FIFA Manager 14: Advice (Adding Money in Your Personal Life)

As in FM13 we find the “Private_items” folder. Open the “house” file with any editor (I opened the “house” file built into Total Commander) and find the line “Large Estate, Grand domaine, Propiedad grande, Grossa tenuta, Duza posiad” and replace the existing value “7000000” with “-10000000000000000”. We start the game (you can not start a new one) in “Personal life” select “Cars and real estate”, In real estate “Large Estate” will be the first with the value “-5.89t”, we buy a house and … Voila, we get to our personal account 5.9 t. It will not work to repeat the procedure with buying and selling a house several times in order to get more. And then in the career section you can donate any amount to the club (if you don’t mind). 

I have FM14 Repack.

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