Alien Shooter TD: Tip (How to Add 320.000 $)

  1. Start the game (but do not play), exit the game.
  2. Run “regedit” or any other windows registry editor.
  3. Go in the registry editor to the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ SigmaTeam \ AlienShooterDefencePC] branch.
  4. We are looking for a key named “KEY // hnTwVs8zww0mg0tN” in the registry editor – responsible for Babosiki in the game
  5. We insert it into the registry under “KEY // hnTwVs8zww0mg0tN” JTwT66bghgkUSeZpbWRVg + SyIA9Y0ufZT6mJlVVKzHW73jK36D3OIi3TKqlo1qV42 / TpiARAwQoZawjHZqjE
  6. And you will have a little over 320,000 babosiks! 
  7. You can repeat this, after pumping the Soldiers, exit the game, insert the value back into the register and re-enter the game and in this way you will again have 320,000 babosiks!   
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