Fallout 4: Tip (Create legendary weapons or armor using console commands)

Fallout 4 Legendary effects console

1. We throw the weapon or armor we have on the ground

2. We aim the sight at the thrown object, press and HOLD the button E (Take the object), be sure to hold the button, while the object is not taken into inventory, but as if freezes in the air, while it can be moved, etc.

3. Open the console and type the command GetPlayerGrabbedRef

4. The ID of the desired item appears on the screen (for example, ff001e12). do not close the console.

5. In the console, type the command [FormID] .amod [ModID], where FormID is the received item ID, ModID is the ID of the Legendary effects fallout 4 mod (for example 1F04B8 for the Instigating modification – Double damage to the target with full health). In our example, we type the following command: ff001e12.amod 1F04B8

6. DONE! The item will respawn next to you with the applied mod. Pick it up and enjoy Fallout 4 add Legendary effects, weapons, or armor!


Only one mod can be applied to one item.

If you need to apply another mod to a changed item, you need to repeat steps 1-3, as the item ID may change.

If you need to remove a mod from an item, then take steps 1-3 and type the command [FormID] .rmod [ModID], de FormID is the received item ID, ModID is the ID of the mod applied to the item.

Here are the mods for the armor:

ModID Type Prefix Effect
1F7A75 AP Powered Increases AP refresh speed
1F1D62 AP V.A.T.S. Enhanced -10% AP cost in V.A.T.S. (does not add prefix)
1F1DF9 DR Acrobat’s -50% damage from falling
1F1DF3 DR Assassin’s -15% damage from humans
1F8165 DR Bolstering Up to +35 energy and damage resistance as HP diminishes
1F579D DR Cavalier’s -15% damage while blocking or sprinting
1F81ED DR Exterminator’s -15% damage from Mirelurks and bugs
93BBD DR Freefall No falling damage
1F1DEE DR Ghoul slayer’s -15% damage from Ghouls
1F1DEB DR Hunter’s -15% damage from animals
1F1DF4 DR Mutant slayer’s -15% damage from Super Mutants
1F3072 DR Poisoner’s +25 poison resistance
1F81EE DR Troubleshooter’s -15% damage from robots
1F1E0C PA Almost Unbreakable Quadruples durability
1F1E0B PA Low Weight Low carry weight
1F57E4 PA Titan’s -15% damage while standing and not moving (no prefix)
1CF57C SPECIAL Cunning +1 Perception, +1 Agility
1CF57F SPECIAL Fortifying +1 Strength, +1 Endurance
1CF57E SPECIAL Lucky +2 Luck
1CF57D SPECIAL Sharp +1 Charisma, +1 Intelligence
1F4D18 Misc Chameleon Hard to detect while sneaking and not moving (also adds invisibility visual effect)
1F3A49 Misc Duelist’s +10% chance to disarm melee attacker on hit
1F2D3D Misc Martyr’s Temporarily slows time during combat at or below 20% HP
1F1E47 Misc Punishing Reflects 10% of melee damage back on attacker
1F3CA9 Misc Safecracker’s Increases size of sweet spot while picking locks
1F1C2F Misc Sprinter’s +10% increased movement speed

Weapon mods:

FormID Type Prefix Effect
1F1026 AP Quickdraw Costs 25% fewer AP
1ED37E AP Relentless Refills your AP on a critical hit
1F04BD AP Stalker’s If you are not yet in combat, increases V.A.T.S. accuracy but costs more AP
1CC2AA AP V.A.T.S. Enhanced (Gun) Improved VATS hit chance, 25% less AP cost
2056F0 AP V.A.T.S. Enhanced (Melee) 40% less AP cost
1E6D6B Crit Crippling +50% limb damage
1F6AD4 Crit Enraging Critical hits cause target to frenzy
1F1048 Crit Kneecapper +20% chance to cripple the target’s leg
1CC2A6 Crit Lucky weapon 2x critical damage, + 15% critical refill rate
1EF5D7 Damage Berserker’s Increases damage as you decrease your DR
1EC036 Damage Bloodied Increases damage as you decrease your HP
1E73BD Damage Explosive Bullets explode on impact and inflict 15 AOE damage
1F5479 Damage Freezing +10 cryo damage and will freeze targets on critical hits
1EF481 Damage Furious Increases damage with each hit on same target
1F04B8 Damage Instigating 2x damage if the target is at full health
1EB99A Damage Junkie’s Increases damage as you increase the number of your withdrawal effects
1E8174 Damage Nocturnal Increases damage as night grows longer and decreases damage during the day
1F4426 Damage Penetrating Ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance
1F9B4D Damage Plasma Infused +10 energy damage and can turn enemies into goo
1CC2AB Damage Powerful +25% damage
1EC56D Damage Rapid Provides 25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
1CC2AD Damage Two shot Shoots an additional projectile
1F7B8A Damage Violent +25% damage and limb damage, but has more recoil
1E7173 DoT Incendiary +15 fire damage
1CC469 DoT Irradiated +50 radiation damage
1F31B9 DoT Poisoner’s Target is poisoned for 10 seconds
1E7C20 DoT Wounding +25 bleeding damage
1F57E2 DR Cavalier’s -15% damage while blocking or sprinting
1F5995 DR Sentinel’s -15% damage while standing and not moving
1E6846 Racial enemy Assassin’s +50% damage vs. humans
1F81EB Racial enemy Exterminator’s +50% damage vs. Mirelurks and bugs
1E6847 Racial enemy Ghoul slayer’s +50% damage vs. Ghouls
1E6845 Racial enemy Hunter’s +50% damage vs. animals
1E6848 Racial enemy Mutant slayer’s +50% damage vs. Super mutants
1F81EC Racial enemy Troubleshooter’s +50% damage vs. robots
A4739 Misc Automatic Automatic fire mode
1F109C Misc Medic’s Heals targets instead of hurting them (game data says DO NOT USE)
1CC2AC Misc Never-ending Unlimited ammo capacity (no reload)
1EBABD Misc Nimble 75% faster movement while aiming
1E81AB Misc Staggering Chance to stagger on hit
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