Euro Truck Simulator 2: Tips (make a lot of money quickly and legally)

to quickly collect money, you need to have at least 2 garages and 2-3 tracks in each, it is desirable that the garages are as far from each other as possible.
advice 1: if you have just started the game, we take a loan for 400,000 and buy another garage and equip it with a couple of the worst trucks (so that there is enough money)
tip 2: just change trucks, (without leaving the garage management). when you “teleport” between the garages, time passes, during which time the drivers have time to ride and earn you a pretty penny. I completely forgot to say that it is better to choose 2 trucks and change between them, so as not to disturb the rest, who will earn for you at that time. so, the more equipped garages, the more you will receive for this fraud.
tip 3: sleep often. no, well, just very often. since the effect is the same. you can sleep three times at a time, except when the driver is not very tired. to do after each flight at least. with the help of such actions, I now (don’t remember exactly) ~ 28 level and 31 million euros and a maximum of drivers. dare!

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