Cities XL 2011: Advice (How to make huge profits in Cities xl 2011, in the Russian version from Akella (no trainer))

I continue and simplify the advice of Krololo1997, all trainers do not go to the Russian version, I tried to hack ArtMoney, it gives an error, and then I came up with a mega-simple and profitable way to get more income, in short:

1) go into the game and choose any card (preferably flat, without mountains).

2) when the map is loaded, build several freeways (8-10), from the edges of the map (do not spend too much on them, make it as short as possible, but so that you can connect the road)

3) then actually connect the freeways (it can be the worst road).

4) click on the XL button, select settings, then cheat and add 10 tokens.

5) build a town hall and a communal apartment, then immediately click on XL again, and go into trade between cities, sell all city tokens to Omnicorp. The profit will be somewhere around +400,000, and redirect this money to your city. That’s all! 🙂

And I myself, I sit and rejoice while I built 3 such auxiliary cities, and my profit is more than +1 200 000! I spent no more than a minute on the construction of one city! And I built projects, the metro, all the tokens in the city are there, and all the townspeople are happy, there are no traffic jams! IN GENERAL, YOU WILL DO THE SAME AS ME, AND THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PROBLEMS IN THE CITY! 🙂

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