Dying Light: Tip (6 Ways to Kill a Night Hunter)

1. Just kill with a weapon.

This is very difficult because he has as much as 2400 hp, but you can try it especially with freezing shurikens

2. Water

Hunters die in the water due to the fact that they are as stupid as zombies, sometimes they can go there themselves and kill themselves (nyapoka)

Note: You will receive neither Strength, Agility, nor Survival

3.Surrounding things

Explosive barrels, machine traps, electricity, fire and much more that can kill them

4 fall from height (untested)

Not a verified fact, but it seems like it can be pushed into the same water or from a tall building


We need a perk for one-shot from the back and disguise (preferably the second level or you will be found after this method). After that, we kill any zombie and coat it with entrails, well, then we come up and shoot it from the back

6. People of Rais (unverified)

You can lure hunters to the people of Raisa and after that they may die, I did not check.

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