Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut Edition: Advice (access to computers Lucy, Vidic and in the conference room)

I don’t remember exactly in which episodes, but one morning when Vidik wakes you up and you get up. When he comes to the window, steal the password pen from him.
After another block of memory, Lucy will leave a pen near her computer (which is controlled by the Animus). After that, go to your room (after one episode, when Desmond enters his room, he will say “What the hell? Someone was here.” Search the shelves. with towels, and you will find the password to open your room.) then you can rummage through the computers of Vidic and Lucy (in the presence of one of them, you cannot do this.)
If you want to find out information from the computer in the conference room, you need to finish the game and get these 2 pens (Vidika and Lucy)
Well and one more thing. After each memory blog (if Lucy is present) you can learn from her important information. Ask her 3 times. In 4 only and will say “Are you tired?”.

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