverse mission, but be sure to grab a couple of orders with you, if you have to go to some long-run point, and destinations are located somewhere along the way to the plot marker.

Premium delivery give more likes

As long as you increase the level of communication, performing standard orders, NPCs that get the cargo will charge you like. Most side orders have the same requirements: they need to be delivered quickly by retaining the goods in integrity and safety. There are no other burdensome requirements here.

At a certain point you will receive an order for premium delivery. Click on the right stick or D-PAD when you take a task. In premium orders there will be more stringent requirements, but for their completion you will be charged much more likes. And the more likes you get, the faster will increase the level of communication. In turn, the highest level of communication implies the best awards. As soon as we get comfortable with the current region, study the routes of following and improve the “track”, try to take premium ordium orders as often as possible.

Move on left to anyone’s traces

Regardless of whether you go back or move by regions already studied by other gamers, you can notice digital traces on Earth. Move on them so that in time the tracks transformed into the path from the mud. This indicates cooperation with another gamer. At the very beginning of the game will have to overcome kilometers of rocky roads, but these dirty trails will gradually make your journey gradually. Death Stranding – a game built on the creation of connections and help to other gamers. And establish this connection much easier than it seems.

Always leave instructions for other players

In Death Stranding, you can leave various symbols warning gamers about the dangers, showing them the best way through the mountains or indicating useful items. These digital pointers are one of many ways to maintain communication with other players and help each other throughout this long history.

To leave a sign, hold the L1 button, and then click on the Triangle. The game will stop the time and will display the list of available designations that you can leave. At the beginning of the game, these signs will be incredibly useful, especially for gamers who are not yet familiar with the surrounding lands.

I used other players pointers to bypass a lot of ghostly creatures, cross the dangerous rivers and find simpler routes to destination. In some cases, you can even replenish stamina or get a certain boost speed.

How to kill the ghost

In the starting location you will have a minimum of tools. This makes invisible ghosts a real problem. But there is a simple solution: take with you boxes with special grenades. As soon as you find yourself in the area with ghosts, start scanning, standing still. You will see black clouds. Throw into the cloud grenade to get rid of the enemy. Each box has five grenades. Thus, with their help, you can skip some segments where the game allegedly makes the act secretive.

Do not be afraid to fight

Even if you are forced to fight ghosts, do not worry. Absolutely optionally run away from them, breaking his head. These enemies can be killed, and it can be done before the game will offer you this.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use special pomegranates to kill ghosts earlier than those find you. But even if they notice you, do not panic. When you enter the full battle, find a safe place and get grenades. Be patient, wait for a monster and throw a grenade into it.

This weapon makes a significant damage to ghosts, and if you can kill the monster, then for a while, destroy all enemies in the area. It will save time, and now it will be possible to move on location without the use of stealth, significantly slowing the movement of Sam.

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