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December 28, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival Tips
There are several tricks and nuances that can be used for successful survival in the conditions of the strongest frosts of the game Frostpunk. The first thing I want to pay attention to: After the first launch of the plot, immediately go to the main menu, then click on the “Select Script”. Select “New World” and on the next screen will see the option “Script Settings”. It will reduce the overall complexity of the game or specific aspects. By default, the game starts on medium difficulty, which is for the first passage, as for me, akin to Hardkore.

Heat is life

As soon as you appear in the new city in the middle of the ice empty, you will immediately understand: heat is a limited and desired resource. At the beginning of the game, the heat comes exclusively from the generator located in the center of the crater. If you want people to stay alive, then provide them with heat. The longer citizens live or work in the cold, the faster the discontent will increase, patients will appear and, in the end, the dead.

Advice. Do not create a sanitary point outside the heat zone at the early stage of the game. This is a common mistake of newbies, because the sanitary post located in a colder zone will not allow employees to cure people. They die. Moreover, sanitation workers will be sick.

Not every building needs heating. For example, it is not required for the resource warehouse, which can be built outside the heat z1. Sometimes there will have to build steam centers, creating additional thermal zones. Due to them, it is possible to significantly expand the heat region, but there is a prerequisite condition – the steam center is located on the road connected to the generator. At the same time, each steam center increases coal consumption, so be accurate with it

On the other hand, the heat zone will never be enough, and you will always feel some restrictions. Some types of buildings independently provide heat – for example, at home, gathering points, but in the early stages they are not available (at home).

Explore or die

Studies are too important, so do not try to limitate one workshop. It is best to build and fill in the work four workshops to double or triple the number of research carried out. Of course, every research requires resources. Do not be afraid of difficulties (and in the content of four workshops they will), since this risk is justified. In general, at least two workshops should be in the city!

But from those who stand without workshops will not be sense, you need to conduct research. From obtaining new technologies, such as automatic systems, thermal insulation of houses and improving scouts (increasing the number of groups on the lighthouse and the speed of their movement) depends the survival of the entire civilization. Remember, if you need additional workers, then the workshop can be disabled.

Provide yourself with a constant influx of coal

Coal is the vital strength of your city, and there are three ways, thanks to which it can be accumulated. We are talking about coal mines, coal furnaces and coal mines. All buildings imply completely different coal mining technologies, but I would recommend focusing on some one particular! It is better to invest all forces in one method than to break into two or three. I recommend using coal miners – this is the lowest method of coal mining.Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsCorped mining.
After creating the coglent, you will also need to assign workers to collect a heap of coal formed next to the construction. But it is best to build a collection point next to the coal mining to collect coal in automatic mode. For the collection point will require their workers. The coglent generates a resource from emptiness, unlike coal mines, which should be near coal deposits. Coal furnaces generate coal, burning your wood stocks.

Build Colaigneders next to each other so that one point is to collect coal at once from several buildings. In addition, gathering items are heated, so people will be protected from cold. Nearby you can also put steam centers. Do not forget to build warehouses that expand the maximum possible resource reserves. And remember – the warehouses are not required!

Send scouts in search of steam cores

Explore “Lighthouse” and additional intelligence teams for him. We will use research that increase the speed of movement of your groups. Sending several reconnaissance groups will speed up receiving dividends. And the intelligence is the only way to find new survivors and advance through the plot. What is even better, the scouts may be steam kernels, automatons and even technology. True, the last will be possible after you decide the fate of three groups of refugees and you will be asked to explore stereoscopic lenses.

Without new people, you will not be able to expand your capabilities, and the steam kernels are needed not only to create automation, but also during the construction of more technological buildings.

Release the right laws to strengthen the colony

This is the moment where you can sick, combining various laws that increase each other’s efficiency. But the game is built in such a way that you can view only the laws available for unlocking. All laws that are in another unfounded tree can only be considered after the opening of the first. Not all of the adopted laws benefit, it is often necessary to approve tough decrees. If you choose unpopular laws, then gradually discontent people will increase. You can even encounter the worst situation – the population will refuse to work.

So that people were happy and healthy, try to unlock the following laws that bring advantages against the background of a small increase in discontent:

– Maintaining life. Very important law at an early stage. You will spend money on the sick, but you can save more workers (which will be crushed in the future) and avoid amputation. Your priority should be improved labor efficiency.

– Fast collection. Since I recommended focusing on coal mines, it is necessary to approve this particular law. Workers will be able to collect coal faster, and it will be useful throughout the game.Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsThe law “Fight Arena”.
– Dual rations. Products problem will be relevant throughout the game. If you want people to be happy (satisfied), you have to choose double rations. This will increase the recovery rate of patients and allow them to return to work faster. Just do not forget to provide a permanent and good influx of raw products.

– Fight Arena. Inexpensive way daily reduce discontent.

All these laws can be called safe, but not the only useful. So, a very good combination, I find the laws “Soup” and “Samogon”.Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsLaw “Mogon”.
On the one hand, “Soup” allows you to prepare more dishes from raw foods, but such a meal has slightly increases discontent. On the other hand, the eating soup with hard drinks levels caused by discontent. So you can save on raw food without harm to other indicators.

It will be good for the construction of children’s shelters and further teaching children medicine or engineering.

Make people to work, but do not overdo it

Your workers will have a standard 10-hour schedule, but you can increase the duration of the working day using two laws – “emergency scheme” and “Extended scheme”. You can also send children to work – “Safe work for children” and “Any work …”. In the first case, children will help in the kitchen and in medical facilities, in the second – everywhere. However, the latter will lead to injuries and death. Construction of children’s shelters and teaching children medicine or engineering will benefit at a later stage of the game.Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsLaw “Children’s Labor – Safe Work”.
At the beginning of the game, I would recommend to unlock safe child labor so that 15 children from 80 available citizens could help in their work. It is cruel, but will allow much faster to move from the dead point.

If the 24-hour working day causes discontent, then in the case of a change in shift to 14 hours, the level of discontent will be minimal. At the same time, you can independently control which objects will work with usual, and which – with an enlarged schedule. For example, it will be possible to extend the work of workshops used for numerous studies, and then return the usual schedule when they are in a simple.

Disconnection, disassembly and dictatorship

You must remember that in the game you can turn off literally every building. If you spend one study and there are no resources to others, then disconnect the remaining workshops. If you have an excessive amount of raw food, you can turn off hunters or greenhouse huts. You can also dissolve workers from non-functional buildings. For example, you made a sufficient number of automatons in the factory and simply lack the steam cores for the manufacture of other machines. Disconnect the building and dissolve the workers!Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsShutdown and dismantling buttons.
If there were too many tents or barracks around the generator and there is not enough space in the first heat ring for a sanitary point, you can dismantle several buildings. It will also be necessary to dismantle certain resource building, if they cleared the entire area around them. For example, it happens with sawmills when there are no rolling trees next to them.

Automatons are not afraid of cold

For buildings located outside the heat ring with an insufficient level of heating, you can use automatic. These are resource-intensive robots that are working continuously (only for refueling only – this uses the nearest steam center). They do not get sick and do not fail because of severe cold.

Try to work automatons in one area, next to which building the steam center, which will reduce the pause required to refill.

Build at home and explore improved heat insulation

This is a simple, but very effective advice that will be very useful at the late stage of the game. When you start to build at home, then try to investigate their thermal insulation as soon as possible. So you drop the power needed for heating, because at home by itself will give some heat. And when strong cold come, then all available tools will be required to survive!Frostpunk: 10 Simple Survival TipsHeat insulation houses.
Learn to control the generator in difficult situations

The ability to manipulate and switch between the generator settings will be crucial for survival. You can increase the power level of the generator with “1” to “4”, which is relevant during the cold storm, but at the same time coal consumption increases. Some studies will allow expanding the generator scope, but again the coal consumption will increase. Use the forstairs mode to instantly increase the amount of heat into several levels (depending on the studies conducted).

Fast and out will be needed during dangerous cold, but do not forget that in case of overheating of the generator, he may explode. You will be given a choice – send a child who will die, sacrifice one steam core or leave everything as it is, and see a bad ending.

The trick is as follows – activating the forstairs mode, lower the power level into two points. So you save the former power, but reduce the consumption of coal. This method can be used throughout the game. Here you have another excellent way to save on coal consumption!

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