Dragon Age: Inquisition: Council (“Command Rates” table – acceleration of hours of operations to a minute)

Advice on how to complete hours-long tasks on the Command Bets table map in a minute (those in which you instruct advisors to complete them and the countdown begins)

The essence of the advice is that the game takes time from your system, that is, rearranging the time speeds up the execution.


How to do –

1) give a task (it is better to all three advisors at once)

2) leave the Command Headquarters room

3) save the game

4) go to the main menu of the game

5) alto tabom to exit and rearrange the date in the operating system (right-click on the clock in the tray “date and time setting”) a day ahead.

6) return to the game and load your save

ps it is more convenient to change the date, since it is easier to return to the correct one later, with just one click, and the clock would have to be transferred with a few clicks

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