Corsairs: Return of the Legend: Tip (Disable anti-cheat and pumping GG)

This instruction was checked for “Corsairs: City of the Lost Ships (Corsairs Ship Pack) (1.3.2 + 1.2.6)”.

1)Here, according to the classics, B folder game there is a file engine.ini. Open it with a block, and find the line: 

debugwindow = 0

replace it with:

debugwindow = 1 During the game, press the [F5] button to display a window.

2)Next: move to the folder address in the game / PROGRAM / characters / QuestsUtilite in the file looking at the very end.

bool CheckChit ()
if (bBettaTestMode) return false;
if (sti (pchar.Ship.Type) == SHIP_NOTUSED) return false;
if (51 – (GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_S) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_P) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_E) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_C) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_I) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar, SPECIAL_A) + GetCharacterSPECIALSimple (pchar , SPECIAL_L)) < 0 || sti(pchar.rank) > 55 || LAi_GetCharacterMaxHP (pchar)> 565 || 30 – (stf (RealShips [sti (Pchar.Ship.Type)]. SpeedRate)) < 0 || 30000 - sti(RealShips[sti(Pchar.Ship.Type)].HP) < 0)
return true; <<< нужно поменять false 
return false;

3)Next, in the folder with the game, we are looking for a file tehomod.ini 

Enabled = 1; If this switched to 0, all features are completely disabled
Console = 0; Unlock debug console (F5) <<< меняем 0 на 1
Binds = 1; Allow mods to use hotkeys
Advanced = 1; Allow mods to use LoadCustomScripts, Events and Detours sections
ClearLog = 1; Clear tehomod.log every session
Debug = 0; Debug output

Now the console should appear when you press F5 in the game.

GG pumping.

Since with 100 points in Personal and Ship skills, the player does not have experience, he found an abuse through the console.

1)In the game, open the console and prescribing a command for Personal or Ship skill eg pchar.skill.FencingHeavy and prescribe 1.

We return to the game, press F2, we see the item Heavy Weapon 1 open the console again and where you registered 1, we write -4500 and return to the game. F2 and voila +2 or +3 levels.

2)We return to the console, select again pchar.skill.FencingHeavy press ENTER and reset the value that turned out to the right to 1, repeat as in the 1st action.

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