Fallout 4: Advice (What to do if you are attacked by a companion)

1.Open the console with the ~ (yo) key

1.Open the console with the ~ (Ё) key

2.write prid [Id of companion] (Id below) or press on the head of the companion with the left mouse button

3.Next, write paycrimegold 0

4.Next, you just need to talk to your companion and take him with you.!

Character ID Companion
0001ca7d Codsworth
001d162 Dog
00045ac9 Deacon
0000313b Robert Joseph McCready
0005de4d Paladin Dance
00002f1f Piper
0003f2bb Strongman
00002f25 Nick Valentine
00079249 Kate
00022613 Hancock
000bbee6 X6-88
00019fd9 Preston Garvey
00027686 Curie
xx00fd5a Hell
xx006e5b Old Man Longfellow

P.S .: What is xx in character ID for Ada and Old Man Longfellow? Companions from the Fallout 4 add-ons have xx at the beginning of their ID. In their place, you need to enter numbers. However, the first two digits of the character ID may be different for different players because the order of installing add-ons is different. The first two digits of the number correspond to the download order of the add-on. That is, the original game ID starts with “00”, for the first installed add-on – from “01”, for the second – from “02” and so on. If you installed the add-ons in the order they were released, that is, in the following order Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, etc., then for Ada from the Automatron add-on ID will start with “01”, and for Old Man Longfellow from “03”.

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