Dragon Age: Inquisition: Tip (How To Easily Change Crafting Items With The Cheat Engine)

It’s no secret that hacking and changing the number of things using the Cheat Engine is easy and simple.
But to hack, the quantity must certainly be greater than 1. I will show you how to change the quantity even if you only have one craft item in your bag..

For example, we need “Dawn Lotus”.
1. Finding a place where you can sell things.
2. Select “Craft Materials” “Sell”
3. We are looking for the largest number of handicraft items. I have, for example, 26 Elven root. We sell 5 pieces (you can sell 1 each).


4. Launch Cheat Engine, select the process (File – Open Process – Dragon Age Inqusition), write 5 in Value, Scan Type – Exact Value, Value Type – Byte, click Fist Scan


5. We sell 5 more pieces, in total we have already sold 10 pieces of the Elven root. If suddenly you forgot how much you sold, go to “buy” “buy”, look for how much you sold and enter as much into the Cheat Engine (in our case, 10) click Next Scan.
6. We also sell and we filter out until you have 2 addresses left in the found one. In the first, we put, for example, 120 in the second 150. We go to “buy” “buy” look at what number has changed, remember.
7. We set no more than 255 (just if the value is higher, the value will decrease) and freeze.
8. Now we go into the game and redeem the Elven root. (If you need even more Elven root, then when buying, leave at least one and re-enter the store)
9. After we have bought all the Elven root. We go in and sell “Dawn Lotus”. We go to the store, see how much we can now redeem the “Dawn Lotus”. You can also buy out the entire Dawn Lotus and sell another crafting item.

P.S. I hope I wrote it clearly.

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