Euro Truck Simulator 2: Tip (Instant camera movement to the desired city)

you can move the camera to the desired city on the map.

call the console with the tilde key or Russian Yo.

we type in English goto  and the name of the city where you need to, click inter all. the camera will move to this city.

if you need to move the truck there, we activate the free (helicopter camera).

To do this, go to the folder Library \ My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator.

Open the file config.cfg (e.g. in Notepad).

Change the value of the variable g_developer from “0” to “1”.

Change the value of the variable g_console from “0” to “1”

Save the file.

After starting the game, first apply the hand / parking brake.

On the alphanumeric keypad, press 0. (includes camera)

Use the keys 8 and 5 on the keyboard numpad (located on the right) for forward-backward flight,mouse control the above-below and the direction, you can fly under the texture. now you can move the camera freely.

In order to put the car on the road in the right place, move the camera parallel to the road (preferably on the side of the road and where there is a lot of free space) and press F9 (be careful when choosing a place, the car or trailer may be damaged if dropped from a height or get stuck in textures).

good luck with your experiments. 


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