Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Tip (Editing Magic parameters, damage, duration, radius, etc.)

And so, citizens, I think you have passed this game more than once. Replay it again. But to the fullest. And I’m not talking about immortality, infinite mana, the opening of all spells, not at all. You already understood what I mean by the name..
First, go to
Root folder of the game/ mm / scripts /
And open the spells.txt file in Notepad (or Notepad ++ if available). Here they are, all the spells. If you at least know basic English, then everything will be simple and clear for you. If not:



Spell translation
Telekynesis – Telekinesis
Cure Wounds – Healing
Lightning Bolt – Lightning
Weaken – Weakening
Fire Arrow – Fire Arrow
Fire Trap – Fire Trap
Fire Ball – Fire Ball
Inferno – Inferno
Stone Skin – Shelter
Wizard Eye – Cat’s Eye
Freeze – Freeze
Charm – Charm

You cannot convert a simple version of a spell into an adrenaline one with the help of this file..

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