BattleTech: Tip (How to get any amount of money)

So, everything is as simple as a chair! To get an unlimited amount of money in the game, you can take and change the cost of any cheap item, Small laser, for example, sell it, get a lot of dough, and then change the cost again.

1) Go to the game folder:

Where you have installed STEAM \ steamapps \ common \ BATTLETECH \ BattleTech_Data \ StreamingAssets \ data \ weapon \

2) Open the file “Weapon_Laser_SmallLaser_0-STOCK.json” in a text editor and find the line:

“Cost”: 20000,

3) Add more zeros to the number (if you want 20 million from the sale, then bet 200 million) and sell in the store.

4) Do not forget to make a backup or just then return the original cost back!

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